16 creative ways to use peel and stick wallpaper

When a piece of furniture starts to look a little worse for wear, your first instinct is to browse the internet in search of something new. Instead, you should be looking for peel and stick wallpaper. Give old furniture a new lease on life without picking up a paintbrush.

Peel and stick wallpaper is an easy, affordable, and stylish way to transform your home and furniture without a lot of time or effort. Then, when you tire of that look, you can do it all over again. Not sure where to begin? Here are 16 of the many different ways you can use peel and stick wallpaper.

AMAZING WALL Green Triangle Peel and Stick Self Adhesive Wallpaper - 16 creative ways to use peel and stick wallpaperRough and worn dresser drawers got you down? Brighten up your home and dresser with eye-catching removable wallpaper. It takes minutes to apply for months of enjoyment. Pictured: Green triangle wallpaper ($26.99). Find it here  

arrownhead - 16 creative ways to use peel and stick wallpaperWhy should your books get all the attention? Make your bookcase a stunner all on its own with a burst of color in the background. It could set the scene for your entire home. Pictured: Arrowhead Deep Blue peel & stick wallpaper ($34.83). Find it here

BRIKETO Bauhaus Decorative Tile Stickers Set 12 Units 6x6 inches - 16 creative ways to use peel and stick wallpaperWorn tea caddies can look like they’re destined for the trash can, but peel and stick wallpaper got the memo. A quick application of this hardy vinyl and they’ll be ready for years of tea pouring to come. Pictured: BRIKETO Bauhaus tile stickers ($21.95). Find them here  

Keomi Diamond Geometric 1 - 16 creative ways to use peel and stick wallpaperWhy should traditional wallpaper have all the fun? Peel and stick wallpaper lets you transform your feature wall with the changing of the seasons. Pictured: Keomi Diamond Geometric peel and stick wallpaper roll ($1.20/sq ft). Find it here

nextwall morrocean - 16 creative ways to use peel and stick wallpaperOld or non-compliant fireplaces can be an eyesore, but why do they have to be? Create a feature with an eclectic mix of peel and stick wallpapers that you can change at a moment’s notice. Pictured: Moroccan tile peel and stick wallpaper ($1.23 /sq. ft.). Find it here

NuWallpaper NU2459 Folk Tulip Neutral Peel Stick Wallpaper - 16 creative ways to use peel and stick wallpaperCreate a nook in your home with easy-to-remove but fast-sticking wallpaper in any pattern you desire. Pictured: Folk tulip neutral wallpaper ($39.95). Find it here  

NuWallpaper NU2919 Aqua Poplin Texture Peel - 16 creative ways to use peel and stick wallpaperEven wardrobe doors can be the picture of perfection with a quick application of peel and stick wallpaper. Choose a color that matches your mood and bedroom theme. Pictured: Aqua poplin texture peel & stick wallpaper ($34.82). Find it here

perennial blooms - 16 creative ways to use peel and stick wallpaperWho says your fridge can’t make a statement? With the right vinyl, your kitchen appliances can stand out from the crowd. Say no to white whiteware! Pictured: Perennial blooms peel and stick wallpaper ($34.99). Find it here 

RoomMates Chalkboard Peel and Stick Wallpaper - 16 creative ways to use peel and stick wallpaperIf you’d forget your head if it weren’t attached, then a peel and stick wallpaper “to do” list could be on the cards. Place it somewhere you’ll see it, and wipe it clean each day! Pictured: Chalkboard peel and stick wallpaper ($23.99). Find it here

RoomMates Grey Stripped Hexagon Peel and Stick Wallpaper - 16 creative ways to use peel and stick wallpaperEvery part of your home should make a statement, and your breakfast bar is no exception. Try a geometric pattern for that contemporary touch of class. Pictured: Gold and black stripped hexagon peel and stick wallpaper ($31.41). Find it here  

Tempaper FE4023 Removable Peel and Stick Wallpaper - 16 creative ways to use peel and stick wallpaperCan’t find the perfect piece of artwork? Use off-cuts of peel and stick wallpaper to create your own. No one will ever know! Pictured: Stone gray coffee beans wallpaper ($39.99), Chalk feather flock wallpaper ($41.75), Terrazzo star ($39.99) and Coral moire dots ($39.99)

NextWall Graphic Tile Peel and Stick Wallpaper 1 - 16 creative ways to use peel and stick wallpaperPut the sandpaper down and step away! Peel and stick wallpaper can transform those scuffed and worn stairways. Pictured: Black & white graphic tile wallpaper ($34.99). Find it here

Tempaper PL560 Removable Peel and Stick Wallpaper - 16 creative ways to use peel and stick wallpaperBreak up the sterility of neutral hues with a splash of color, courtesy of wallpaper. Subtle yet bold, it’ll transform your storage units in no time. Pictured: Empaper plaid wallpaper ($40.04). Find it here  

Trellis Peel and Stick Wallpaper Self Adhesive Wallpaper Removable Diamond Contact Paper Trellis Wallpaper Decor Shelf Liner Drawer Liner Wall Decor Wall Covering Vinyl - 16 creative ways to use peel and stick wallpaperCoffee tables don’t look new forever, but they deserve a new lease on life instead of a trip to the dump. Vinyl is both easy to apply and replaceable.

wallpaper kitchen - 16 creative ways to use peel and stick wallpaperStuck for ideas on how to bring life to the heart of the home? Bold and vibrant peel and stick wallpaper is both affordable and perfect for a kitchen environment. Pictured: Mediterranian tile peel and stick wallpaper ($30.99). Find it here  

tropical flowers - 16 creative ways to use peel and stick wallpaperEven old, worn, and scuffed furniture deserves a second chance. Upcycle your old furniture with boldly patterned peel and stick wallpaper. It’s easy to apply and can save you a fortune in new furniture. Pictured: RoomMates tropical flowers peel and stick wallpaper ($44.99). Find it here   

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