The au pair’s tiny (86 ft2) apartment

The so-called Parisian “maids’ rooms,” that are placed on the top level under the roof of the beautiful old Hausmann buildings, are not a very popular in the city of light. The rooms are very tiny and unfortunately what they lack in size they usually do not make up for in charm. So when a Parisian family asked Studio Kitoko to transform a 86 ft2/ 8 m2 small maid’s room into a functional living space, where the future au pair could sleep, cook, eat, wash, work and store her belongings, the architects had their work cut out for them.

Studio Kitoko took their inspiration from a Swiss army knife that can perform a lot of different functions, just by using folding and sliding motions.     

The end result is a room with a huge closet that hides a bed, a table with two chairs, a staircase and a bathroom. The architect studio even managed to squeeze an open kitchen into the small apartment.

kitoko-studio-tiny-apartment-paris-9 kitoko-studio-tiny-apartment-paris-4 kitoko-studio-tiny-apartment-paris-2 kitoko-studio-tiny-apartment-paris-3 kitoko-studio-tiny-apartment-paris-8 kitoko-studio-tiny-apartment-paris-10 kitoko-studio-tiny-apartment-paris-11 kitoko-studio-tiny-apartment-paris-7 kitoko-studio-tiny-apartment-paris-6

Photos: Fabienne Delafraye


 Tiny apartment in Paris (8sqm only) from Kitoko Studio on Vimeo.

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