Minimalistic 355-square-foot studio apartment in Stockholm is bright and airy despite its tiny size

Find cozy comfort and high style in this 355-square-foot/33-square-meter home located in Stockholm, Sweden. With open spaces, combined living features, and clean, modern architectural features, this home looks and feels anything but small. Lots of light and well organized details help ensure that this space is as functional as it is tiny.Robert Almströmsgatan-swedish-apartment-1Herringbone-style hardwood floors help confuse the eye to make the floor plan in this house appear larger than it actually is. Liberal use of cool colors and tone-on-tone white throughout the space help the walls recede from the eye to give the illusion of space.Robert Almströmsgatan-swedish-apartment-2

Modern, elevated furniture helps create an unbroken appearance in the floor, while the clean lines add to the minimalist look of the entire home. Pops of colors on the stool and pillows keep the room from looking too sterile.

Robert Almströmsgatan-swedish-apartment-3

A work desk is situated just beneath the sleeping loft, doubling up on the use of a single space. The loft is accessible from a ladder located to the right of the television, helping to provide some privacy to the sleepers in an otherwise enclosed space.

Robert Almströmsgatan-swedish-apartment-4

Storage sits right in plain sight with this bold green shelf. Everything from knickknacks to spices get a home without cluttering up the room, while the color helps make the shelf appear intentional as part of the design, rather than purely functional.Robert Almströmsgatan-swedish-apartment-5

The work space beneath the loft mixes styles with this rustic, space-saving desk. A modern lampshade helps tie the area back to the rest of the décor in the room.Robert Almströmsgatan-swedish-apartment-6

A pared down space doesn’t mean that it lacks personality; there’s plenty of room in this layout for a guitar, some games, and a camera. By utilizing the space beneath the loft, the room remains uncluttered.

Robert Almströmsgatan-swedish-apartment-7This tiny kitchen still contains everything you need to prepare a meal, from a scaled-down cooktop to a round utility sink. The porcelain mosaics mixed in the backsplash add some much needed color to the otherwise white kitchen.

Robert Almströmsgatan-swedish-apartment-8Every inch of the walls get used to help save space. A magnetic strip helps contain cooking implements, freeing up the cabinets for food staples and other supplies.Robert Almströmsgatan-swedish-apartment-9

The kitchen and dining area mirror one another with their pops of geometric color, helping to bring a sense of continuity to the entire space. This type of cohesive design is especially crucial in small spaces to help visually enlarge the space.Robert Almströmsgatan-swedish-apartment-10

The straight floor boards in the hallway contrast with the layout in the other rooms. This emphasizes the length of the hall, drawing you into the more open space beyond.Robert Almströmsgatan-swedish-apartment-12

A dual-purpose shelf helps save space in the hallway and eliminates the need of a coat closet. The hooks installed beneath the shelf allow plenty of space to hang coats without crushing them, while the space right beneath can be used for shoes.

Robert Almströmsgatan-swedish-apartment-13

Possessions such as books and plants take up minimal space when placed around the perimeter of the room. The same bold colors help tie in the moveable furniture pieces to the rest of the more fixed design elements in the room as well.Robert Almströmsgatan-swedish-apartment-14

The space-saving bathroom draws the eye upward and makes the room feel taller by running a border of the same blue tiles from the kitchen around the room. The exposed plumbing ties in perfectly with the heated towel rails, adding comfort the room.

Robert Almströmsgatan-swedish-apartment-15

Tile and a sloped floor combine to ensure that no barrier is needed between the shower and the rest of the room. The shower tower takes up minimal space on the wall, while providing maximum function with a thermostatic valve and adjustable shower head.

Photo courtesy of Erik Olsson Fastighetsförmedling

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      You always do such a great job describing and showing how specific design elements help make these small spaces feel bigger. Thank you!


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