The Tiny House Company introduces model with retractable bed

I have seen a lot of lovely tiny houses but I have to say that this one is my favourite design! It was designed and built by architect graduates/ apprentice carpenters Andrew Carter and Lara Nobel with the help of builder Greg Thornton. Together they have founded the Australian The Tiny House Company.

Andrew and Lara’s 18 m2/194 ft2 home is called PORTAL and boasts a modular demountable deck system, a custom-designed retractable bed and custom cabinetry between a grid of ‘portal’ frames.

The retractable bed lowers down over the couch at the push of a button for easy access.

The wall adjacent to the bed contains deep, floor-to-ceiling storage, as well as storage under the sofa seats.

The kitchen runs half the length of the house.

Continuous sight lines through the length and width of the house help to provide a spacious feel. Doors and windows are aligned to lead the eye the house and out to the surrounding garden and provide very effective cross-ventilation and stack ventilation (through the high louvres).

Recycled Australian hardwood was used for the bench top, shelves, doors, windows, and deck.

The loft space can be used as a bedroom or to house bulky items.

The composting toilet (only partly visible in the photo) diverts liquid waste and turns solid waste into compost. It is approved for use in all states, operates odour-free, and can save 35,000 L of water per year.

The bathroom has a 2.1 m ceiling. Greywater and blackwater are treated on-board by a series of filters and grease traps. The end product is certified for direct release into the landscape.

The laundry nook is placed opposite the kitchen.

The modular deck can be assembled in two hours, almost doubling the floor area.

The founders of The Tiny House Company: Greg Thornton, Lara Nobel and Andrew Carter.

Take the video tour and see the retractable bed in action.


    1. SK Witt January 19, 2017 at 10:00 pm

      Ok, I’ve been following tiny for as long as it started, and kept chalking up ideas that I would want if I ever dipped that small into the pool. THIS DESIGN is pretty much PERFECT, and incorporates a lot of the ideas I’ve had also. The windows on either side of the home (as well as that cool bathroom louvre) are genius for light, air, and the illusion of space.
      I was also thinking to eliminate the loft bedroom via murphy bed in a wall, but this design is a great option for saving space and still having the effect of a full bedroom. Unless you want to lie around in bed all day, once you’re done sleeping you might as well use the space for living/working.
      I would not need a loft to live in, but would enclose that space & fill it with storage bins which would fit very neatly up there for seasonal items, bedding, clothing, etc. and hold quite a lot.
      Composting toilet & recycling your grey water – ingenious and in harmony with what the environment can tolerate. I’ve always thought grey water should be filtered more and reused for gardens at the very least.
      The decking unit in pieces is a great idea. Anybody transporting the tiny house would HAVE to have a powerful pickup truck of some kind, which would also transport the decking in the truck bed during the move.
      I realize you’re in Australia, but hope you make these plans available to us in the USA so we can recreate this kind of home? I’d also use some kind of solar power if it could be arranged to fit. Maybe in the loft space?

    2. Nathan Nostaw January 20, 2017 at 10:31 am

      A few big errors here.
      Intro has, ‘It was designed and built by architect graduates/ apprentice carpenters Greg Thornton and Lara Nobel with the help of builder Andrew Carter.’
      It should read,
      It was designed and built by architect graduates/ apprentice carpenters Andrew Carter and Lara Nobel with the help of builder Greg Thornton.

    3. Lannymac January 20, 2017 at 12:43 pm

      This is absolutely stunning…it really makes one want to live in a sub-tropical climate…..excellent craftsmanship… today’s world a spirit of excellence should be recognized for the genius it reveals…..well done indeed!


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