20 green accessories for the space-challenged

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A planter merged with a fish tank. You put your plant on top and your goldfish on the bottom and the fish’s waste will become nutrients for the plant, while the water fed to the plant is filtered as it passes through and is cleansed for the fish tank. Designers:Sheng-Zhe Feng and Ling-Yuan Chou
The succulent Monogrammed Planter Box from Rootedin Succulents can be hung on the front door or a wall

The HUGO POT from Offi is an outdoor lamp and planter in one. Great for a small garden or balcony

Designer Colleen Jordan has created this miniature portable planter that attaches easily to the frame of any bike. 
Just 3 inches/7.5cm wide and 18 inches/45 cm long this steel-and-bamboo micro gardencan fit on a very narrow windowsill. It is perfect for starting sprouts or microgreens indoors to add to salads or sandwiches. Comes with soil and enough seed for two crops. 
Shane Powers hanging glass bobble collection allow you to create a high-style, low-maintenance indoor garden almost anywhere. Fill these with air plants, succulents or moss to create your own small spheres of earthy influence.
Each of these gorgeous, anthropomorphic planters are one of a kind. Designer Matteo Cibic refers to his little creations as a tamagochi for your table. They are made of hand cast ceramic and mouth blown glass.
This mason jar wall organizer is a great way to bring the outdoors in and add a bit of texture to your room. The 20″ board is made from rescued barnwood or wood fencing. No two boards are alike, each having their own rustic character. From Tickled Pink Goods
transparent shelf that hosts multicolor pots for plants and objects. It is supplied with 3 plastic pots, available in 9 colors, and fixing kit. Design Simone Ruffato
WoollyPockets are flexible, breathable, and modular gardening containers that can be used both indoors and outdoors. They are lightweight and can be folded flat, which makes them very easy to use, move, and store just about anywhere.
The Babylon light is a plantable light fixture created by by Toronto-based designer Ryan Taylor. It can be used as an organic centre piece or a working herb garden over the kitchen counter
This hanging planter is handmade and comes with glass and lead free solder and a kit which includes rocks, sand, activated charcoal, chain and a quartz crystal. Created by Matthew Cleland
This mini-garden stacker from Mr Stacky is great for indoors or outdoors. Can be hung from the ceiling. 
Suitable for indoor or outdoor spaces these planters comes with a high strength hanging system and is made from high-fired coloured porcelain. From Angus & Celeste
With Cocoon you can grow spices and store fruits, which will give you both life and colour in the kitchen. Cocoon is made of clay that absorbs water from the cultivation. When it evaporates the storage is cooled down. By Måns Salomonsen

Defying gravity, Bosske’s unique upside-down Sky Planter encourages abundant greenery at home and at work, without sacrificing floor space.

This planter from Jardin Chic doubles as a cat/dog house. 
The Console Babylone has room for storage. The planter is designed by Jean-François Bellemère for Compagnie.
The Windowfarm is a vertical, indoor garden that allows for year-round growing in almost any window. It lets plants use natural window light, the climate control of your living space, and organic “liquid soil.”
Table-Pot makes it possible to create a plane surface around a pot from 30 to 50 cmin diameter in order to form a true coffee table (62 X 62 cm). The pot becomes the foot of table! Designed by Adrien Gardère for Compagnie
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