20 space-saving storage ideas for cramped homes

Even though small homes have plenty of advantages, there’s one glaring problem with this living arrangement: a lack of storage. Rather than get rid of some of your most prized possessions, consider whether any of these space-saving storage ideas below could be worth a closer look.

Put everything behind you with a storage headboard

brimnes headboard with storage compartment white  0738855 pe741607 s5 - 20 space-saving storage ideas for cramped homesHeadboards with built-in shelving are perfect for storing books and knick-knacks if you’re tight for space. Photo: IKEA/BRIMNES

Free up floor space with a wall-mounted shoe cabinet

shoe cabinet mirror - 20 space-saving storage ideas for cramped homesIf you’ve ever found yourself with a mountain of shoes at your front door, then it’s time to make a change. Consider investing in a mirrored shoe cabinet for your wall. While it just looks like a mirror, you can open it and house your most used pairs of shoes. Photo: Latitude Run®/Shoe cabinet 

 Make the most of your flooring

floor storage - 20 space-saving storage ideas for cramped homesIf your tiny home lacks space, as most of them do, then make the most of it in your flooring. For example, you could build drawers or cubbies into the flooring in a false layer. You can then lift the panels to retrieve items as you require. No one will be any the wiser! Photo: Tiny House Basics

Build cabinets into the staircase

tiny house mikrohus 2 - 20 space-saving storage ideas for cramped homesStaircases allow you to get from one floor to the next, but they take up an awful lot of space for this convenience. Consider building cupboards, drawers, or even a cat toilet into your stairs to maximize your available storage space. Photo: Ida Johansson

Keep your shoes in the ottoman

shoe ottoman 2 - 20 space-saving storage ideas for cramped homesOttomans can be a gorgeous accompaniment to any bedroom or living space. If you are going to buy one, make sure it has internal storage. You can then use it to house shoes, family board games, blankets, and other bulky items you can’t seem to find space for. Photo: Sole secret/Shoe storage bench 

Store stuff under the stair steps

Atmosphere Design Studio apartment 7 - 20 space-saving storage ideas for cramped homesMost people are now aware of how convenient stairs can be for storage. But did you know you can use the steps themselves as storage, too? Turn the top into a hinged lid for easy storage of those small items that need a home. Photo: Atmosphères Design

Let your stools work overtime

dining table - 20 space-saving storage ideas for cramped homesSmall stools are perfect as flexible seating when space is at a premium, but they are also great as side or bedside tables. Squeeze even more use out of them by choosing stools with built-in storage. Photo: Dining/5-piece dining set 

Hide your furniture under the bed

ipiccy image 13 - 20 space-saving storage ideas for cramped homesTiny home living is catching on, but that doesn’t mean space still isn’t an issue. Fortunately, if you construct your bed on a raised platform, you can have more of it. The underneath component can house furniture that’s not needed right away, such as sofas, tables, stools, and more. Photo: UKO

Keep plates and cutlery in the dining table

drop leaf dining table - 20 space-saving storage ideas for cramped homesYou’d be alarmed at just how many items are required to set the dinner table. You’ve got condiments, plates, placemats, cutlery, the list goes on. Where are you supposed to put them when you’ve got limited storage? Purchase a dining table with drawers, and you’ve got your answer. Photo: Trisha Yearwood Home Collection/Drop leaf dining table 

Look to the ceiling for storage

CEILING storage 1 - 20 space-saving storage ideas for cramped homesWhen you’ve filled every nook and cranny with items, and you’ve simply run out of storage, it’s time to look up. Purchase a ceiling storage solution and mount it over your bed. You can hide this storage solution by fitting a canopy to the bed. Photo: IKEA/MULIG Clothes bar

Hide the stuffed toys in a bean bag

Stuffed Animal Kid Bean Bag 1 - 20 space-saving storage ideas for cramped homesAs much as children love stuffed toys, there never seems to be an ideal place to put them. Consider whether inside your bean bag is that ‘ideal’ place. Rather than purchase messy beans that aren’t environmentally friendly, stuff a bean bag full of soft toys. Every time they want to play with one, they can unzip it and remove it with ease. In the meantime, the bean bag can remain a comfortable seat. Photo: Soothing Company

