Pauline’s tiny Parisian apartment

This beautiful Parisian apartment is a result of bartering between two friends. Pauline designed Marianne Evennou’s website and e-shop while Marianne helped Pauline find the essence of her home, a small (25 m2/ 269 ft2) attic apartment. The creative couple removed the old ceiling and walls, painted the floor and rearranged the space.

marianne-evennou-paulines-tiny-apartment-13Pauline wanted the kitchen to be as spacious as possible and feature a bar

marianne-evennou-paulines-tiny-apartment-15The wooden staircase over the kitchen counter leads to the loft bed and a reading nook. It was painted grey to match the rest of the interior

marianne-evennou-paulines-tiny-apartment-14 marianne-evennou-paulines-tiny-apartment-9

The ladder leads to the reading nook and the loft bed


The charming loft bed

marianne-evennou-paulines-tiny-apartment-3The reading nook seen from the floor


The reading nook is also used as a guest bed.


The office has closets covered with curtains on both sides


marianne-evennou-paulines-tiny-apartment-7The small wall-mounted vase is from the French company Merci

marianne-evennou-paulines-tiny-apartment-8 marianne-evennou-paulines-tiny-apartment-11

Giant floor cushions add a bohemian feel to a living room and are great alternatives to chairs if space is scarce.


A cozy and colourful seating area


Marianne led Pauline to use samples of paintings to paint her concrete floor


The amazing view from Pauline’s apartment


“Under the roofs of Paris.” Pauline’s apartment seen from the outside

Photos: Sonia Ringoot

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