20 clever shoe storage ideas for clutter-free living

If there’s one thing that drives many homeowners mad, it’s shoes. Shoes everywhere. They take up floor space by the front door, end up scattered around the house, and they just never seem to sit nicely, no matter where you put them. But that could all change with these 20 shoe storage ideas for clutter-free and frustration-free living.

wall mounted shoe rack - 20 clever shoe storage ideas for clutter-free livingWall-mounted shoe rack ($49.95). Add a sense of style, character, and order to your home with this wooden wall-mounted shoe shelf. It’s handcrafted in the USA with Baltic birch wood and comes fully assembled to save you time and stress. Once mounted on the wall with included screws and sheetrock mounts, you can fit up to seven pairs of shoes on it. It’s bound to be a winner in any home, dorm room, or apartment – especially as it keeps your floor obstacle-free. Find it here.

revolving shoe carousel - 20 clever shoe storage ideas for clutter-free living3-Tier women’s shoezen ($349.99). Who needs a lazy Susan when you can have a lazy shoe-zen? This beautiful rotating shelf fits neatly in your closet with space for all your favourite shoes. It will suit most wardrobes with a depth of at least 24 inches. Perhaps one of the most desirable points about this form of shoe storage is how it rotates. Even if your favourite pair is at the back, you can swivel it around to access it with ease. This three-tier storage unit also comes with all the mounting hardware you need to install it with ease. Find it here.

shoe ottoman 1 - 20 clever shoe storage ideas for clutter-free livingShoe storage ottoman ($311.49). Why have an ordinary shoe rack when you can have an extraordinary diamond-tufted shoe storage ottoman? The Sole Secret goes above and beyond to ensure your shoe storage unit can be as stylish as your footwear.  This versatile ottoman comes with lavish upholstery and wood legs with an espresso finish. It also has wood dividers on the inside and space for shoes up to men’s size 12. Keep it in your bedroom, living room, or anywhere you need quick shoe access. Find it here.

71c6JovYpL. AC SL1300  - 20 clever shoe storage ideas for clutter-free livingEntryway shoe bench ($49.99). This shoe bench features a stunning geometric frame with blonde woods, steel legs, and a unique Scandinavian style. Whether you have a contemporary or classic home, lots of space, or very little, it’s bound to fit right in. Find it here.

71x7m3MboTL. AC SL1500  - 20 clever shoe storage ideas for clutter-free livingWall-mounted boot & shoe rack ($59.99). Save valuable floor space by investing in a footwear rack you can mount on the wall. This beautiful metal wire rack has room for up to nine pairs of shoes with 16 wire loop-style hooks. The hooks at the bottom stop creasing, and the wall-mountable design makes them easy to access. The best part is, you can use them for both everyday shoes at your front door and those special pairs you like to collect and put on display. Find it here.

double shoe stacker 1 - 20 clever shoe storage ideas for clutter-free livingDouble shoe slot stacker – 8 Pack ($29.99). Lacking space? Double up and save plenty of that much-needed space with this plastic double shoe stacker from mDesign. Its transparent colour scheme means it suits any home décor, and it can offer 50% more storage space than a single-level rack. What’s more, it holds eight pairs of flats, high heels, boots, wedges, sneakers, and more. This shoe stacker has a raised back to stop shoes from falling off, along with a non-slip surface to prevent them from moving around. Use it in your home, dorm room, RV, or anywhere you need a sense of order. Find it here.

shoe rack design - 20 clever shoe storage ideas for clutter-free livingWe do wood shoe rack – brass ($218.00). Show off your very best footwear with this We Do Wood shoe rack. Rather than hide your stunning footwear out of sight, you can put them on display for everyone to see. This shoe rack features sustainable materials such as Moso bamboo with brass or black steel. It also has plenty of space for nearly any style of shoe. Install it in a hallway, closet, office, or anywhere you please. It’s bound to capture your attention due to its unconventional styling. Find it here.

91RxfCiiPsL. AC SL1500  - 20 clever shoe storage ideas for clutter-free livingHanging shoe closet organizer ($19.59). If you’re the proud owner of dozens of pairs of shoes, you’ve probably got quite a significant storage problem. Whitmor’s hanging shoe shelves might be able to help. This crosshatch gray closet organizer tucks away in your closet and makes use of your closet rail. It features 30 individual compartments for up to 30 pairs of shoes, and you can keep them out of sight and out of mind. The breathable fabric is strong and durable, and it’s also easy to clean. You can also use this organizer for other items like office supplies, makeup, and toys. Find it here.

Wide Steel Two Tiered Stackable Shoe Rack - 20 clever shoe storage ideas for clutter-free livingUmbra two-tiered shoe rack ($34.61). Even something as practical as a shoe rack can be more than just functional. It can also be aesthetically pleasing, just like this two-tiered version from Umbra. This beautiful black steel rack has space for up to 16 pairs of shoes on textile slings. Once those slings appear dirty, you can remove them and wash them. This shoe storage system is also adjustable, which means you can use it for the storage of other items, like toys, umbrellas, and useful things you usually forget to grab as you head out the door. Find it here.

BallycastleLeaningCoatRack 1 - 20 clever shoe storage ideas for clutter-free livingLeaning coat and shoe rack ($126.99). Turn your storage products into beautiful features in your home because why not? This Ballycastle leaning coat rack is proving that not all storage has to make sure things remain hidden. You can install it in entryways, bedrooms, closets, and hallways, and it has a variety of storage solutions. The top has six spaces for hats, coats, and jackets. There are also 12 metal frames for up to six pairs of shoes. It’s also hard not to admire the stunning solid wood frame that makes it stand out for all the right reasons. Find it here.

