20 best organization ideas from IKEA

Keeping your home clutter-free is not the easiest task, especially as we seem to accumulate more ‘stuff’ as the days go by. Although, if you purchase furniture and accessories that allow for seamless organization, you’ve got an excellent headstart. Here are some of IKEA’s best products for a sense of order in your home.

Shoe cabinets make an excellent storage headboard 

trones shoe storage cabinet white  0682626 PH137971 S5 - 20 best organization ideas from IKEALacking bedroom space? That will no longer be a problem with the TRONES shoe/storage cabinets. They come in packs of two, and you can combine as many as you want. Form a headboard and have somewhere convenient to store shoes, gloves, scarves, and more. The doors are easy to remove for cleaning.

Hide your clutter under the sofa

ravaror utility cart black  0922868 PE788272 S5 - 20 best organization ideas from IKEAHide your clutter out of space and out of mind with this RÅVAROR utility cart. While you can use it freestanding on its own, you can also tuck it away under any piece of furniture that allows. Thanks to caster wheels, it moves around freely – and two even lock in place.

Showcase your cookbooks by using a spice rack as a bookshelf

0980362 pe814907 s5 - 20 best organization ideas from IKEAForget rustling through every cupboard and drawer in the house looking for your cookbooks. Instead, get this BEKVÄM Spice rack and use it to store your cookbooks, spices, and more. This solid wood rack is easy to install in any part of your kitchen and is versatile for many items you want to keep close at hand but off your kitchen counter.

Mount a hanging rail over your window sill for flexible open storage   

clothes hanging on rails in a window alcove 2eb690df56376f70ec26c9162dd9dde8 - 20 best organization ideas from IKEABe organised for work every morning by investing in this VOXNAN towel rail. This rail installs over your window sill, providing a helpful form of storage for clothing or even plants. Allow your plants to get plenty of natural light, or hang your clothing at night ready for the next day.

Over-the-door hooks turn any door into storage

enudden hanger for door white  0612578 PH124804 S5 1 - 20 best organization ideas from IKEALacking wardrobe or cupboard space? This ENUDDEN hanger for doors is a family favourite. Rather than clothing ending up stuffed under beds or left on the floor, you can hang this product over your door and make use of a new form of storage. The back is also covered to prevent scratches.

Make any room into a playground by using boxes with casters for toy storage 

flisat toy storage with casters  0463443 PH133028 S5 - 20 best organization ideas from IKEAYour entire home could become your child’s playroom – and without causing mess and chaos everywhere. These FLISAT toy storage boxes with caster wheels are a convenient solution for families. They are a solid form of storage and have four plastic wheels and a handle so your child can move their favourite toys from room to room.

Gain more counter space by hanging your dish rack on a rack

hultarp dish drainer black  0941465 pe795483 s5 - 20 best organization ideas from IKEADo you get tired of your dish rack taking up valuable counter space? This HULTARP dish drainer could be the answer. Rather than sit it on a bench, you can hang it on a wall. It also has a removable tray to collect water and prevent it from leaking onto your bench.

Pegboards in the bedroom equals flexible storage

hvid platsa seng i et vaerelse med klatreudstyr og ungdommel 336e8050f7b46a2527981e506c16092d - 20 best organization ideas from IKEAPegboards have always been convenient for garages, but what about homes? Install these white SKÅDIS pegboards in your office, bedroom, bathroom, or anywhere else to give the room a sense of order. Everything you need will then be close at hand.

For easy access to your clothing, store it vertically in drawers

komplement box light gray  0940515 PH164722 S5 - 20 best organization ideas from IKEAIf you’re forever messing up your clothing drawers, this set of two KOMPLEMENT boxes could make that a thing of the past. These soft felt boxes are available in two sizes and fit neatly into KOMPLEMENT drawers and PAX wardrobe frames. Mix and match to find the perfect fit.

Free up floor space by hanging storage baskets on coat hooks   

lustigkurre basket natural seagrass  0954644 PE803413 S5 - 20 best organization ideas from IKEAOpt for a sustainable form of storage for your home – with a difference. You can purchase LUSTIGKURRE natural seagrass baskets from IKEA then get inventive with how you use them. Rather than take up floor space with them, you can hang them on hooks. Purchase as many as you need, and take advantage of the sustainability of this fast-growing grass.

