New rustic dwelling from Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses

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You might be attracted to the idea of tiny house living, but not really sure, if you’re suited for this kind of lifestyle, so why not spend a vacation in a tiny house and try it on for size? Less than two miles from vibrant downtown Austin a brand new kind 8′x12′ tiny house is offered as a vacation rental. The house is custom built by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses and outfitted throughout with unique fixtures by the homeowner. The majority of the building materials used to construct the home, as well as many of the interior fixtures, were made from reclaimed materials. 

rocky-mountain-tiny-house-2 rocky-mountain-tiny-house-1

Resting spot in the corner of the backyard


A lovely hanging couch and live edge stair treads with the bark still in


Under the custom designed staircase is placed a mini “office” with USB charging station/outlet/desk lamp.  


Closet to the left. The white box is a portable AC unit. 

rocky-mountain-tiny-house-9 rocky-mountain-tiny-house-11

Kitchen top organization


Kitchen bottom organization 


The view from the loft


Custom light fixture from Chica Watts  


 A high tech electric incinerating toilet and custom made sink with exposed copper and chrome pipe fittings. 


 Reclaimed metal in the shower  


 The loft bed  


The cool pad rents for $125/night and can be reserved through airBNB by clicking here.

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