20 clever IKEA products made for small spaces

Just because you don’t have a lot of space in your home, doesn’t mean you can’t have nice furniture. Instead, you just have to be a bit more creative with your purchases. Some of these innovative IKEA products might just tickle your fancy.

a small one bedroom apartment thats grey green and white and cad35e1639727b158419f35597d1cec0 - 20 clever IKEA products made for small spacesVITVAL – loft bed frame with desk top ($229.00). Whether you’re in a dorm, a small home, or need something practical for a teen, this loft bed frame with a desk top could be the answer. It has fabric guard rails, a pegboard, cable management system, and ladder to the bed. There is also plenty of space for storage underneath. Find it here.

PH158444 crop003 - 20 clever IKEA products made for small spacesLIERSKOGEN – nightstand ($39.99). This entirely customisable nightstand ticks all the boxes for homeowners who want one piece of furniture to serve several purposes. It’s an elegant white table with three pipe sections you can arrange in different ways. Simply turn the screws and attach them how you like. You can use it anywhere in your home with ease. Find it here.

PH169198 crop001 1 - 20 clever IKEA products made for small spacesRÅSKOG – utility cart, grey-green ($29.99). Store away those odds and ends in style with this versatile grey-green utility card. Use it as a bedside table, a cart for snacks, or somewhere to store your arts and crafts. The middle shelf is adjustable, and it has four caster wheels to move it around. Find it here.

daybed ikea - 20 clever IKEA products made for small spacesRÅVAROR – daybed with 2 mattresses, dark blue/Minnesund firm ($429.00). Couch by day, comfortable bed by night, this dark blue day bed with two mattresses is as desirable as they come. Mount the backrest straight, use it to form a corner and use this couch in your living room or bedroom. You can also remove the covers to wash them and make use of the underneath space for storage. Find it here.

gamlehult ottoman with storage rattan anthracite  0842809 PE719505 S5 1 - 20 clever IKEA products made for small spacesGAMLE HULT – ottoman with storage ($69.00). Welcome nature into your home with this storage ottoman. Featuring beautiful handwoven rattan, it’s a standout décor piece while being entirely functional. It has a generous amount of space in the centre, while also having a top and robust metal legs for use as a side table or seat. Find it here.

vesken cart white  0832011 PE777550 S5 - 20 clever IKEA products made for small spacesVESKEN – rolling cart ($8.99). Make use of previous ‘useless’ space with this innovative rolling cart. With four wheels and three usable shelves with high edges, it’s the perfect addition to any bathroom nook or cranny. Use it for shampoo products, makeup, towels, and more. Find it here.

hemnes bathroom shelf unit white  0579380 PE669810 S5 1 - 20 clever IKEA products made for small spacesHEMNES – bathroom shelf unit ($159.00). The area surrounding your toilet often presents a lot of wasted space. If you don’t have much room to spare, then this bathroom shelf unit might impress. It installs around your toilet and offers additional storage space for anything you use frequently. It also doesn’t take up any of your free, usable space. Find it here.

eket wall mounted cabinet combination white dark gray light gray  0845331 PE617891 S5 1 - 20 clever IKEA products made for small spacesEKET – wall-mounted cabinet combination ($170.00). Why should storage shelves in your home be boring? This wall-mounted cabinet combination is made to stand out. It’s a stunning asymmetrical form of storage that offers ample storage space without taking up much room. As it’s wall-mounted, it also leaves your floor free. Find it here.

folding table 1 - 20 clever IKEA products made for small spacesBJURSTA – Wall-mounted drop-leaf table ($39.00). Rather than allow your dining table to take up all your usable kitchen space, consider the convenience of this wall-mounted drop-leaf table. Mount it to the wall, add up to two chairs, and use it for dining or studying before folding it down when it’s no longer in use. This table’s surface is also resistant to heat, oil, scratches, stains, and more. Find it here.

idasen high cabinet with drawer and doors blue  0856274 PE714162 S5 1 - 20 clever IKEA products made for small spacesIDÅSEN – high cabinet with drawer and doors ($229.00). Any home with industrial styling can stand out from the crowd with this cabinet. It’s a beautiful locker-style metal cabinet with an abundance of storage yet a small footprint. Add magnets to the metal, use it as a pinboard, and enjoy the silent closure of the doors courtesy of the integrated damper. Find it here.

