15 Gorgeous Desks That Work Well in Small Spaces 2023

When choosing a desk for a small space it can be tempting to go for the smallest model you can find, but that’s not necessarily a good idea. Be realistic about how large a work area you need and choose accordingly. To maximize space you might look for a desk that has built-in storage or a bookcase with an integrated desk. I have curated 15 desks that all work great in small quarters, so take a look.

PietschFloatingDesk - 15 Gorgeous Desks That Work Well in Small Spaces 2023 Pietsch wall-mounted Desk

Simple done right is the aim of the game with this Pietsch wall-mounted desk from Wayfair. With solid wood construction and a neutral finish, it ties in beautifully with most home décor but can be one of the most practical pieces of furniture you own.

While it functions as a floating shelf at first glance, this easy-to-assemble desk can also fold down to become a floating desk. Add your essential office supplies, a house plant, and a comfy chair, and you’re ready to get down to business. CHECK PRICE

wall desk - 15 Gorgeous Desks That Work Well in Small Spaces 2023 Floating desk with dry erase board and storage shelves

If you have a spare nook that doesn’t quite have enough space for a proper desk, this floating desk with storage shelves and a dry-erase board might be an ideal solution. This contemporary laptop workstation is designed to maximize your available space and suits any studious member of your family.

It has enough space for a notebook or laptop on the extended work surface and abundant storage shelves for pens, pencils, plants, and knick-knacks. It’s also easy to install and suits many purposes. CHECK PRICE

leaning ladder desk - 15 Gorgeous Desks That Work Well in Small Spaces 2023 Kamy 2-Shelf Leaning Desk

Whether you have limited space or a multi-purpose room, you can’t look past this leaning ladder desk with shelves. This Kamy leaning desk is not only eye-catching with its natural mahogany finish and contrasting charcoal frame, but it’s entirely functional for work or play. Utilize the open shelves for books, house plants, stationery, or paperwork, and place your laptop on the desk portion with a cubby at a comfortable sitting height. This desk takes up minimal space in your home yet offers all the same practicality as your average office furniture. CHECK PRICE

desk with chalkboard - 15 Gorgeous Desks That Work Well in Small Spaces 2023 Cabinet with fold-down desk and chalkboard

Whether you need a compact desk for a dorm or a small desk for a small room in your home, you’ll likely find that this cabinet with a fold-down desk and chalkboard is a worthwhile consideration. Not only is it stylish with its sleek white colour scheme, but it boasts a wide range of practical features for work or play. It folds against your wall when it’s not in use but becomes a proper desk within seconds.

It also has organiser shelves for all your accessories, a chalkboard for quick note-taking, and cubbies for paperwork, office supplies, books, and more. Why buy a bulky home office desk when you can opt for this versatile, space-saving model? CHECK PRICE

secretary desk - 15 Gorgeous Desks That Work Well in Small Spaces 2023 Compact secretary desk

Everyone deserves to own stylish furniture with the ‘wow’ factor, so look no further than this compact secretary desk. Brought to the market by America Dol Modern, it’s an aesthetically pleasing and functional 26-inch writing desk that can also function as a cabinet for your prized possessions.

Lean it against the wall and immediately put it to work. It has a generous work surface for study, pre-designed holes for wire management, and a generous 75-pound weight capacity. Tie this desk in with your home’s décor by choosing a dark grey and black, white and natural, white oak, or walnut and black color scheme. CHECK PRICE

exnor floating desk - 15 Gorgeous Desks That Work Well in Small Spaces 2023 Sauder hideaway desk

A small home can mean big problems, especially as far as working from home is concerned. Although, that might be a problem of the past when you purchase this Sauder hideaway desk from the Harvey Park® collection.

This gorgeous grand walnut work desk just looks like a cabinet when you install it on your wall, but it swings open to reveal a desk for a laptop and notebooks and an abundance of storage space. It also ties in beautifully with most contemporary and classic home décor for peace of mind. CHECK PRICE

hideaway desk - 15 Gorgeous Desks That Work Well in Small Spaces 2023 Hideaway floating desk

Why take up precious floor space when you don’t have to? This hideaway floating desk from Wayfair is a multi-purpose, stylish, and practical addition to any abode.

You can mount it at standing or sitting height and use it for work or as a display shelf. Thanks to clever mechanics, it also boasts an extendable desk surface that rotates and reveals hidden items like charging cords and paperwork. It’s the desk that keeps on giving. CHECK PRICE

CornerFloatingDesk - 15 Gorgeous Desks That Work Well in Small Spaces 2023 Floating corner desk

When you only have small footprints to work with, you need to use every inch of your home, and this floating corner desk allows you to do just that. This gorgeous mango wood desk makes use of previously useless space.

