Bookcase, bed and dining table in one space-saving unit

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The manufacturers of space-saving beds are getting more and more ingenious by the day. Recently I discovered this clever bed from Australian Hideaway Beds that boasts a space-saving solution I haven’t seen before.    


The Swivel Bookcase Bed allows you to easily revolve a 4 shelf bookcase by day, into a comfortable slatted base bed by night without having to remove any of the objects off the shelves. By adding the (optional) table, you can use it as a desk or dining area.


Another clever solution is their All Day Design Bed. Here you can choose from either a 2.5 to a 3.0 seater sofa that sits in front of the Hideaway Wall Bed Mechanism.

Hideaway Beds Wall Bed - double photo

Their Hideaway Desk Wall Bed is not only practical from a space-saving aspect, but it is useful everyday as a desk and office space. You don’t even have to pack up your desk space to bring down the bed. It will stay completely flat throughout the whole time.

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