This 302-square-foot apartment feels much bigger than it actually is

One of my favorite architects Cyril Rheims, owner of Ki Architecture, has recently finished the renovation of this 302 ft2 /28 m2 apartment commissioned by a young student, who wanted to sleep in a cocoon.

 The end result is a modern multifunctional cube that feels much bigger than it actually is.  


The apartment before the renovation

paris-cyril-rheims-tiny-apartment-1 paris-cyril-rheims-tiny-apartment-4 paris-cyril-rheims-tiny-apartment-5 paris-cyril-rheims-tiny-apartment-9 paris-cyril-rheims-tiny-apartment-10 paris-cyril-rheims-tiny-apartment-12 paris-cyril-rheims-tiny-apartment-6 paris-cyril-rheims-tiny-apartment-8Photos courtesy of Ki Architecture 

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