It installs in a corner with hanging cleats attached to the back and has plenty of space for a laptop, stationery, notebooks, and more. This small space desk also boasts a pull-out drawer for all those practical but easy-to-lose supplies. Liven up your studio or office with this space-saver today. CHECK PRICE

ladder desk - 15 Gorgeous Desks That Work Well in Small Spaces 2023 Haotian ladder bookcase with built-in desk

Any member of your family would be thrilled to receive this Haotian ladder bookcase with a built-in desk. It stands out from the crowd with its sleek white color scheme and can function as shelving, a desk, and a bookcase all in one ladder-style piece.

It’s capable of holding up to 33 pounds of weight and has one extended desktop surface for a laptop computer. This shelf can even be folded up for use as a memo board. With so many standout features, it’s hard not to be impressed. CHECK PRICE



small desk - 15 Gorgeous Desks That Work Well in Small Spaces 2023 Small writing desk with pull-out secondary desk

This small writing desk with a pull-out secondary desk might grab your attention if you have a small home or limited space in a room. The outer structure of the desk boasts solid wood for peace of mind and can efficiently function as a stylish table for your house plants and décor.

Within seconds, you can pull out the internal desk and use the entire unit as a fully functioning table or secretary desk. It has two drawers for your writing essentials and plenty of space for a laptop. As it comes with a sliding rail and casters, it glides back in place smoothly and without resistance. CHECK PRICE

soft gold southern enterprises desks hd524511 64 1000 - 15 Gorgeous Desks That Work Well in Small Spaces 2023 Kartaos metal and glass corner desk

Make use of wasted corner space with this Kartaos metal and glass corner desk from Macy’s. It’s elegant, classy, and, most importantly, functional for even the smallest homes.

This beautiful desk features a tempered glass top, a gorgeous gold iron or steel frame, and a 40-pound weight capacity for your textbooks and laptop. All that’s left to do is pair it with your favourite desk chair and create a comfortable and serene workstation in your home. CHECK PRICE

fold down desk 1 - 15 Gorgeous Desks That Work Well in Small Spaces 2023 Wall-mounted fold-out desk

Not everyone has space for their dream standing desk or secretary desk. Sometimes, you need something you can store out of sight and out of mind when it’s not in use, such as this wall-mounted fold-out desk.

This floating desk is the epitome of space-saving with its cabinet design and folding mechanisms. It installs on your wall as a non-descript box but quickly reveals itself as something magical when you fold it down.

It has a lavish grey desk, three bill organizers, two adjustable shelves, two fixed shelves, and one corkboard. This space-friendly desk also supports up to 20 pounds on the desk surface, which is more than enough for the average laptop. CHECK PRICE

washington - 15 Gorgeous Desks That Work Well in Small Spaces 2023 Desk with 4-Tier Bookshelf and chair

It can sometimes seem like elegant, classy furniture that doesn’t take up much space is hard to come by, but this Hamburg Study Set proves it’s possible. From the classic mahogany wood finish to the solid rubberwood frame, this compact four-tier bookshelf and chair set has it all. The attention to detail is also bound to impress, especially when you see the black faux leather seat for comfort and the four shelves to store your books and office supplies. CHECK PRICE

Novogratz Athena Computer Desk with Storage - 15 Gorgeous Desks That Work Well in Small Spaces 2023 Athena white faux marble desk with hairpin legs

Add some class and elegance to your home with this Athena white faux marble desk. With gorgeous mid-century styling courtesy of the white marble finish and gold powder-coated metal hairpin legs, it’s as eye-catching as space-saving office furniture gets.

The top surface has plenty of space for work supplies, while two cubbies keep those essential documents safely tucked away underneath. It’s also easy to assemble and has an open back for tidy cable management. CHECK PRICE

wall desk - 15 Gorgeous Desks That Work Well in Small Spaces 2023 Wall desk with adjustable shelves

Clear the clutter and organize your office or bedroom with this wall desk featuring adjustable shelves. Not only is it a practical folding desk with sturdy solid wood, but it’s well designed with adjustable and anti-drop slats, a magnet-closed hinge top, seven shelving height options, and a generous 44-pound weight capacity. This folding desk is easy to install on a wall with the help of two people and can make any bedroom or office ‘pop’ with its sleek design. CHECK PRICE

ladder desk - 15 Gorgeous Desks That Work Well in Small Spaces 2023 Ladder desk with shelves and metal pegboard

Having a stable desk in your home office can be crucial for productivity, but the most robust desks often take up a lot of space. This ladder desk with shelves and a metal pegboard bucks the trend.

It’s one of the best desks as far as space-saving goes since it utilizes impractical vertical space, yet it offers an abundance of storage space. It has two bookcase shelves, a strong metal frame, four adjustable feet, a pegboard for accessories, and scratch and friction-resistant desk materials. Purchase it from Amazon and assemble it with the included instructions in just 15 minutes. CHECK PRICE

Updated July 2022

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