20 striking ideas for decorating your home with lights

There’s nothing more depressing at any time of the year than a dark, drab, depressing home. It can affect your mood, spirit, and even your home’s attractiveness. Whether winter is starting to set in, or you could do with a pick-me-up, here are 20 ideas for decorating with lights that just might appeal.

light decor 1 - 20 striking ideas for decorating your home with lightsMacrame dream catcher with string lights ($18.59). Macrame is fast-becoming a much-loved piece of home décor, but what if it could also be a form of lighting? This stunning macrame dream catcher with cotton cords, a wooden owl pendant, wood beads, and a hand-woven net also features copper string light. It’s 30 inches long and looks stunning in any room of the house, such as a living room, nursery, or bedroom. Find it here.

light decor 2 - 20 striking ideas for decorating your home with lightsLip shape neon sign LED ($14.99). Jazz up any living room or bedroom at night with this lip-shaped LED neon signs. They come with a battery box for three AA batteries, but you can also power them with a USB cord. What’s more, they feature a hazard-free flexible neon tube. Thanks to the convenient hanging hook on the rear side, you can hang this 26.5cm pair of lips almost anywhere you please. Find it here.

light decor 1 1 - 20 striking ideas for decorating your home with lightsBULBING® 3D Illusion Lamp ($148.00). The average lamp is usually nothing to write home about. This one from BULBING®, however, is bound to be a talking point. It features laser-etched acrylic that shines warm light and creates an optical illusion. You can use it as a bedside lamp, night lamp, or a statement piece in your home. This lamp also features a plywood stem and a durable metal base for strength. Find it here.

QuianaCinematicLightDecorativePlaque - 20 striking ideas for decorating your home with lightsCinematic lightbox ($33.99). Why leave a handwritten note for a loved one when you can let a lightbox do all the talking? This cinematic lightbox is a statement piece in any home while also being entirely functional. It has three lines for up to nine characters on each line. It also comes with 85 letters to say whatever you please. Add a USB plug or four AA batteries and put it to work. Find it here.

light decor 2 1 - 20 striking ideas for decorating your home with lightsSkyline tealight holder ($56.00). No matter where you are in the world, you can’t help but appreciate the beauty of a city skyline after sunset. Experience it every day with this Skyline tealight holder handmade by Brian Segars. This tealight holder features solid steel partnered with your choice of tealights to create stunning silhouettes against a bare wall. See Boston, Seattle, Washington D.C, and other cities with ease. Find it here.

light decor 6 - 20 striking ideas for decorating your home with lightsCute rainbow neon sign ($15.99). Add brightness and fun to any room in your house with this rainbow neon sign. It can be a standalone piece in your home or business or part of an entire display. Set it up on your dresser, table, or even on the wall. To make this process easier, it comes with integrated hanging hook holes. You can also operate this neon sign with three AA batteries or a USB. Find it here.

light decor 10 - 20 striking ideas for decorating your home with lightsFatboy® Bolleke rechargeable hanging lamp ($119.00). Add a much-needed burst of light to the darkest corners of your home with this dimmable globe hanging light from Fatboy®. Its simple, sleek, and stylish design makes it ideal for both contemporary and classic homes. You can even use this eight-inch hanging lamp for camping! It comes with three light settings, a rechargeable battery, and a charging cord. Find it here.

light decor 11 - 20 striking ideas for decorating your home with lightsLacy cutout star paper lantern ($16.00). For a festive environment or a year-round dreamy vibe, consider purchasing this 24-inch lacy cutout star paper lantern from UO. The stunning round lanterns collapse to show off their exquisite detailing and cutout effects. You can also use these lanterns with LED bulbs, provided that you purchase a cord kit to go with them. Add them to bedrooms, living rooms, or even entranceways. Find it here.

light decor 12 - 20 striking ideas for decorating your home with lightsMod clips string light ($20.00). Why pin your photos to your wall when you can clip them onto a beautiful string light? That’s what’s on offer with this mod clips string light. It’s easy to install inside or outside your home and uses high-quality copper and resin materials. Each string measures 7.5 feet long, and you can add more than one to a space. Start snapping photos and pair them with this beautiful string light. Find it here.

