Travel the German moorland in a horse drawn caravan

Ever wanted to escape the hectic everyday life and live a little closer to nature for a few days? Then maybe you should pay a visit to Northern Germany, where the small company Heide Caravan offers horse drawn caravan vacations. You’ll drive through the beautiful nature of the Lüneburg Heath in a hand-made caravan stopping at a new camp every night.

You don’t have to have experience with horses to drive the caravans, because you will receive a detailed briefing before your adventure, but you do need a valid driver’s license.  If you want to go completely offline on your vacation you can hand over your mobile phone to Heide Caravan, they will keep it safe until you return

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The folding dining table easily sits four people

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There’s a lovely kitchenette with a gas stove, a sink and an icebox in every caravan


More information on Heide Caravan here 

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