15 ways to make camping more comfortable

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Camping is great. You get to hang out with friends and family, enjoy nature and relax, but even the most passionate tree hugger might miss his showers, soft mattress and mobile phone. No worries. Here’s some tips to making your camping trip just as comfy as your everyday life.

infInflatable and waterproof Lounger ($29.97). Can be used at the beach, in the pool, at festivals and it’s easy and fun to inflate with one big opening. No pump required.  All you have to do is catch some air with the large opening, close the opening, roll the end up, and snap the buckle! The pockets on the side can hold magazines, books, tablets, bottles, car keys or your wallet while you relax. Learn more here.

MosquitoNetMosquito net ($26.99). Completely covers sleeping bag and cot for a care-free night’s sleep. Top ring can be easily hung from any tree branch. Find it here

portable showerPortable Battery Powered Camping Shower ($39.99). Turns Water from bucket or sink into steady gentle stream.  The rechargeable battery is not only waterproof but also separated from the pump. More info here.

ultra light hammockLightweight Hammock ($16.94). This hammock is easy to carry wherever you go and the built-in pouch can be used to hold your keys, sunglasses, bottle, etc. It fits two adults comfortably and is a great alternative to a tent, sleeping pad or ground mat. More info here.


Multi-Purpose Backpack Chair

Backpack Chair with Cooler ($32.45). 3 in 1: backpack, insulated cooler and chair all in one versatile unit. Find it here

solar chargerSolar Charger ($59.99). When you’re out enjoying the great outdoors, enjoy another perk: free limitless power. Simply spread out the solar panels or attach to your pack to start recharging your gadgets. Learn more here

biolite campstoveBioLite Campstove ($135.00). The BioLite CampStove generates usable electricity for charging LED lights, mobile phones, and other personal devices. Burning only wood, the CampStove creates a smokeless campfire that can cook meals and boil water in minutes. Setup is easy, fuel is free, and flames are hyper efficient with performance on par with white gas stoves. Learn more here

truck tentTruck Tent ($169.99 – $249.99). This SUV tent takes camping to a whole new level – right in the back of your open-bed pickup truck or connected to your SUV! Its portable design assembles easily. A sewn-in floor on pickup tent models ensures you won’t have to wash your truck bed prior to use. Find it here

compact pocket blanketCompact Outdoor Picnic Blanket ($20.99). The material of this blanket is completely durable and waterproof, a perfect companion for your adventures in nature! It’s a multi-purpose blanket – it can keep you dry from wet ground (moisture proof), you can use it as a beach mat, and you can also use it as an improvised shelter from the rain (rainfly) or simply as an emergency pad & gear to have around. Size 55″ x 60.” Find it here


Folding Portable Charcoal BBQ Grill ($54.99). Grill up vegetable kebabs at the park or craft tasty sliders at the beach or sear burgers and steaks to perfection with this essential portable grill, featuring a convenient folding design. Learn more here

solar puffPortable Compact LED Solar Lantern ($27.49). The SolarPuff is a little lantern with a HUGE impact invented by Alice Min Soo Chun. It is a patented solar flatpack + origami expandable lantern. Find it here 

Portable SpeakerPortable and waterproof speaker ($35.99). These speakers weigh only 7 oz and measures less than 5″ x 2″. Easy to carry and take on the go. They can be paired with all types of devices that use Bluetooth technology. Provides up to 5 hours playing time after charging the shockproof  Bluetooth speaker for only 1.5 hours. Comes with a carabiner so you can hang it anywhere. Find it here


picnic table

Portable Folding Picnic Table with 4 Seats ($69.99). Make your next picnic a breeze with this easy set up and take down portable, folding picnic table with 4 seats. Perfect for camping and tailgating. Learn more here.

Kamp-Rite-Compact-Tent-CotKamp-Rite Compact Tent Cot ($134.49). Easy to set up in seconds and providing comfortable sleep, the Kamp-Rite Compact Tent Cot is the perfect companion for any camper. It features a rain fly, zippered mesh windows for improved air flow, and a zippered mesh opening for easy entry. Find it here.


sleeping bag

Nemo Symphony Synthetic Sleeping Bag ($259.95 – $279.95). This sleeping bag has all the ingredients of a cozy bed: a soft sheet, room to stretch out, a synthetic comforter that peels back on both sides. This grab-and-go style bag mates with most 25″ pads, when storing the bag, the sleeping pad can stay inserted, speeding your departure on your next adventure. Learn more here