This foldable bicycle camper lets you live comfortably on the road

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The Danish entrepreneur Mads Johansen has created “The Wide Path Camper,” an astoundingly light camper mounted on a bicycle trailer. The camper is made of fiberglass, weighs a mere 45 kilos and can be folded to half-size making transport easy.

The tiny mobile home costs around 15,000 Danish kroner (approx. $2,500). It is also possible to rent it, as of right now only in the town Sønderborg, that’s located in southern Denmark.

widepathcamper-bicycle-trailer-camper-1 widepathcamper-bicycle-trailer-camper-2The camper doesn’t require much maintenance

widepathcamper-bicycle-trailer-camper-3 widepathcamper-bicycle-trailer-camper-4 widepathcamper-bicycle-trailer-camper-5The Wide Path Camper” has two face-to-face sofas and a pull-down table.  At night the sofas flatten to form a double bed large enough to sleep two people and a small child. The camper also comes with an optional solar cell for charging mobile phones and other small devices.

widepathcamper-bicycle-trailer-camper-6The sitting area converts easily to a bed

widepathcamper-bicycle-trailer-camper-7The camper trailer has a storage capacity of 79 gallons/300 liter

widepathcamper-bicycle-trailer-camper-8 widepathcamper-bicycle-trailer-camper-9 widepathcamper-bicycle-trailer-camper-10Photos courtesy of Alt om camping

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