Twenty wall shelves that add style as well as storage to your home

Wall-mounted shelves work great in small dwellings because they save valuable floor space.  And if they also add a bit of style to your home it’s a win/win.

Modern Wall Shelf ($24). Super practical steel wall shelf in a sleek two-tone design.

Slice grey wall mounted storage shelf ($169.00). Smart option for small space lodgings. This grey shelf floats a flip-down door.

Hot box ($159/$219). Stylish storage solution that can be indoor or out. Use it to store firewood, feature your favorite wines or as a space-saving floating nightstand.

Harper leather srap shelf ($59). Unique shelf made from solid wood and reinforced with iron. Leather straps attach the front of the shelf to the wall, with pegs underneath for added support. Perfect for an industrial accent in any space.

Holly and Martin wall shelves ($79.99). Four separate shelves follow your wallscape plans, from stacked and overlapped to toeing the line. Your imagination makes the rules with this limitless antique black shelf set, no matter how or where you hang them.

EKBY ALEX / EKBY VALTER Shelf with drawer ($56.99). Shelf with drawer in a classic black/white combo from Ikea .

Locker Room Shelf ($54.00). Add a touch of retro to your interior with the Locker Room shelf from Nkuku. With three shelves for storing items in your bathroom, home office or utility room.

Post wall shelf ($329.00). Shiny stainless steel posts stack three natural acacia wood shelves to display objects, books and accessories on the vertical.

Double Decker Wall Shelf ($29). Perfect just about anywhere, this sturdy wall shelf features two roomy compartments trimmed with cutout metal workStep wall shelf ($199.00). From the innovative mind of furniture designer Jannis Ellenberger, sculptural wood shelf stores books and objects on the vertical.

Corner Wall Shelf Collection ($44.95 – $159.95). This shelf collection is closed on the left and opens to the right. The smaller dividers are designed to fit into the large base shelf, but they can also be useful all on their own, mounted on a wall or set on a table.

Hitch Shelf ($120). The Hitch Shelf from Umbra Shift, is perfect for displaying favorite books and objects.

Industrial metal wall mounted bookcase ($299). Nine open/closed metal ledges suspend and intersect mondrian style on steel rods to frame objects of interest.

Reclaimed Wooden Shelves – Set of 3 ($34.99). These wood box shelves have a rustic appearance with beautiful knots and nail holes here and there. They are made of 100% up-cycled reclaimed wood and therefore, they are very sturdy.

Peaks Shelf ($59). Sleek and modern metal shelf with a metal geometric design and a glass shelf.  

Format storage shelf ($69.95). Perfectly see-through, clear acrylic disappears on the wall to float objects and collectibles. Easy access design makes it a snap to switch out the show.

Diamond Cross Planes Shelf ($139). Tiered shelf in a diamond-inspired design. Made from durable pine wood and iron. Perfect for showing off all your favorite things, from books and plants to ceramics and crystals.

Umbra Strum Wall Shelf ($10.00). A contemporary metal shelf that plays on clean lines and edges. It mounts in three different orientations to create simple, elegant patterns. Hold magazines, books, stationery, cellphone and wallet. Perfect for any office, entryway, kitchen or area of the house that could benefit from a bit of tidying.

YEH WALL TRAY ($299.95). Introducing the world’s first… shelf/tray. This wall tray handily lift off its wall mountings and is ideal for storing your morning coffee cups.

Marble wall-mounted shelf ($59.95). Smooth slab of Carrara-style white/grey marble showcases photos, art and objects of interest with natural cool. Levels out on industrial metal brackets with brass finish.


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