10 space-saving drying racks for small spaces

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Traditional machine dryers can sometimes shrink, stretch, or generally be harsh on certain fabrics. The drying rack, however, gently and safely dries fabric, helping to maintain the quality and integrity of clothes for longer. Even more, it requires zero of the energy used by a traditional dryer, which means lower overall costs when it comes to monthly energy bills. But if you don’t have a garden and your home is on the petite side, it can be a bit of a space-stealer, so I have curated some drying racks that work great in small dwellings.

accordion-drying-rackAccordion Drying Rack ($119.95). The accordion drying rack is an attractive, functional space saver for your laundry room or bathroom. When needed it extends out easily to provide 10 hanging racks; and when not in use racks collapse under an attractive top shelf that can hold supplies or decorative items. Five large coat hooks are also provided for added functionality. Find it here

indoor-retractable-clothes-lineRetractable Clothes Dryer ($32.72). This wall-mounted dryer extends 15-feet and features collapable lines with a total of 69-feet of drying space. Lines can be set tight by moving an outside thumb screw. With the ability to use both indoors and outdoors-you’ll have the flexibility to dry your clothes where it is most convenient.  Find it here

Ceiling-mounted drying rack ($43.44). You can easily hang a full load of laundry overhead, without using any floor space at all with this drying rack. Find it here

Set of 2 wall-mounted drying racks ($99.99). The stainless-steel sleek and modern design drying racks are compact and versatile for use in small spaces, put it up when not in use to save up on floor and closet space. Find them here

Collapsible Portable Clip and Drip Hanger ($20.99). Hang up to 32 garments in 1 compact space for multipurpose drying or storage. Collapses flat when not in use for easy storage. Handy for indoor hanging of those delicate items in laundry room or hang intimates and small items outside to dry in the fresh air. Find it here

over the balcony drying rackOver-the-balcony Drying Rack ($19.99). This drying rack is suitable for smaller items and can be used on the balcony or over an interior door or even a shower door. The powder coat finish allows for use indoors or outside. Find it here

Over the door drying rackOver-Door-Drying Rack ($30.32). Hang over the door to dry clothes on two shelves. Shelves fold down for compact storage. Find it here

Leifheit 72708 Adria 110 Bathtub DryerBathtub Dryer ($46.99). This practical bath laundry dryer can lay flat over the bathtub, stand V-shaped on the edge of the bathtub or L-shaped angled over the bathtub. Both wings can be locked in 10 different positions and fit every bathtub width. Find it here

foldable drying rackBasics Foldable Drying Rack ($23.22). This drying rack takes up minimal floor space and the user-friendly, accordion-style design sets up in seconds (simply expand the rack into the upright position then hook the top bar into place to secure and lock). When finished, the drying rack quickly folds flat for compact storage in a closet or next to the washing machine, ready and waiting for next time. Find it herespace-saving-drying-rack

Space-saving wall-Mounted Drying Rack ($112.94). Make great use of that empty wall space in your laundry room to dry your delicates, swimsuits, towels, and wet winter gear on these handy drying racks. Each rack tilts out at 3 different angles, so you can choose the perfect height for hanging your clothes or accessories. Great for laundry rooms that have little floor space. Find it here