Hide your dishrack in the cabinet with the Drip Dry

Nearly every home has a dishrack or dish drainer for daily washed dishes. They clutter counters and while many users spend time as a chore to put away dry dishes, and then they hide their dish rack away under the sink, other users succumb to keeping their dish rack next to their sink because they need to keep it handy. Typical users need quick access to dishes and utensils – storage place within reach is ideal.

A clever solution is the Drip Dry that is the first multi-use draining system kit for kitchen cabinets that instantly improves lifestyle and a kitchen’s appearance. Easy to install, it is used as a dishrack, colander, soap and sponge storage. It hides clutter, clear counter space and save time.


The Drip Dry dries washed fruits and vegetables, dishes, pots, pans, and cutlery to a beautiful clear – without using electric energy.

dripdry1The Drip Dry Stainless DDS30 cabinet dish rack is made of stainless steel and built with two levels of self-draining dish racks with a top-rack pull down. With a total loading capacity of 39.6 lbs (17.9 Kg) and a smooth ergonomic design, the DDS makes it easy to load and unload dishes. This arrangement is hygienic, aesthetic, practical, and dries dishes quickly; it’s a great place to hide a wet cutting board or the soap and sponge.

dripJust close the cabinet doors and your kitchen looks spotless. The price for the Drip Dry starts at $119.00


    1. Em July 1, 2016 at 1:04 pm

      Really not an new idea. In Finland we have had similar since 1940s, when there was a movement to make women’s work easier with organisation ideas – usually we don’t have dishrack taking surface space. Everybody who can has dish-cabinet. My granny had one too in her 1930s home.


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