12 Best Reviewed Triple Bunk Beds (2023)

Versatile, space-saving furniture becomes crucial when space is limited in your family home. That’s where triple bunk beds come in. Triple bunk beds are great space savers that also offer an element of fun in kids’ rooms. They take up far less space than three beds side by side, but many models can separate into individual beds, making them future-proof.

If the time has come to explore triple bunk beds to maximize your space, you may like to consider some of these standout options below that customers love.

Grey Wood Triple Twin Bunk Bed

triple bunkbed - 12 Best Reviewed Triple Bunk Beds (2023) Whether you have a multi-child household or children who like to have their friends over for sleepovers, this triple twin bunk bed consisting of three twin beds placed on top of each other is bound to be a crowd favorite. It maximizes space by only taking up as much as a single twin-sized bed, and it features beautiful grey solid wood to tie into any home décor. The top bunk and middle bunk come with guardrails for safety, and they also have eight metal slats each and no need for box springs.

If your ceiling height doesn’t allow for a triple bunk bed, you can separate it into a standard set of bunks and a single twin bed, and you’ll still have a large enough play area for your children. Some assembly is required, and the mattresses are not included. However, you do receive an integrated ladder.  CHECK PRICE 

Black and Silver Metal Triple Twin Bunk Bed

triple bunk bed 12 - 12 Best Reviewed Triple Bunk Beds (2023) Toddlers, children, and teenagers may all be pleased to call this triple twin bunk bed theirs, especially when they see how functional, fun, and versatile it is. It’s available in a sleek and stylish black and silver metal color scheme, and this ties in with both classic and contemporary homes.

The unique shape makes it ideal for playtime for the younger members of the family while giving the older kids a little bit more freedom to move around. The lower bunk is as low to the ground as possible for safety, while the middle bunk faces the opposite direction to the rest. You will also be pleased to know that this bunk set is corner-compatible.

These bunk beds come with slat kits that are ready for your own mattresses and two ladders for access to the middle bed and top bed. Once the metal guardrails are in place on the top two bunks, you can create a fun and functional space for your children to sleep soundly. All that’s left to do is assemble it and get ready for bed!  CHECK PRICE 

Black Metal Triple Full Bunk Bed

triple bunk bed 11 - 12 Best Reviewed Triple Bunk Beds (2023) Why should bunk beds only feature twin size beds? The key feature of this beautiful set of triple bunk beds is that each of the three beds are full size. Whether you have children, teens, or adult guests staying over, this bunk set will likely cater to your every need.

Their size isn’t even the best part. You can’t help but be lured in by the beautiful full metal pipe-style frame with hand-brushed rustic copper accents laid over a lovely sand black finish. As functional as these beds are, they are also an attractive home addition.

The beds also come with two built-in ladders for access to the middle and top bunks, slatted guard rails for safety, and a slat kit that’s just waiting for you to add your own mattresses. Setup is a breeze, and all assembly instructions are included.  CHECK PRICE  

Grey Wood Triple Full Bunk Bed With Slide

Grey triple bunkbed - 12 Best Reviewed Triple Bunk Beds (2023) Children are bound to be so excited by this addition to their bedroom that they might refuse to sleep! There’s more to this aesthetically pleasing triple full bunk bed than meets the eye, especially when you see how many features are packed into it.

The solid wood frame is a beautiful grey color to suit most home décor, and it comes with a full-length ladder at the rear and a shorter one to the middle bunk at the side. The child lucky enough to sleep in the middle bunk can also make use of the slide to get out of bed in the morning.

The top two bunks have guardrails to keep kids safe and secure, yet there’s still plenty of space for them to move around in, thanks to the generous size of the twin frames. If you don’t need the beds to function as a triple bunk, you can separate them and place three individual beds in a bedroom. This bunk set is full of surprises.  CHECK PRICE 

White Wood Triple Twin Bunk Bed

triple bunk bed 10 - 12 Best Reviewed Triple Bunk Beds (2023) One of the most frustrating things about traditional furniture is how limited you are in customizing it. Not everyone’s needs remain the same throughout their lifetime, so having beds that can grow with your family’s requirements can be crucial. Fortunately, that’s what you get with this triple twin bunk bed set.

Whether you’ve welcomed extra family members into your household or your children are hosting a sleepover, you’ll be pleased to have triple bunks to cater to everyone. These beds can be set up as separate twin beds, or they can be stacked on top of each other with two built-in ladders. The customizable bunk bed design also means you can turn one of the beds into a day bed for a toddler or child.

The solid wood construction is both attractive and robust, and each bed has a generous weight capacity of 160 pounds. These beds also come with a one-year warranty for peace of mind and all instructions necessary to put them together. For your own children or visitors, you can’t go wrong with one of the best triple bunk bed sets on the market for homes with standard or high ceilings.  CHECK PRICE 

White Wood Full Over Full Bunk Bed With Twin Trundle

triple bunk bed 8 - 12 Best Reviewed Triple Bunk Beds (2023) Whether you need to furnish a holiday home or cater to as many people as possible in your own home, set your sights on this full over full bunk bed with twin trundle. This gorgeous white wood bunk set comes with two full-sized beds to cater to up to two people each, as well as a pull-out twin-size trundle bed.

