20 space-saving ideas that put your walls to work

When you have limited space in your home, you want to leave as much of the floor space free for getting around. After all, the more stuff you own, the less room there is for people to go about their daily business.

But as it turns out, you can own as much as someone with a larger home. You just have to be smarter with your purchases. Here are 20 space-saving ideas that put your walls to work.

A wall desk that folds up flat when it isn’t in use

white folding desk - 20 space-saving ideas that put your walls to workIf you study or work from home, you need a dedicated space to do that. In a small house, it’s not always possible. Although, there’s a way to get around a lack of space with a fold-up desk. When you’re using it, you can fold it down. When you’re not, you can fold it back up. It’s that easy. Photo:PBTeen/USB Wall Desk

Mount magnetic knife racks under your shelves

a small wooden shelf with a magnetic knife rack attached to 92ba770ec32a2958a033c41317dd309c - 20 space-saving ideas that put your walls to workEven though magnetic knife racks are made for knives, that’s not their only use. If you install them under mounted shelves, you can use them for jars that have metal lids. Free up space in your cupboards with ease. Photo: IKEA/GRUNDTAL knife rack

Hang your storage baskets on a rack

lustigkurre basket natural seagrass  0954644 PE803413 S5 - 20 space-saving ideas that put your walls to workDon’t let your storage baskets take up more space than they need to. All you need to do is invest in a coat rack that hangs on your wall. You can then move those storage baskets onto it and free up your floor space. Photo: IKEA/Lustigkurre Basket

Store your chairs on hooks

ravaror folding chair black  0922838 PE788253 S5 - 20 space-saving ideas that put your walls to workEveryone needs chairs in their home, but what are you supposed to do when your home is too small to have them out in the open all the time? All you need to do is put a hook on the wall. When you’re not using your folding chair, you can fold it flat and store it on your wall. It’s as easy as that! Photo: IKEA/Råvaror Folding Chair 

Hide your bed in the wall

wall bed 2 - 20 space-saving ideas that put your walls to workWhether you’ve got a tiny home or a very small apartment, using your walls for hiding furniture can be a wise move. For example, you can fold up a murphy bed into the wall. The room is entirely functional during the day, then becomes a spare bedroom at night. Photo: Studio Wok

Turn your greenery into wall décor

planter 4 - 20 space-saving ideas that put your walls to workHouse plants can liven up any home, but they can also take up quite a lot of floor space. Fortunately, you can now purchase wall-mounted planters. They function as art while also being a live plant you can love and nurture. Photo: Urban Outfitters/Ash Wall Planter 

Bottles on the wall

fold down wall bar - 20 space-saving ideas that put your walls to workUnless you’ve got a mansion with a dedicated bar or cellar, there isn’t always somewhere convenient to store your beverages, accessories, and cups. A floating bar cabinet can be the answer. It installs on your wall so that it takes up no space yet houses all your bar accessories with ease. Photo: 17 stories/Wall bar

Floating side table

Klot K5 int greenS master 1 - 20 space-saving ideas that put your walls to workDecorations and knick-knacks can add so much character and charm to any home. The problem is, they often need some kind of unit or table to hold them. Not everyone has the space for that. Invest in a floating side table and solve many problems at once. You can position it somewhere convenient for your books and morning beverage or use it for those beautiful family heirlooms to be on display. Photo: Ringvide/side table 

Stick-on bedside shelf

bedside shelf - 20 space-saving ideas that put your walls to workIf you don’t have enough room in your bedroom for a bedside table, a stick-on bedside shelf could suit your needs well. Rather than have to stuff your phone, earphones, and other accessories under your bed before you go to sleep, you can store them on your wall. They even come with compartments for a sense of order. Photo: Langchong/Bedside Shelf

A drop-down dining table that’s only there when you need it

fold down dining table - 20 space-saving ideas that put your walls to workYou may not have enough space for a permanent dining table, but that doesn’t mean you’ve got no room for a temporary one. Install a fold-down dining table on your wall, and you can simply fold it down to use it when you need to. Photo: Isasar/Folding table

