Clei launches space-saving hideaway kitchen

The Italian company Clei makes some amazing space-saving products like this hide-away kitchen “Kitchen Box,” that the company just presented at The Salone del Mobile.

pro4 - Clei launches space-saving hideaway kitchen It is composed of two equipped elements, one contains the pantry and a tilting table that, once open, join the top creating a wide service surface.

pro - Clei launches space-saving hideaway kitchenThe other element contains sink, induction hob with 2 cookers, refrigerator, dish washer, microwave and hood.

prodotti 3 - Clei launches space-saving hideaway kitchenHere the kitchen is combined with the storage wall “Penelope Dining Up” that features a foldaway bed, equipped in the day version with a table that when the bed opens, through a translational motion, sets underneath the bed base with no needs to displace objects from the top.

prodotti 2 - Clei launches space-saving hideaway kitchenTable can be closed up to make room and reduce overall dimensions. This system is provided with electrical motion by remote controller, with opening mechanism fully hidden inserted in the frame of the model.



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