Get control over kitchen clutter by storing cutlery and other knick-knacks in a basket  

risatorp wire basket white  0399542 PH125873 S5 - 20 best organization ideas from IKEAThere never seems to be an ideal place to store small knick-knacks, keys, and accessories. These RISATORP wire baskets could be the answer. They feature steel mesh for strength, and the ventilating properties of it make them ideal for fruits and vegetables. Thanks to the included handle, you can even take them on your next shopping trip to the supermarket.

Organize your cabinet with a pegboard

skadis pegboard wood  0562511 PH142250 S5 - 20 best organization ideas from IKEAYou don’t have to be a carpenter to benefit from pegboards. Install SKÅDIS Pegboard in your cabinets, hidden out of sight, for all those small, easy-to-lose items. You then need less space for your arts and crafts storage and benefit from far more organisation.

Organise your drawers with small boxes

skubb box set of 6 white  0939337 PH173670 S5 - 20 best organization ideas from IKEAThe days of rustling through your drawers, trying to find what you need, are over. This set of 6 SKUBB boxes tucks away neatly in your drawers. They feature recycled polyester and can house everything from socks and underwear to accessories, jewelry, and more. When not in use, they fold flat.

Add extra shelves to your wardrobe with a hanging organiser

skubb organizer with 6 compartments dark gray  0954845 PE803506 S5 - 20 best organization ideas from IKEAOrganiser with 6 compartments SKUBB ($6.99).If your drawers are filled to the brim with folded clothing, it’s time to ask your wardrobe for help. Although, you don’t have to hang everything up. Instead, purchase these recycled polyester hanging organisers. They add additional shelving to your wardrobe without the need for something permanent. They also store flat when not in use.

Use a vertical coat rack in a narrow entryway

snygging vertical rack with 8 hooks beige  0950544 PE800330 S5 - 20 best organization ideas from IKEANot every coat area has enough room for a wide coat rack or wall of coat hooks. This Vertical rack with 8 hooks SNYGGING can be the answer. It’s thin, narrow, and has eight hooks for all manner of items. Use it for jackets, hats, necklaces, scarves, and more, and see away with clutter for good.

Two leather straps (or pieces of rope) and a rack plus hangers make an excellent minimalist clothing stand, even if your walls are slanted

stajlig hanger in outdoor white  0682740 ph144869 s5 2 - 20 best organization ideas from IKEAMany people struggle with storage solutions for A-frame and similar homes but even if you have slanted walls, you can easily mount a DIY clothes stand. Here used with IKEA’s hangers STAJLIG 

Mount a rack on your kitchen island for extra storage

vadholma rack for kitchen island black  0870713 PE683472 S5 - 20 best organization ideas from IKEANot every kitchen has enough storage for all your utensils and accessories. So, where are you supposed to put them? This VADHOLMA rack attaches to your kitchen island and provides plenty of extra space. You can store your pots at the top, then hang your kitchen utensils on the ten included hooks.

Optimize storage with a narrow trolley

vesken cart white  0832010 PE777549 S5 - 20 best organization ideas from IKEAHave you got a narrow gap in your bathroom or kitchen that’s doing nothing? Purchase this VESKEN Cart and take full advantage of it. This trolley is easy to assemble, with parts that click together. It also has four wheels, so you can move it in and out of the gap with ease. It has plenty of room for shampoo bottles, toilet rolls, and more.

Mount a magnetic knife rack under a shelf for extra storage

a small wooden shelf with a magnetic knife rack attached to 92ba770ec32a2958a033c41317dd309c - 20 best organization ideas from IKEAWhile this GRUNDTAL knife rack is a convenient way to store your knives in the kitchen, it also has another use. Use it as a place to store those messy arts and crafts products like beads. Simply purchase jars with metal lids, stick them to the knife rack, and never worry about spillage again.

Utilise your walls and free up kitchen cabinets with a rail

dwa czarne drazki z haczykami na ktorych zawieszono rondle g 879a3773b454ad5f3cbeb7d8ee617c4c - 20 best organization ideas from IKEAKeep your kitchen counters free of clutter with this HULTARP black rail. It’s a smart solution that you can install in your kitchen with ease and hang those often-used items on. It’s easy to use and tucks away in an unused corner for convenience.