Welcome Master Yoda and Han Solo into your home

The release of the new Star Wars movie is just around the corner and I’m as excited as a Labrador that has spotted a juicy steak. So to calm myself I have made a home interior guide for my fellow geeks that would like to share their home with a storm trooper or a droid. May the force be with you!

star-wars-ornaments-christmasJust in time for the holidays (and the movie release), from a galaxy far, far away, come four new Hallmark Star Wars Special Edition Ornaments. Choose C-3PO, Darth Vader, Kylo Ren, or R2-D2, who’s decked out in a pair of antlers. Must have been a crazy party. That’s basically the droid equivalent of a lampshade. Price: $5.99. Find them here

star-wars-measuring-cupsThis set of R2-D2 Measuring Cups disassembles into 4 measuring cups plus 4 measuring spoons and reassembles in a snap (fortunately, it’s not as complicated as C-3PO). Price: $29.99. Find it here

han-soloWall Decal Sticker featuring Han Solo in Carbonite. Price: $97.87. Find it here 

star wars travel postersRetro travel posters. Price: $4.99

Find Tatooine here – Naboo here – Coruscant here and Endor here

Terry-sir-yoda-throw-pillowThe Terry Fan Sir Yoda throw pillow transforms  a serious room into a fun, inviting space. Price: $39.00. Find it here

waffle-maker-star warsThe Death Star waffle maker is perfect for all your evil waffle needs. Price: $39.99. Find it here 

star wars lawn ornament

 50-Light Star Wars Storm Trooper lawn decor. Price: $99.00. Find it here

star-wars-posterPoster featuring Darth Vader. Price: $6.39. Find it here 

shower head star warsYour favorite Rebel droid will turn your shower into your own rebel alliance with 3 different powerful spray settings. Price: $24.99. Find it here

yoda-wall decalThis uniquely styled typographic wall decal of Yoda will help you feel the force in your room in a whole new way! Price: $24.99. Find it here


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