shelving fold down table 1 - 20 clever IKEA products made for small spacesIVAR2 – section unit with foldable table ($232.00). Add style and functionality to your home with this solid pine section unit and foldable table.  While simplistic in its design, you can stain or paint it to blend in with your home’s décor. This unit comes with a folding table for working or eating and plenty of shelf space for storage. Secure it to your wall and put it to use! Find it here.

single bed drawers 1 - 20 clever IKEA products made for small spacesSLÄKT – bed frame w/storage + slatted bedbase ($249.00). Tired of your teen leaving their stuff everywhere? This slatted bed base with storage could be the answer. It comes with a comfortable single bed and four convenient drawers, and two storage shelves underneath. There’s now no excuse for their room to be a mess. Although they will surely find one! Find it here.

sleeper sofa 1 - 20 clever IKEA products made for small spacesFÄRLÖV – sleeper sofa with dark olive-green DJUPARP cover ($1,199.00). Don’t choose between a comfortable sofa and a spare bed when you can have both. This sleeper sofa with a beautiful dark olive green Djuparp cover ticks both boxes. Snuggle up on the couch and watch TV, or remove the seat pad and back cushions to fold out the slatted bed and mattress. It also comes with a 4-3/4-inch foam mattress and couch cushions featuring pocket springs. Find it here.

smastad loft bed white white with desk with 4 drawers  0966734 PE809914 S5 1 - 20 clever IKEA products made for small spacesSMÅSTAD – Loft bed with desk and wardrobe ($473.00). Give your child a space to call their own with this innovative loft bed. Not only does it come with a single bed, but it also forms a desk and wardrobe with a bookcase and drawer. This unique piece of furniture is perfect for small bedrooms while also ensuring your children have space for sleep, study, storage, and fun. Find it here.

stackable beds 1 - 20 clever IKEA products made for small spacesUTÅKER – Stackable bed ($149.00/ 2 pack). Why buy twin beds, a corner sofa, and a double bed when you can purchase a single innovative product to be all three? This stackable bed is as creative as they come. Stack the two single pine beds onto each other to form a sofa, or use them as single beds or a double. They are also lightweight, untreated, and suitable for mattresses up to five inches thick. Find it here.

lillangen bathroom furniture set of 5 white ensen faucet  0757424 PE749227 S5 2 - 20 clever IKEA products made for small spacesLILLÅNGEN – sink cabinet with 2 doors, white/Ensen faucet ($201.00). Small bathrooms can be a problem for those looking for furniture. That’s why this sink cabinet with a white/Ensen faucet is such a popular option. It takes up very little space yet has plenty of room for towels, bottles, and other accessories. Even the tap is something special, as it has an aerator to reduce water wastage. Find it here.

murvel shoe organizer gray  0940001 PE794763 S5 1 - 20 clever IKEA products made for small spacesMURVEL – Shoe organiser, grey ($0.99). Say goodbye to shoe chaos with this grey shoe organser. With these clever shoe space savers in place, you can store a pair of footwear in the space you would typically only fit one shoe. You also save hours looking for missing pairs! Add it to your shelving, wardrobe, or anywhere you please. Find it here.

gateleg table 1 - 20 clever IKEA products made for small spacesNORDEN – gateleg table ($199.00). Work and dine with comfort and style courtesy of this Norden gateleg table. This birch table has drop leaves to turn it from a conservative work station into a generous table for up to four guests. There are also six drawers for office stationery and dining accessories. Find it here.

storage bed 1 - 20 clever IKEA products made for small spacesMALM – storage bed ($499.00). Small bedrooms that lack storage will likely no longer be an issue for those who purchase this storage bed. The base lifts to reveal a generous storage compartment. Store your winter clothes, extra blankets, or anything you please – all out of sight and out of mind. Find it here.

svalnaes wall mounted storage combination bamboo  0849275 PE645935 S5 1 - 20 clever IKEA products made for small spacesSVALNÄS – Wall-mounted storage combination ($167.00). Why take up much of your free space with a large, bulky desk when you don’t have to? This wall-mounted storage unit is a game-changer. It secures to your wall and has space for all manner of trinkets and books. It also has a desk area for study, work, or even dining. Find it here.

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