These unique beds are designed to save as much space as possible in a bedroom while catering to as many guests as possible. The best part is that they only take up as much space as one full-sized bed during the day when the trundle bed is not in use. Access is fast and easy with the beautiful white wood three-step ladder, and the solid pine wood construction makes it stable and secure.

There is also a guardrail on the top bunk to prevent people from rolling off while they sleep. The weight capacity is reflective of this bed’s quality, with a 300-pound capacity for the bottom bed, 250 pounds for the top, and 175 pounds for the trundle bed. This bunk set for small spaces also comes with a one-year warranty and easy-to-follow assembly instructions.  CHECK PRICE 

All three twin beds are arranged in an L shape within a strong metal frame, with access to the two upper bunks via an integrated ladder. The two top beds also have full-length guard rails, and there’s no need for any extra box spring or foundations.

As this robust and stable set of bunks takes up minimal space, you might have extra room to add another twin bed into the same bedroom rather than purchasing a quadruple bunk bed.

The assembly process is easy, and it might only be a matter of minutes before you have these beds set up, ready to be slept in. All that’s left to do now is make your purchase, buy separate mattresses, and get out your toolkit.  CHECK PRICE 

White Wood L-Shaped Triple Twin Bunk Bed With Slide

triple bunk bed 7 - 12 Best Reviewed Triple Bunk Beds (2023) Why buy a dull set of traditional bunks or full-sized beds individually when you can purchase twin over twin L-shaped bunk beds? These beautiful white solid pine bunks are the perfect option for small spaces, giving children somewhere safe to sleep comfortably.

Not only are three beds positioned at opposite angles to each other, but there’s a slide from the middle bunk and ladder access to the upper and middle bunks. These beds don’t come with mattresses, but they don’t require additional box springs or foundations. They are easy to set up, take up minimal floor space, and are designed to be easy-care to last the distance.  CHECK PRICE 

Black Metal Twin Over Twin & Twin Bunk Bed

triple bunkbed 1 - 12 Best Reviewed Triple Bunk Beds (2023) Enjoy being able to cater to your children and their friends during sleepovers with this twin over twin and twin bunk bed setup. While you can purchase the beds as a bunk set and line them up individually, they also function together with two twin beds positioned underneath the top bunk.

The sleek, black metal frame makes this bunk bed set ‘pop’ in any space, and they are designed to suit most home décor. You’re also bound to appreciate the solid steel slats to last the distance and the full-length guardrails on the top bunk for safety. There is even a shelf between the two single beds at the bottom as a form of convenient storage. The options are endless for setting up these bunk beds, so it’s likely going to be a top pick on your bunk bed wishlist.  CHECK PRICE 

Black Metal Triple Bunk Beds Twin Xl/Full Xl/Queen

triple bunk bed 4 - 12 Best Reviewed Triple Bunk Beds (2023) Very rarely do you come across bunk bed sets with full-sized beds, but these bunk beds are the exception to the rule. Rather than featuring single beds, as is standard, they come with a twin XL, full XL, and queen bed.

They are set up on the bunk in order of size and give you plenty of extra storage space in small rooms due to their small footprint. These bunk beds feature heavy-duty steel for peace of mind, a long and short ladder, and full-length guard rails to keep children, teens, and adults safe.

Due to being made with high-quality materials, you can also expect an exceptional weight capacity with these bunks. The twin XL holds up to 200 pounds, the full XL up to 250 pounds, and the queen can hold 350 pounds. This bunk bed set is easy to set up and doesn’t require box springs. However, mattresses are not included.  CHECK PRICE 

Sandy Black and Dark Bronze Metal and Wood Triple Twin Bunk Bed

triple bunk bed 1 - 12 Best Reviewed Triple Bunk Beds (2023) You’ll have plenty of space for toys, drawers, and all your kids’ favorite possessions when you purchase this gorgeous set of triple twin bunk beds. They are made with striking sandy black and dark bronze metal and wood materials and are rustic in every sense of the word. If your home has an industrial theme, this bunk set will likely fit right in.

The upper and middle bunk are accessible by a solid metal tube ladder, and each bed, including the bottom bunk, has a metal bed end to keep them safe and secure. You also receive a slatted foundation support system with your purchase, but no mattresses.  CHECK PRICE 

Silver Metal Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed With Trundle

triple bunk bed 2 - 12 Best Reviewed Triple Bunk Beds (2023) Whether you have children or teens, there’s every reason to believe this twin over twin bunk bed with a trundle bed is the answer to your limited floor space woes.

While two children can comfortably sleep on this twin bunk bed with two beds each night, they can pull out the trundle bed for sleepovers with friends. Yet, all beds only take up as much space as a single twin bed.

Parents are bound to appreciate the robustness of the metal frame, not to mention the generous 220-pound weight capacity for all three beds. The top bunk is accessible by a ladder, and guard rails are in place for safety.

Even the trundle bed is something special, with four easy-glide caster wheels, including two locking ones. While mattresses are not included, you will be pleased to know there is a tool-free installation process.  CHECK PRICE 

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