This 430 ft² Russian apartment proves that great style doesn’t always come in big packages

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This stunning 40m² /430 ft² apartment was designed by the Russian architecture firm INT2architecture for a young couple living in Moscow.  


The style of the living space is very contemporary, with light wood, graphic patterns and copper details.


By placing the bed and the home office on a platform, the architects were able to create more storage space. The half walls separating the bedroom/office are also used as cabinets and drawers.


Notice the small holes in the floor? When you lift the floorboards you get access to even more storage. The desk is simple and functional: two archive cabinets support the perfectly fitted table top.   


The separating walls make the sleeping area a little more intimate – and hide the fact that you didn’t feel like making your bed that morning.  


On top of the half walls you find built-in electrical outlets, a very functional detail.  


Lots of different materials and textures are used on the walls like wood paneling, wallpaper, tiles and paints.      


In the kitchen the most-used items are stored on open shelves, making it super easy to access them.


The dining space is equipped with iconic Eames DSW chairs 


The apartment’s designated herbs and spices wall adds a bit of nature to the kitchen area.


The sunroom isn’t big in size, but it’s huge in terms of charm.


Who wouldn’t want to start their day here?


A little nook in the hallway has been put to use as a laundry space. A curtain hides the washing machine when it isn’t in use.  


Storing your laundry detergent in a glass jar is a bit more decorative than a big carton of “Tide.” 


Even though the bathroom isn’t large, the architects managed to squeeze in a bathtub.


The bathroom floor, as well as the walls, is decorated with graphic patterned tiles.


The layout of the apartment

Photos courtesy of INT2architecture   

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