14 trendy ideas for decorating your home with light

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The days are getting darker and colder so why not add some extra light to your home? You don’t have to wait for the holiday season to pull out the string lights; there are so many fabulous decor options you can use all year long.

led-cat-lightLED Cat Light ($129). This cat doesn’t need a litter box. Cute LED light that looks great on a wall.

scrabble-lightScrabble Light ($21.75).Playful set of ten string lights with 60 re-usable and interchangeable letter stickers.

string-lights-cotton-ballsColourful Cotton Ball 20-LED String Lights ($25.50). Add a bit of color and light to your dwelling with these string lights.

holiday-illuminated-sheersThe Holiday Illuminated Sheers. ($59.95). This single illuminated window sheer with 200 LED lights casts a festive glow indoors and out.

battery-powered-pastel-bulb-string-lightsPastel Bulb String Lights ($36) adds a magical charm to any space. We love them for a hint of light along a railing, headboard, shelves or decorating an outdoor table for a party!

led-curved-signLED Curved Sign ($129). The lips adds a lovely eighties feel and a bit of fun to any room.

cinema-box-led-lightCinema Box LED Light ($59.) LED light inspired by cinema marquee signs, complete with 72 letters and symbols you can arrange however you’d like! Perfect for a unique addition to any living space or bedroom

nordic-tea-lightsNordic Tea Light Trough ($ 40,00).  Nordic-inspired tea light holder. Rather than just a single candle, it hosts a whole row of them, tucked behind the silhouetted branches of an evergreen forest of laser-cut metal.

geo-star-light-sculptureGeo Star Light Sculpture ($59). Star-shaped light that’s perfect as a decor feature in any space!

nylon-loveNylon Love – Pink ($21.75). Adds a romantic touch to any room. Formed in the shape of the word ‘love’, the pink light will cast a gentle glow when lit.

headphones-lightThe Bulbing HeadPhones lamp ($120.00) is made from a thin sheet of acrylic glass, which has been laser engraved to create light-emitting 3-D forms. Once slotted into the wooden base and turned on, the lamp displays a beautiful optical illusion that challenges our perception of space.

urbania-lightsContemporary Scandinavian design ceramic tea light holder. ($46.95-$84.95). Use a single tea light holder or build a cityscape with several buildings.

aurora-panel-lightingAurora Smart Lighting Panels ($60.00 – $200.00). Create signature scenes in any room at home or in the office with this set of interlocking LED panels, which snap together to form an infinite number of geometric designs. The colors are also customizable.

galaxy-string-lightsGalaxy String Lights ($28). Tiny galaxy lights strung along a delicate silver wire – perfect for adding a starry touch to any space, indoors or out.