Ten gorgeous ways to decorate your home with string lights 

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The holiday season is upon us, and so are the dark winter evenings. String lights are an easy and inexpensive way to decorate and brighten your home, and there are many creative ways to use them – the sky’s the limit. Start by checking out these ten excellent ideas.

ikea-ikea-holiday-decoration__1364463987402-s3Bring the night sky into your home. Spray a blank fabric canvas with glue, and sprinkle it with as much or as little glitter as you please. Then arrange and fasten your light chain on the back of the canvas frame.  Used here is SÄRDAL LED lighting chain with 12 lights from IKEA

clear-wire-sprinkle-21-line-lightsHighlight your art by stringing delicate fairy lights around your picture frames. Used here is Silver Wire Sprinkle 21′ Line Lights from CB2

twinkle-silver-string-lightsMake an inexpensive decoration by wrapping some branches with tiny twinkling lights. Used here are Twinkle Silver String Lights from Crate and Barrel.

ikea-ikea-holiday-decoration__1364463987252-s3 (1)Haven’t got room for a traditional Christmas tree? Then go abstract and create a new wave version with lights. Just arrange the nails, hang the lights, and you’re set. By the way, this works great for any design you prefer.

Bottle Battery Powered String LightsA tiny little string of LED lights makes a magical décor piece when lit inside any empty bottle, vase, votive or jar. Used here is Bottle Battery Powered String Lights from Urban Outfitters.

ikea-ikea-holiday-decoration__1364463987556-s3Give your light chain a sweet touch by decorating it with different types of ribbons and ornaments. Used here is STRÅLA LED lighting chain with 40 lights and VINTER 2017 24-piece hanging decoration set from IKEA.

Extra Long Copper Firefly String LightsCover an entire wall with tiny firefly lights to make a statement. Used here are Extra Long Copper Firefly String Lights from Urban Outfitters

Firefly Battery Powered String LightsWhy should the Christmas tree get all the fun? Wrap your indoor plants in tiny little amber LED string lights and add a magical charm to any space.  Used here is Firefly Battery Powered String Lights from Urban Outfitters.

ikea-ikea-holiday-decoration-1Arrange delicate, battery-powered chain lights inside elegant glass domes for a cosmic, ethereal effect. Materials: STRÅLA LED lighting chain with 40 lights and BEGÅVNING glass dome with base