Urban Outfitters launches fall 2020 furniture collection

New furniture for every home style is now available at Urban Outfitters. The Fall 2020 Furniture Collection incorporates the very best in modern minimalism, vintage-inspired boho, natural textures, and desert vibes.

For the modern apartment, you’ll be able to draw upon style from the 80s for graphic prints, rugs, statement drawers, and curved wood mirrors and furniture.

Those who desire a more serene, natural space, will be wowed by the mid-century inspired wood furniture, rustic décor, organic shapes, and sculptural lighting.

If you love nothing more than browsing the aisles of your local vintage store, then Urban Outfitters’ Fall Collection ticks all the boxes here, too. Style your home with florals, trinkets, treasures, rattan furniture, and more.

Otherwise, take inspiration from out west with painted and rattan furniture, bold burst of color, ceramics, ornate patterns, and folksy desert vibes.

Akina Live Edge Coffee Table - Urban Outfitters launches fall 2020 furniture collectionEver feel like your home isn’t the peaceful sanctuary it could be? The Akina Live Edge Coffee Table ($189) could help. This beautiful Acacia wood table features triangle plank legs, a live edge finish, and a unique grain style. Make it a centrepiece in your home.

Akina Low Lounge Chair - Urban Outfitters launches fall 2020 furniture collectionThis Akina Low Lounge Chair ($449) offers a beautifully natural vibe in your home with minimal effort. Be inspired by the mango wood, cotton seat, and leather cushion. What will also capture your attention are the woven panels that enhance the natural appeal of this piece. What’s more, it’s custom-made just for you.

Alexis Entryway Wall Shelf - Urban Outfitters launches fall 2020 furniture collectionEven home storage systems can be stylish, as this Alexis Entryway Wall Shelf ($79) will show. The slatted top, bracketed design, and seven peg hooks all assist in providing somewhere to store your wallet, jacket, bag, and more.

Caroline Dining Chair - Urban Outfitters launches fall 2020 furniture collectionWelcome nature into your dining room with the Caroline Dining Chair ($219). Not only is it comfortable with a wooden frame and woven paneling, but it’s folk-inspired for those much-desired natural vibes.

Caroline Hutch Storage Unit - Urban Outfitters launches fall 2020 furniture collectionWhere better to store all your trinkets and souvenirs than in this Caroline Hutch Storage Unit? Available for $749, it’s going to earn its place as your favourite piece of furniture. It features a wooden frame, two drawers, and woven paneling along the base. While it requires assembly, it’s going to serve many purposes once set up.

Ingrid Chair - Urban Outfitters launches fall 2020 furniture collectionAchieve a sleek, stylish, and contemporary look in your home with the Ingrid Chair ($699). It features a textural slub weave upholstery with slim dowel legs and all-around padding. Add it to your reading nook and relish in its comfort and style.

Karlee Velvet Dining Chair Set Of 2 - Urban Outfitters launches fall 2020 furniture collectionAdd a sense of warmth and style to your home with this Karlee Velvet Dining Chair – Set Of 2 ($599). Add them to your living room, dining room, or entryway. There is much to love about these lightly cushioned chairs with a tapered base.

Marte Vanity - Urban Outfitters launches fall 2020 furniture collectionAchieve mid-century styling with ease, courtesy of the Marte Vanity ($349). This vanity is full of surprises. It has a flip-up mirror that extends from the lid, not to mention two drawers with cutout pulls. Angled legs, rubberwood, sengon wood, and a natural finish all complete the look.

Mason Over The Door Multi Hook Storage Shelf - Urban Outfitters launches fall 2020 furniture collectionLacking storage space? It might be time to check out the Mason Over-The-Door Multi-Hook Storage Shelf ($89) from the Urban Outfitters Mason collection. Not only does it feature five peg hooks, but a rattan basket and Acacia wood sides, too. It has all your bag and trinket storage needs covered.

Rattan Bar Cart - Urban Outfitters launches fall 2020 furniture collectionAny avid entertainer will be chomping at the bit to add the Rattan Bar Cart ($299) to their shopping cart. With a wheeled base, two-tier frame, side handles, and caged edges, it’s the portable cocktail trolley for which you’ve been searching.

Selene Side Table - Urban Outfitters launches fall 2020 furniture collectionThe Selene Side Table ($129) combines the very best of 1980s nostalgia and modern-day elegance. From the hourglass shape to the curved metal frame and powder-coated finish, it’s classic vs. contemporary at its best. When you purchase this table from Urban Outfitters, it will be custom-made just for you.

Selene Upholstered Chair - Urban Outfitters launches fall 2020 furniture collectionThe Selene Upholstered Chair ($649) may look simple, but don’t be fooled by its sleek and seamless look. From the tubular metal frame to the plush cushioning on the seat, back, and arms, it’s a complex piece that demands your attention.

tabitha - Urban Outfitters launches fall 2020 furniture collectionThe Tabitha 6-Drawer Dresser ($899) is a modern take on a retro favourite. It features beautiful white oak, three rows of drawers, and oversized round knobs. The rounded corners and cylindrical legs complete the retro and rustic look.

Toilet Storage Tray - Urban Outfitters launches fall 2020 furniture collectionMake efficient use of space in your bathroom courtesy of this Toilet Storage Tray ($29). This clever piece of engineering is designed to fit on top of your toilet tank. Fill it with reading material and incense, and make use of the toilet paper roll that hangs off the side.

Vera Bench - Urban Outfitters launches fall 2020 furniture collectionAnyone desiring a minimalist look in their contemporary abode will jump at the chance to own the Vera Bench ($329). Crafted from MDF and multi-purpose, it’s a desirable piece for conservative spaces. Use it as extra seating, storage, or store baskets underneath.

Willow Bed - Urban Outfitters launches fall 2020 furniture collectionTrying to achieve that boho look in your home? This folk-inspired Willow Bed ($849) might be the answer. It features woven cane paneling, a slatted base, and bobbin shaping along its legs. This bed takes folk styling to a new level.

Willow Coffee Table - Urban Outfitters launches fall 2020 furniture collectionMake your living room stand out from the crowd with the addition of the Willow Coffee Table ($299). Inspired by Western aesthetics, it boasts a beautiful square top with block legs and custom creation just for you.

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