AlphabetLetterSteelMarqueeSignWallDE9cor - 20 striking ideas for decorating your home with lightsLetter steel marquee sign ($158.99). Add some industrial charm to your abode with this New York-inspired steel marquee sign. Designed to mimic those found in bistros across New York, it stands out in its own right. Each letter features pre-rusted steel with a weathered finish and several C9 bulbs. Mount it on your wall and welcome New York loft styling to your home. Find it here.

light decor 14 - 20 striking ideas for decorating your home with lightsBirdcage neon sign ($68.99). Enhance the natural appeal of your home with a birdcage neon sign from Wayfair. This beautiful form of lighting is powered by four AAA batteries but can also be plugged into a USB outlet. With a striking black cage and crystal fixture material, it’s bound to add much-needed style and light to your abode. Simply hang it from your ceiling and let it work its magic. Find it here.

light decor 15 - 20 striking ideas for decorating your home with lightsSingle pot lamp with three different cactus shapes ($69.00). Now here’s a plant that no one can kill. This innovative plastic pot comes fitted with a brilliant LED light to form three different cactus shapes. It comes with a 2m power cord and blends in beautifully with any real plants in your home. It makes a statement by illuminating a cactus on the wall behind it during the day and night. Find it here.

light decor 16 - 20 striking ideas for decorating your home with lightsVOLTA – light bulb ($99.99). We all need those lightbulb moments in our daily life, so maybe this lightbulb art from VOLTA is the answer. This beautiful piece of art uses an electromagnetic field between the bulb and base to make the bulb levitate. It also makes use of wireless induction technology so the LED bulb is able to produce a soothing light. It can also last for up to 50,000 hours! Find it here.

light decor 17 - 20 striking ideas for decorating your home with lightsGingko book light ($52.99). You usually use a light to read a book, but now you can use a book to read a book! The Gingko smart book light is a piece of art while also being an attractive way of illuminating your home. You can purchase it with a wood, fabric, or leather look, and it lets off soft LED lighting through the pages. You can also open it a full 360-degrees with the water-resistant, tear-proof pages on display. It’s easy to charge with a USB power supply. Find it here.

light decor 18 - 20 striking ideas for decorating your home with lightsLightbulb moment neon sign (from $165). Are you looking for that lightbulb moment to get the creative juices flowing? This stunning neon sign in the shape of a lightbulb could be the answer. Each one is handmade and suits the mood of most rooms. They are also available in seven sizes and nine colours, while featuring environmentally-friendly LED neon strip materials. Each light is designed to last at least ten years. Find it here.

light decor 21 - 20 striking ideas for decorating your home with lightsVine string lights ($16.00). Nature can do wonders for your mental health, but it’s not always easy to bring it inside. With this vine string light, though, you can bring in both nature and lighting. Faux vine leaves with twinkly lights can liven up your living room, bedroom, entryway, windows, or another part of your home. They feature a combination of LED, metal, and plastic and measure 78 inches long. Find it here.

light decor 22 - 20 striking ideas for decorating your home with lightsLED strip light ($12.95). Whether you’ve got dark corners, long hallways, or underappreciated furniture, these beautiful LED strip lights can be the answer. They turn on and off in response to motion, and operate on a 20 or 60-second timer. What’s more, you can customise the length and stick them to a variety of surfaces. These strip lights also function with 3 AA batteries. Find it here.

light balloon - 20 striking ideas for decorating your home with lightsPennywise balloon lamp ($41.00). Fancy scaring any visitors who dare spend a night at your home? This Pennywise balloon lamp can help. It looks almost identical to the balloon used by Pennywise in It, which is bound to be a drawcard. Fortunately, all you get is an ambient glow when you buy this lamp, rather than a murderous clown looking to kidnap your family members. Find it here.

lights in bottle - 20 striking ideas for decorating your home with lightsUSB rechargeable firefly string light ($29.99). If you want to add a touch of ambience to your home, this USB rechargeable firefly string light might be able to help. You can add the best glass bottles, then set them up around your home. All you need to do is charge the light, then wind the wire into the bottle of your choice. There are 10 LEDs on each string, and they can provide up to six hours of light after charging for 20 minutes. Find it here.

ligth hay 1 - 20 striking ideas for decorating your home with lightsHAY neon LED tube light ($55.00). Add a sense of whimsy and curiosity to your abode with this neon 12-watt LED tube light from HAY. With the intelligent positioning of the LED lights, it can offer the illusion of a neon tube. Add it to a corner of your home for the best effect, and enjoy the variety of colour options. Thislight’s expected lifespan is around 6,000 hours, and it’s sure to become a talking point in your home in no time. Find it here.

light decor 13 - 20 striking ideas for decorating your home with lightsCactus neon table lamp ($49.00). Need a feature piece in your home that stands out? Why not let it be a cactus? This stunning neon table lamp in the shape of a cactus can’t help but put a smile on your face. It features neon tubing on a square base, which means it’s suitable for sitting on tables and dressers. Find it here.

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