London studio apartment with suspended bed and rooftop garden

Posted by Assia Awad

This lovely studio apartment in Camden, London, has a suspended bed that will make you green with envy. It’s placed under a retractable skylight that leads to a 500-square-foot rooftop garden. Access to the bed and garden is provided by a staircase.


Underneath the bed is an office space. The staircase does double duty as a chalkboard 


With a skylight over your bed you can fall asleep under the stars and be woken up by the sun.   


The rooftop garden 


This suspended bed allows the inhabitants to have more room on the ground floor


The refrigerator and trash bin are placed under the staircase that leads to the bed. Very efficient use of space.


A partition wall separates the kitchen and dining area from the rest of the living space

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The half wall by the stairway is used for shoe storage



The apartment is set in a Mews. (A row or street of houses or flats that have been converted from stables)  


The London home is managed by jj Locations that hires it out for photographic and film shoots 

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