Balcony table transforms into drying rack

The two Danish architecture students Anne Nørbjerg og Sanne Kyed Jeppesen noticed that urban balconies usually have either a café table or a drying rack, but rarely both, so they invented Dryunder, a space-saving piece of furniture that can be used as both a table and a drying rack for clothes.

dry under clothes dryer table - Balcony table transforms into drying rackTheir ingenious table won the UP/Coming Design Award in 2013. Since then, they have started their own company Nordvink, where they sell their wonderful work.

The Danish duo consider themselves design architects:

“Our biggest inspiration is derived from our everyday life by questioning the objects around us, and the surroundings we find ourselves in. We translate our daily observations to designs that shall be of functional and aesthetic value. The design principle is “back to basics”, with a twist, which enables the user to add personality in relation to the space it’s put into, and trends of the future.”

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