AmberlyUpholsteredShoeStorageBench - 20 clever shoe storage ideas for clutter-free livingAmberly upholstered shoe bench ($143.99). Combine art with functionality, courtesy of this shoe storage bench from Amberly. It’s a beautiful upholstered bench with cotton rug fabric and stunning acacia wood. Sit down on the plush seat to put on your shoes, and enjoy easy access to your pairs underneath. Given its generous width, it can hold children’s shoes all the way through to men’s work boots. The icing on the cake is that it’s handmade, so each shoe storage bench from Amberly is different. Find it here.

shoe rack - 20 clever shoe storage ideas for clutter-free livingNavy blue entryway rack ($138). This stunning dark blue entryway rack is all about functionality and style. It has three tiers for shoes and other items, and it features robust steel to withstand wear and tear. Each shelf can hold up to 22 pounds, and it’s easy to put together with included hardware and tools. The best part is, it looks as pretty as a picture in any part of your home. Find it here.

BoxCaseSneakerPlastic20PairShoeStorageBox - 20 clever shoe storage ideas for clutter-free living20 pair shoe storage box ($62.99). Whether you’ve got a lot of shoes or a valued collection of magazines, books, or accessories, this storage box might tick all the boxes. It’s marketed as a shoe storage box for up to 20 pairs of shoes. These would fit neatly inside the plastic compartments. You can stack them, fold them, and store them anywhere you please. Their versatile design means you can have them out in the open or pop them in your wardrobe out of sight. Find it here.

Double decker shoe storage 1 - 20 clever shoe storage ideas for clutter-free livingDouble decker boot storage ($83.99). There are no two ways about it: storing boots is hard work. Their extended length means they don’t often fit nicely in traditional shoe storage units. This double-decker boot storage unit is a game-changer.  It comfortably holds up to 12 pairs of boots – including over-the-knee, booties, and mid-calf boots. The entire unit comes with two adjustable vertical hanging rods and two horizontal bars for easy installation. Simply add these components to your closet rod, and you’re in business. Find it here.

Espresso1 Tier9PairShoeRack - 20 clever shoe storage ideas for clutter-free livingEspresso shoe rack ($34.99). Do you need a form of storage for your everyday footwear at your front door? This Espresso shoe rack might be able to help. It can hold up to nine pairs of shoes vertically and takes up no space at all. It’s also an attractive addition to any home, given that it features silver wire with a lovely espresso finish. Use this shoe rack for up to nine pairs of small and large shoes. Find it here.

Organized Living Over the Door Bedroom Kit Ultimate b94b7548 b648 4bd7 a9e1 1f456e86b556 1000 - 20 clever shoe storage ideas for clutter-free livingOrganized living over-the-door kit ($153.05). Not everyone has the space to have shoe storage systems by their front entrance – or in any other part of their home. In the past, the alternative has just been to have shoes scattered randomly about the house. Those days are gone, thanks to this over-the-door kit. Simply install it over the door and enjoy a form of storage that takes up no usable space at all. It also comes with three cute baskets and a patented locking system. Find it here.

shoe cabinet mint green - 20 clever shoe storage ideas for clutter-free livingShoe storage cabinet ($149.99). Clutter can drive any homeowner to pull their hair out. But rather than get rid of items you’ll likely use again, consider investing in this stackable shoe storage cabinet. It boasts a beautiful color scheme, robust metal, and three doors with six shelves to hold up to 12 pairs of shoes. Use it for shoes, toys, or anything else you want to hide out of sight and out of mind. Find it here.

shoe cabinet white - 20 clever shoe storage ideas for clutter-free living2 drawers shoe cabinet ($85.95). Not everyone wants to have their everyday footwear on display for everyone to see. If you want to tuck away your footwear, this shoe cabinet from Haotian could be an ideal option. It consists of two flip drawers and two rows for footwear in each drawer. You can also use it for the storage of other items like keys, wallets, and more. The sleek styling of these 24cm cabinets means they suit homes of any style, and they are both easy to care for and affordable to buy. Find it here.

SpaceSaverShoeSlots - 20 clever shoe storage ideas for clutter-free livingSpace-saving shoe slots – Set of 4 ($13.99). Have you ever noticed how when you store shoes on top of each other for a long time, they flatten and look terrible? These space saver shoe slots could change all that. Not only do they prevent that from being a problem, but they allow you to save space in your closet. Store one shoe on top of the other while making sure each shoe maintains its integrity. These shoe slots are plastic and come in sets of two for two pairs of shoes. They are easy to clean, straightforward to use, and won’t break the bank. Find it here.

under bed shoe storage - 20 clever shoe storage ideas for clutter-free living6 pair underbed shoe storage ($26.99). Are you trying to hide that new shoe purchase from your significant other? This underbed shoe storage unit may be able to help. It’s a short rolling cart with room for six pairs of shoes that comfortably fits under many beds. It comes with two separate mesh fabric compartments, a robust steel frame, and versatility with how you use it. It’s also easy to put together and rolls freely on four caster wheels. Whether you store shoes, clothes, or something else, there’s no denying this product’s convenience. Find it here.

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