Tiny house plans released for the model STEM-N-LEAF that offers a spacious floor plan and a modern exterior

The residential design firm TMBRZ has just released tiny house plans for their model STEM-N-LEAF that was designed for Iron Eagle’s 20 Foot PAD Trailer. The house has an appealing modern exterior and a spacious floor plan. The opposing roof lines, recessed entry, and contrasting siding crafts a unique façade. Front LeftThe slanted front and back walls stretch the form outward and provide additional space in the sleeping lofts.  The overall dimensions are 8′-6″ wide by 21′-6″ long by 13′-6″ high. The height in the main sleeping loft slopes from 3′-4″ to 2′-7″ and the storage loft slopes for 3′-3″ to 2′-6″.

Front RightThe total livable square footage is 243 sq. ft. The main level is 172, sleeping loft is 45, and the storage loft is 26.

EateryOn the inside, the light walls, colorful cabinets, cork flooring, and touches of finished plywood give it a clean, contemporary feel. The large kitchen window and numerous other windows frame the surroundings and allow for an abundance of natural light.

Step Wall Carefully placed cabinets create an open and airy space, while providing plenty of storage.

RelaxThere are two lofted areas that can be used for sleeping, one in the front and one in the back. The main loft in the front fits a queen bed and the loft in the back will fit a twin bed.

CleanseThe bathroom is very spacious for a tiny house

Learn more about the STEM-N-LEAF here


    1. Tracey March 2, 2016 at 2:36 am

      Just wondering how I could get financed or be able to look around for one of these builders that make this which is you I think and it would be really nice to have one of these homes in because I’m tired of being homeless have been homeless off and on for the last 20 years and I’m really tired and I just wish I had a home like this so if you know of any way I could get any financing for this house and get one and financed for a truck that would be really appreciated if you could get back to me and I’m interested


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