The Isolée house has a minimal (carbon) footprint

The Dutch design studio Tjep has developed the Isolée concept house, which is a new architectural design delivering an ecologically friendly retreat from the modern world. Combining intelligent technology with elegant sophistication, this design creates a habitat that barely impacts its environment. The house with massive opening shutters spanning the length of the building, an intelligent heating system integrated within the structure of the house and topped by a solar tree, this home ensures minimal fuel reliance. Isolée is anchored to the landscape on just four points
tjep isole1 - The Isolée house has a minimal (carbon) footprintOpen house or closed house – a home with a distinct open and closed, inhabited versus unoccupied, appearance thanks to the monumental shutters. The hinges contain electrical motors that operate the shutters through solar energy. The shutters are computer controlled to follow the wishes of the inhabitants and close automatically when a storm approaches.
tjep isole3jpg - The Isolée house has a minimal (carbon) footprintConnecting element – the stairs form one movement right through the house and connect the different spaces to finally lead to a small terrace offering a spectacular view.
tjep isole4 - The Isolée house has a minimal (carbon) footprint

Minimal approach to systems – In the back-bone structure of the house a fluid circulates heated by the stove. The circulation is powered electrically through solar energy. The only supply the house needs is fresh water from a well. All LED lighting is powered by rechargeable batteries.

tjep isole6 - The Isolée house has a minimal (carbon) footprintThe aesthetic solar energy deserves – solar panels sprout from the roof as an elegant plant absorbing energy from the sun. The panels follow the sun as it crosses the sky.
tjep isole2 - The Isolée house has a minimal (carbon) footprinttjep isole7 - The Isolée house has a minimal (carbon) footprintThe stove – A cavity in the side of the house contains the wood stock to fire up the stove. This cavity is accessed from the outside but also from the interior, for those unpleasant days. 



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