This 302-square-foot apartment feels much bigger than it actually is

Posted by Assia Awad

One of my favorite architects Cyril Rheims, owner of Ki Architecture, has recently finished the renovation of this 302 ft2 /28 m2 apartment commissioned by a young student, who wanted to sleep in a cocoon.

 The end result is a modern multifunctional cube that feels much bigger than it actually is.  


The apartment before the renovation

paris-cyril-rheims-tiny-apartment-1 paris-cyril-rheims-tiny-apartment-4 paris-cyril-rheims-tiny-apartment-5 paris-cyril-rheims-tiny-apartment-9 paris-cyril-rheims-tiny-apartment-10 paris-cyril-rheims-tiny-apartment-12 paris-cyril-rheims-tiny-apartment-6 paris-cyril-rheims-tiny-apartment-8Photos courtesy of Ki Architecture 

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