Go play with the coffee table!

Multifunctional furniture is getting more and more popular and I have seen a lot of different functions combined, but this is a first. QUBIS HAUS is a coffee table that transforms into a dollhouse with the simple addition of sliding panels made from wood and perspex, enabling the ‘designer’ to create different room layouts.
q25 1 - Go play with the coffee table!
The table is made in solid birch ply wood and has clean modern lines making it a beautiful piece of living room furniture as well as a centre for children to play.
doll - Go play with the coffee table!
The table can live permanently in the living room so the children can play with it whenever they want. 
doll2 - Go play with the coffee table!QUBIS HAUS is one of the winners of the Boost product design competition, a platform for new design talent and a collaboration between the Observer, the Southbank Centre and Cockpit Arts.



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