Place jars under your shelves

school bus conversion olly 15 - 20 space-saving ideas that put your walls to workIf you don’t have magnetic knife strips and still want to store jars under your shelves, you can! Simply screw the lids of the jars into the shelf or cabinet. You can then unscrew the jar when you need it without worrying about removing the lid. Photo: Olly.theskoolie

A kitchen rail offers plenty of storage and easy access

Lyon Stainless Steel Gourmet Kitchen 31 - 20 space-saving ideas that put your walls to workIf you lack kitchen cabinetry space, you’re not destined to a mountain of pots and pans falling on you every time you open a cupboard. All you need to do is purchase a pot rail and some S-hooks and install them on your wall. All of a sudden, you’ve got a convenient storage solution for pots, pans, and their lids. Photo: Wallniture/Utensil holder 

Magnetic pegboard on the fridge for additional storage

71H0DI2DckL. AC SL1500  1 - 20 space-saving ideas that put your walls to workHaving no kitchen storage space doesn’t mean you have to throw your possessions away. You just have to get creative with where you put them. If you purchased a magnetic pegboard, you could then use your fridge as a place for herbs, spices, paper towels, utensils, and more. Photo: Ideaglass/Magnetic Pegboard Organizer

Silicone organizers for no-drill bathroom storage

Toiletry Organizer waterproof toothbrush and razor holder - 20 space-saving ideas that put your walls to workMany people get nervous about drilling holes into bathroom walls for storage that could impact how waterproof they are. So, why not invest in a silicone organizer? They adhere to shiny surfaces like glossy tiles, mirrors, and glass and do so with ease thanks to suction cups or adhesives. Photo: TOOLETRIES/Toiletry Organiser

Pegboards make for flexible storage

a bathroom with wall sink unit and pegboard holding bathroom - 20 space-saving ideas that put your walls to workAny room in your home could do with a pegboard. Why should only garages get to enjoy their convenience? They can house all manner of items while also suiting the theme of the room with a simple coat of paint. Photo: IKEA/SKÅDIS pegboard 

Dry your laundry on a collapsible drying rack

Set of 2 Clothes Drying Rack Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Folding Adjustable Collapsible 6.5 Yards Drying Capacity - 20 space-saving ideas that put your walls to workAs important as it is to have somewhere in your home to set up wet washing to dry, it sure can take up an awful lot of space. Solve that problem with a collapsible drying rack. They can install flat on your wall and take up no space, but then fold out when you’ve got clothing to dry. Photo: Brightmaison/Laundry drying rack

Use a floating shelf as a bedside table

ika catalog 2021 23 - 20 space-saving ideas that put your walls to workSave space in your bedroom by using a floating shelf as a bedside table. They serve the same function as a table, but without all the wasted space. Photo: IKEA/Svenshult wall shelf

Mount floating cabinets if you need more floor space

ikea catalogue 2018 9 - 20 space-saving ideas that put your walls to workEven if you desperately need cabinets for storage in your home, you probably think you’ve got nowhere to put them. Look up. You can mount floating cabinets on your wall above furniture – so that they take up no extra space. Photo: IKEA/Bestå cabinet

Free up counter space with a wall-mounted dish rack

wall dish rack 1 - 20 space-saving ideas that put your walls to workDishes are an ongoing chore, so you may find yourself constantly having a large, bulky drying rack on your kitchen bench. These can take up an awful lot of space. Get that space back by purchasing a dish rack you can mount on your wall. Photo: Eastore Life/Dish rack

Keep the entryway floor free of footwear

wall shoe rack 1 - 20 space-saving ideas that put your walls to workDon’t trip over a mountain of shoes at your door. Instead, invest in hooks that you can install near your entry door for shoes to hang from. Soon enough, everyone in the family will get into the habit of hanging up their boots after a long day out. Photo: MyGift Store/Shoe Rack 

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