Twenty trendy bookends that will liven up your shelves

iceberg-bookendTake a walk on the wild side without ever leaving your library. Embrace your inner explorer and create wintery scenes with this iceberg bookend and animal bookmark set. Price: $41,00. Find it here

bookends-superhero This Superhero Bookend keep books from falling. Makes an unusual gift and serves as a great conversation piece. Price: 33.99 Find it here bookends-recordsThese vintage record bookends may just be the hottest vinyl to hit the shelves since Elvis. Music-loving artist Jeff Davis makes them by hand, using two, 7″ 45 rpm records, bonded to a thick inner core and supported by a steel tongue that will keep your books from rocking and rolling right off the shelf. The core material, known as Trupan, is an environmentally friendly composite board made from recycled waste wood. Price: $40,00. Find them here

balloon-bookend-dogLet the joy of going to the circus have an extended shelf life. Based on the classic art of balloon animal making, this Big Top Bookend is shaped like a top dog – but it won’t pop or deflate! Price: $50.00. Find it here

bookends-arrowsA pair of magnetic bookends. A metal holder is hidden in the last book cover. The magnetic arrow is drawn to the metal holder, thus creating a floating illusion. Price: $19.99. Find them here

bookends-cameraWhen a picture is worth a thousand words, bracketing your books with cameras makes perfect sense. Taking photographic decorating to a new level, these one-of-a-kind bookends have been sourced by artist Breck Armstrong from vintage cameras. While each set is unique, each includes one camera with the iconic flash bulb and one without. Handmade in Michigan. Price: $285,00. Find them here

hands-bookendsStop Hand Bookends. Price: $19.01. Find them here



Gilded piggy props tales in decadent fashion, from upturned snout to curly-Q tail. Cast in polyresin, sculpture hams it up in gleaming gold to highlight every true-to-life detail. Price: $29.95. Find them here

bookends-knifeBookends for any self-respecting ninjitsu master. Shaped like a Katana sword – they frame your favorite reads and brilliantly look like you’ve impaled all of literature with your mighty (metaphorical) sword of knowledge. Price: $22.95. Find them here

skyline-bookendsBreak up boring shelf space and countertops with a monumental miniature. The Skyline Bookends were designed to mimic two iconic New York skyscrapers—completely altering your interior landscape (for the better). Price: $40. Find them here

TowerBookendBlk10059561_xTalk about smart. One bookend in this set features a clever pocket for keeping your notepads, pens and reading glasses near your books. Made from steel, the flat surface is also idea for posting notes. Price: $16.99 . Find it here

brain-bookendThese stylish bookends by Karim Rashid will be an outstanding addition to any contemporary home. Karim Rashid is one of the biggest design names of his generation, Menu has given him the freedom to create these unique bookends based on a 3D representation of his own head. Sliced in two with the brain showcased in a different color, so it takes on a life of its own. Price: $180.00. Find them here

bookend-lamp-walnutCreate a rustic display for your collection of hardcovers with this set of bookends, beautifully crafted in South Carolina from rich walnut wood. An industrial Edison light bulb adds an illuminating touch, casting a soft glow on your personal library. Price: $129,00. Find it here

gold-bookendsCharming quotation marks bookends. Price: $168.00. Find them here 

storage-bookendsWith these storage bookends you’ll have somewhere to store your pens, pencils and paperclips too. Price: £22. Find them here

VISE BOOKENDSCool iron-bodied vise bookends from Restoration Hardware. Price: $69,00. Find them here


book-end-zombieAre you ready for the zombie apocalypse? The Zombie Bookends are the must-have accessory for all undead-inspired novels and movies fans. keep Your scary the walking dead collection in a safe place and let these cool bookends guard your books and DVD’s. Price: $18.99. Find them here

build-brick-bookendsSupport your books by building something just for them. With these Build-On Brick Bookends you’ll be keeping your books (or your media collection or whatever…) upright and putting your creativity on display at the same time. Both have an exterior building surface compatible with most bricks (LEGO®, PixelBlocks, Mega Bloks, KRE-O, or K’NEX Bricks™). Price: $19.99. Find them here 


Cool vintage telephone booth style bookends. Price: $12.99. Find them here

storm-troopers-bookendsInspired by the classic toy soldier design, this set of two Storm Trooper Bookends will make books stand to attention. The galactic soldiers are made in action-packed positions to keep books in line and orderly. Deploy them now! Price: $30.58. Find them here


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