Store your clutter under the sofa

ravaror utility cart black  0922868 PE788272 S5 - 20 space-saving storage ideas for cramped homesThere’s a surprising amount of wasted space under sofas, beds, and armchairs. Make use of it by purchasing rolling storage. These narrow trays on wheels tuck away under a surprising number of furniture pieces. Your clutter can be out of sight and out of mind in no time. Photo: IKEA/RÅVAROR utility cart

Go for benches with open shelving

ravaror dining table oak veneer  0922835 PE788251 S5 - 20 space-saving storage ideas for cramped homesIt’s so simple, yet it’s only been in recent years that such a solution has been available: a bench on wheels with open shelving. You can use it for the storage of almost anything and move it anywhere in your home. Such furniture is helpful for offices, children’s rooms, kitchens, and more. Photo: IKEA/RÅVAROR bench on casters

Get a bed with lift-up storage

storage bed - 20 space-saving storage ideas for cramped homesIf you’ve got spare bedding, blankets, winter clothing, and other bulky items to find homes for, consider buying a bed with lift-up storage. Within just a simple lift function, you can access it with ease. Photo: DHP/Storage bed 

Or a bed with plenty of drawers

storage bed 1 1 - 20 space-saving storage ideas for cramped homesBeds have so much wasted space. After all, you’re only using the mattress! Swap your old, non-functional bed for one with drawers. All of a sudden, you’ve got far more storage space than you did before. Photo: Prepac/Storage Bed

Keep your living room tidy with a storage coffee table

coffee table 5 1 1 - 20 space-saving storage ideas for cramped homesThink about how many coffee tables you’ve seen recently that don’t do anything more than provide somewhere to sit your coffee cup. There’s so much potential for them to do more than they do. Fortunately, such a versatile product is now available. You can buy coffee tables that have hidden storage within them or underneath. They look clean and tidy but are secretly housing all your clutter. Photo: Sauder/coffee table

Build pull-out drawers into your dining bench

studio a3 tiny house 1 - 20 space-saving storage ideas for cramped homesBench seating is a popular option in many tiny homes being built today – and for a good reason. It allows plenty of space for storage. Consider making pull-out drawers into your bench to store blankets, board games, extra clothing, and more. Photo: Studio A3/A3 Byggprojekt

Wrap your bed in storage

bed storage - 20 space-saving storage ideas for cramped homesThere’s often quite a lot of wasted space around a bed, but there doesn’t have to be. If your bedroom or home has no storage, encapsulate your bed in nothing but storage. You’ll be amazed at just how clutter-free your home will look when everything has a home. Photo: INT2architecture

Select a sleeper sofa with built-in storage

dark blue sectional sleeper sofa - 20 space-saving storage ideas for cramped homesIf you have a small apartment or no guest room for visitors, a sleeper sofa may be a worthwhile investment. By purchasing one with built-in storage, you can have a couch, storage, and guest bed, all in one. Photo: Three Posts™ Teen/Sleeper Sofa

Give old army boxes a new lease on life

small russian apartment int2 11 - 20 space-saving storage ideas for cramped homesJust because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from unique storage solutions in your home. Track down old army boxes and give them a new lease on life. Sand, paint, repeat. You can then use them as benches or coffee tables with built-in storage. Photo: INT2 Architecture

Squeeze more storage out of your kitchen cabinets with toe kick drawers

DSC 5335 - 20 space-saving storage ideas for cramped homesEven though toe kickboards are essential for cabinetry, they can be a bit of a waste of space. Turn them into pull-out drawers for things you don’t need to access very often. You may be surprised at just how much everyday clutter you can remove from your home. Photo: Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses 

Store your bath essentials in your shower curtain

shower curtain storage - 20 space-saving storage ideas for cramped homesIf there’s one part of the home where storage always seems to be lacking, it’s the bathroom. Rather than fill your bathtub with bottles of shampoo and soap, store them in a shower curtain with built-in pockets. The best part is, the weight of your shower items stops the curtain from blowing into you in the wind. Photo: Maytex/Shower curtain