With “The Ultimate Cutting Board” you never have to look for anything again

Michael Motamedi and Team Baffi have developed what they claim is the ultimate cutting board, so they named it: ”The Ultimate Cutting Board.” Very original.  The cutting board has multiple functionalities: two cups for measuring, a juicer, a draw for scraps, another draw for knives, there’s even a space for a mandolin and a grater

The board is made from one of the densest woods available. Maple by nature is not only gorgeous; it’s a very tightly grained, hard wood, allowing it to be the perfect candidate for a cutting board. It is quite durable against the blade of a knife and extremely sanitary – the grain in this wood is so tightly packed that it’s virtually impossible for bacteria to grow within the wood.

The cutting board can be separated in two, which serves two main purposes; one is to create quick and easy serving platters and the other is for ease of cleaning & storage. To make it more visually appealing, the team included a walnut inlay on the top surface of the board. This inlay adds a nice touch of design but also lets you know which side belongs to each drawer making it simple and easy on the eyes.

The Ultimate Cutting board 2Mandoline and grater and a knives drawer.

The Ultimate Cutting board32 4oz measuring cups and juicer included.

The Ultimate Cutting board4..and a compost drawer

The Ultimate Cutting board6The larger design inlay lets you know which drawer you are working with

The Ultimate Cutting board 5Held together with 3 very strong magnets making it easy to attach and detach depending on your needs

The team behind the cutting board has launched a Kickstarter funding campaign where you can buy one of these multifunctional cutting boards for $133. Learn more here


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