Tour of a hand-crafted rustic tiny house in Portland, Oregon

This house was designed and hand-built by Jenny and Michael, who for years had been daydreaming about “maybe building a house one day”. They finally made it happen with the help of some great friends.

Sustainable design is very important to the couple, so the house is constructed and furnished from an eclectic array of reclaimed materials – squirreled away over the years, and now creatively reused and repurposed.

Downstairs is the kitchen, living room with fold-down sleeper and bathroom with tiny clawfoot tub. Upstairs is the loft bedroom with comfortable queen sized bed.

rustic-modern-tiny-house-5 rustic-modern-tiny-house-1rustic-modern-tiny-house-11What is a home without a porthole? 

rustic-modern-tiny-house-16The kitchenette stove/refrigerator was sourced from the Hood River History Museum.

rustic-modern-tiny-house-15Once an old Mexican dresser, now kitchen cabinets. 

rustic-modern-tiny-house-12The kitchen drawers are made from vintage fruit crates.  

rustic-modern-tiny-house-13Open shelving from reclaimed old-growth wood. 

tinyThe wood-clad windows are salvaged from a horse farm in the Oregon countryside. 

rustic-modern-tiny-house-6The teak hardwood flooring, cedar shake siding, are salvaged from high-end construction jobs. 

rustic-modern-tiny-house-8rustic-modern-tiny-house-10A burlap coffee bag was turned into a pillow case.

rustic-modern-tiny-house-9An old propane burner has been converted into a glass coffee table.


rustic-modern-tiny-house-2The bathroom

rustic-modern-tiny-house-17 rustic-modern-tiny-house-18The loft bedroom

rustic-modern-tiny-house-19Lockers from a metal-working shop down the street, now bedroom storage.

rustic-modern-tiny-house-7 rustic-modern-tiny-house-21The rustic house is available for short-term stay on a limited basis. More details here 

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    1. Christopher Mansell April 22, 2014 at 12:52 pm

      I love how by bringing the outside in, in terms of their aesthetic, they really make the place look a lot larger and more open than it really is.


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