This Russian bedroom is packed with storage and style

A surprising amount of storage and function fits neatly into just 151 square feet/14 square meters in this bedroom in Moscow, Russia. Designed by INT2architecture, for a 14 year old girl, this single room contains numerous cubbies and hidden drawers, so you can fit more into this tiny space than you ever thought possible. Intuition and intelligence are the basis of everything INT2architecture does. The generous amount of storage and living space designed into this single room clearly shows that both attributes are at play.

INT2_interior-1Clean lines and natural tones are the basis of this tiny living space. Work, relax and sleep in one area that can be transformed from one use to another easily by repositioning the couch into a bed. Built-in shelves surround the outside of the bedroom to keep the living room uncluttered while still providing lots of storage space.


Different layouts can be worked into the same space by changing the direction of the bed. Storage spaces are also located beneath the bed, and the height of the hanging lights above the desk help ensure the entire space is well lit.

INT2_interior-3With the option of a room-darkening shade over the window as well as recessed lights above the bed, you can optimize both privacy and light in this sleeping area. A closet built into the frame to the right of the bed provides clothes storage, while shelving and cupboards on the bedroom interior keep clutter to a minimum.

INT2_interior-4The drawers and doors on the living room side of the structure slide to optimize storage. On the bedroom interior, five separate cubbies open up at different angles to maximize the space while providing a cozy feeling of privacy when shut.

ru11The raised desk and chair create the illusion that the room is larger than it is by allowing the floor to continue unbroken beneath them both. The wood tones of the desk perfectly match the wood of the built-in cabinets surrounding the bed to provide the cohesive look so crucial to small spaces.

INT2_interior-6Hidden function comes into play on the wall across from the bedroom. A sliding panel conceals a full-sized mirror on one side of the wall, while exposing a chalkboard on the other. When centered on the wall, the clean white space of the upper panel allows for the perfect backdrop for projecting images from a TV, video player, or computer.INT2_interior-5The use of painted triangles on the floor and wall draw the eye to elongate the room, while their colors perfectly match the wood and furniture tones in the rest of the room. Knobs installed on the wall opposite the desk allow extra space for hanging such items as clothing or shopping bags.

INT2_interior-8Measurements of the space consider function and use. The layout of the room considers sleeping, relaxing, viewing projected images and working. This makes the space balanced and easy to use so you feel relaxed rather than cramped. 

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