Oli and Emily transform vans into beautiful motorhomes   

Vanlife Conversions UK is the brainchild of British couple Oli and Emily. They dedicate their lives to making sure as many people as possible can experience bespoke homes on wheels. Ever since Oli was a child, he had an interest in DIY. After serving in the army for seven years, he decided to turn his DIY passion into a business and started converting large panel vans like Citroen Relays, Fiat Ducatos, and Mercedes Sprinters into homes on wheels from a workshop in Ingatestone. The pair now also provide build plans and consultancy for anyone who plans on building a van themselves.


mercedes sprinter campervan 9 - Oli and Emily transform vans into beautiful motorhomes   Stacia is a Mercedes Sprinter that Oli and Emily from Vanlife Conversions UK helped turn into a house on wheels.

mercedes - Oli and Emily transform vans into beautiful motorhomes   The contemporary elegance of this Sprinter is immediate as soon as you enter. There’s a central kitchen, pull-out table, bed area with a curtain for separation, and two large box drawers.

campervan 10 - Oli and Emily transform vans into beautiful motorhomes   A comfortable dining experience is almost guaranteed in Stacia. This van features a beautiful wooden pull-out dining table that locks in place when you’re driving. There is enough space for two people to dine comfortably. The van also has a double bench seat with a single plush cushion. Underneath is hidden storage to hide away all that clutter.

mercedes sprinter campervan 6 - Oli and Emily transform vans into beautiful motorhomes   The kitchen is undoubtedly the heart of the home – or van. It boasts a generous white composite sink, beautiful silver tap, and an extendable hose. There’s even a three-hob burner and grill so that travelers can cook how they would at home. The van also comes kitted with an 80-litre compressor fridge/freezer, a large utensil drawer with soft-close hinges, a cupboard, and a pots and pans drawer.

mercedes sprinter campervan 5 - Oli and Emily transform vans into beautiful motorhomes   mercedes sprinter campervan 4 - Oli and Emily transform vans into beautiful motorhomes   Space is typically lacking in any van you use for living on the road, but this Sprinter makes the most of every inch. When the time comes to cook dinner, you can extend the benchtop, which folds down on a hinge when you’re not using it. You can cook and look out the window at the same time.

mercedes sprinter campervan 3 - Oli and Emily transform vans into beautiful motorhomes   Stacia’s owners wanted a shower room, so Vanlife Conversions UK delivered. They installed one behind the driver’s seat, which provides 1m of space for a shower and composting-style toilet. It tucks away neatly yet provides no end of convenience for travelers.

mercedes sprinter campervan 7 - Oli and Emily transform vans into beautiful motorhomes   A lot of thought went into the showering area of this van. There is a floor to ceiling mirror to maximise space, along with the stunning presentation in the shower room itself. Oli and Emily opted for Reco-style panel walls. They are a lightweight alternative to real tiles and make the area pop. The shower room also features a heating vent button to prevent dampness and allow clothes to dry overnight.

mercedes sprinter campervan 10 - Oli and Emily transform vans into beautiful motorhomes   Just because you’re sleeping in a car doesn’t mean you have to ‘rough it’. Stacia has a full 2 x 1.5-metre bed for two people to sleep comfortably.


Another successful Vanlife Conversions UK creation was Billy – the two-berth Citroen Relay L3H2. This van was converted into a high-spec off-grid campervan for two people to enjoy. It comes fitted with underslung water and gas tanks, solar power, and a leisure battery that charges as you drive. You can even hook it up to mains electricity at a campsite. A premium heating and hot water system, along with thick insulation, is the icing on the cake for Billy’s owners.

campervan vanlife conversions 38 - Oli and Emily transform vans into beautiful motorhomes   Billy boasts a generous kitchen with ample bench space, a 32L fridge, large sink, three-burner hob, grill, and oven.

campervan vanlife conversions 30 - Oli and Emily transform vans into beautiful motorhomes   Dining with a view, what could be better? The van’s rear has a dinette-style seating space with a swivel table and overhead cupboards for storage. There are also large windows for sunshine and a great view whenever you want it.

campervan 1 - Oli and Emily transform vans into beautiful motorhomes   By day, the seating area provides somewhere for the van’s occupants to dine, relax, and hang out. By night, it converts into a stunning coastal-coloured bed of 180cm in length.

campervan 2 - Oli and Emily transform vans into beautiful motorhomes   There is plenty of overhead storage throughout the van for convenience. Billy also has two roof lights and ventilation with an in-built fan system for comfort and coolness.

campervan vanlife conversions 43 - Oli and Emily transform vans into beautiful motorhomes   There has been considerable attention to detail in this van’s kitchen, with the addition of a white composite sink, gold tap, Thetford triplex cooker, and a three-burner hob.

campervan vanlife conversions 36 - Oli and Emily transform vans into beautiful motorhomes   The occupants of this van don’t need to worry about finding public showering and toilet facilities. Billy has a shower room with Reco panel walls and a chemical toilet. It can also become a drying room when it’s not in use.


Fredy is a beautiful Fiat Ducato L3H2, fitted with a dinette area and fixed bed.

Campervan fredy 4 - Oli and Emily transform vans into beautiful motorhomes   Homely was the aim of the game, and Vanlife Conversions UK more than delivered. Fredy has signature walnut worktops, floating ceilings, and white-bordered units that come together to produce that ‘homely’ feel. A cubby hole is also available for extra storage, along with hanging rails. The kitchen is undoubtedly one of the main attractions of this van. It has a black sink, a tap with a pull-out hose, and covers for the sink and hob to form extra bench space. For convenient cooking, there is a three-burner hob, grill, and oven.

Campervan fredy 1 - Oli and Emily transform vans into beautiful motorhomes   The multi-functional seating area is an attention grabber. You can use it as a bench seat for two people or pull it apart for dining. Once mealtime is over, the table drops down to create a small bed. The seats also have hidden storage.

Campervan fredy 8 - Oli and Emily transform vans into beautiful motorhomes   Adjacent to the kitchen area is a hot water shower room. In it, you will find a convenient removable Simploo Toilet.

Campervan fredy 2 - Oli and Emily transform vans into beautiful motorhomes   The van’s occupants are bound to get a good night’s sleep with this comfortable and luxurious bed. Recesses in the wall allow for additional length, so the bed is 188cm long by 140cm wide. There are also two reading lights with USBs and a convenient shelf.

Campervan fredy 7 - Oli and Emily transform vans into beautiful motorhomes   The space under the bed is not wasted. It’s home to the van’s electrical equipment and other essential accessories. Curtains in the rear of the van also provide a blackout effect at night for a comfortable night’s slumber.

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