Featured designer: David Rasmussen

David Rasmussen is one of the few designers who also handcraft his beautiful furniture. Raised and educated in New England, he was exposed to the Northeast’s rich culture of fine furniture making from a young age. Trained by furniture masters Wayne Marcoux and Dan Mosheim, David learned about composition and construction techniques. Danish, Ming Dynasty, and contemporary American studio furniture where the focus of David’s studies in furniture as he progressed in his career. 
dr8 1 - Featured designer: David Rasmussen

The Curva Sofa blends arching forms in upholstery and wood.  The lines of the sofa are clean, somewhat reminiscent of Danish design, but speak as a piece designed in 2012. Swooping Clara Walnut arms gracefully frame the upholstered body of the sofa.

dr12 1 - Featured designer: David RasmussenThis Curve A Linear desk makes a bold statement. The clean lines and seductive curves make this claro walnut desk both modern and timeless. Features include designer eco-resin drawer faces and exquisite hand-machined stainless steel pulls.

dr50 1 - Featured designer: David Rasmussen

The Curve A Linear easy chair’s upholstered seat is formed to the shape of the human back to provide support. The figured claro walnut arms and legs compliment the green woolen upholstery and stainless steel details. The Curve A Linear side table was made to accompany the Curve A Linear easy chair, but is at home as an end or bedside table as well. The design incorporates a shallow back on the top to keep objects from falling behind the table.  The drawers are faced with designer eco-resin and feature an exquisite hand-machined stainless steel pull.

dr54 1 - Featured designer: David Rasmussen
The ReMix Chair blends modern style with molded wood forms. The gracefully shaped back is veneered with Claro Walnut, adorned in bespoke details on the arms that accentuate the
dr9 1 - Featured designer: David Rasmussen
Lego is the brainchild of designers David Rasmussen and Amee Hinkely. Like the polished core revealed when a geode is cracked open, Lego is a geometrically-shaped table that has been split open, in concept, to reveal its multicolored core.  The top is an acrylic painting that has been sanded and sealed for durability. Lego’s legs are re-used from school chairs.
dr31 1 - Featured designer: David Rasmussen
The Branching table was designed for a yoga studio where clients often use the table while standing.  The base is custom-forged steel with a black patina.  The top is a single piece of exceptionally figured claro walnut.
dr53 1 - Featured designer: David Rasmussen
David’s recent work focuses on what he thinks is relevant and thought provoking within the realm of modern culture. His design is a response to modern aesthetics and resonates with iconic design.
Photos courtesy of David Rasmussen Design



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