This loft bed with glass railings lets the light through

Norwegian carpenters ETT ROM TIL (One More Room) were asked to create a loft bed over a dining space in a 19th-century house that did not interfere with the style of the house and yet had a modern look. loft-bed-over-dining-table-2 The challenge was that it could not take up a lot of space and it had to let light through. The solution was to build a narrow loft bed with some space left between the window and the bed and to use a special type of glass as railings.

loft-bed-over-dining-table-3 The ladder leading up to the loft can easily be removed so it does not take up space when the bed is not being used.

loft-bed-over-dining-table-5 loft-bed-over-dining-table-4 loft-bed-over-dining-table-7 loft-bed-over-dining-table-8 loft-bed-over-dining-table-6Photo: ETT ROM TIL