22 Brilliant Bookcases for Small Spaces (2023)

It can sometimes seem like bookcase options are lacking for modest-sized homes, especially when conservative footprints leave very little space for furniture outside of the bare basics. However, tall and narrow bookcases and multi-functional bookcases could be among the best options for those smaller homes. Check out these 22 brilliant bookcases for small spaces below and see if any catch your eye for all the right reasons.

bookcase transforming table - 22 Brilliant Bookcases for Small Spaces (2023) Convertible Shelf to Dining Table

This convertible shelf and dining table in a gorgeous solid wood finish with a metal frame is everything you could need in small spaces. It goes from shelving to dining in seconds. The  2-in-1 multi-functional swing table shelf is also sturdy, easy to move, and items won’t even fall off the shelf when you transform it.  CHECK PRICE

81L4daUnroL. AC SL1500  - 22 Brilliant Bookcases for Small Spaces (2023) 5-tier corner bookcase

It can be challenging to find corner bookcases that tie in seamlessly with the décor of classic homes, but this five-tier bookcase is a game-changer. It’s easy to tuck into most corners and features high-grade natural bamboo for strength with a dark finish to suit character properties. It also holds an abundance of books, plants, and other knick-knacks on five shelves and has three strong legs to keep it flush against your wall.  CHECK PRICE

81x6oKeZ1EL. AC SL1500  - 22 Brilliant Bookcases for Small Spaces (2023) 9-Tier Standing Bookcase

When you want to put your favorite books on display in order of time of publication, by author, or even by book size, this nine-tier standing bookcase can assist. It’s available in a lovely rustic brown wood finish and lets you layer books on top of each other in a space-saving design, with up to five on each bracket. It’s the perfect office desk accompaniment but can also be a feature piece in any living room. All right angles have reinforced supports for peace of mind, and its compact design makes it suitable for small homes.  CHECK PRICE

91aTtz FywL. AC SL1500  - 22 Brilliant Bookcases for Small Spaces (2023) 5-Tier Rotating Bookcase

It’s hard not to be amazed by this five-tier rotating bookcase with a gorgeous washed tan finish and 360-degree rotating base. While it has plenty of space on the five shelves for all your books and knick-knacks, you can continually change your view by simply turning the bookcase. The charming vintage design makes it suit most classic homes, yet the thin shelves and simplistic design also allow it to fit well in contemporary abodes.  CHECK PRICE

Hesser18 1 - 22 Brilliant Bookcases for Small Spaces (2023) Hesser revolving Bookcase

Who needs a storage cabinet when you can have a revolving bookcase with room for all your books and knick-knacks? This Hesser bookcase in a gorgeous sleek, white finish has four compartments on each tier. It’s a low bookcase for everyone in your family to access and can suit bedrooms, offices, living rooms, and even entryways.  CHECK PRICE

lommarp bookcase black  1019789 pe831568 s5 - 22 Brilliant Bookcases for Small Spaces (2023) LOMMARP Bookcase

The problem with low bookcases is that they don’t offer much storage space, which is why this LOMMARP bookcase from IKEA has been designed in the complete opposite way. It’s a tall, sleek, black bookcase that stands out in any room and has an abundance of storage space for whatever you please. Three of the shelves are even movable so that any bookworms can pile their books up high.  CHECK PRICE

Lundquist50.2Hx7.9WCornerBookcase - 22 Brilliant Bookcases for Small Spaces (2023) Lundquist Corner Bookcase

When you don’t have extra floor space in a small room for a bookcase, that doesn’t mean you can’t have one. Check out this Lundquist corner bookcase and see just how much extra space you can have. This unique, modern, wood-style bookcase can be installed in the corner of your room with sealed edges and concealed screw holes. Each shelf can hold up to 33 pounds, and all surfaces are scratch and wear-resistant. It might be the perfect addition to your kid’s room, an office, or even a bare-looking room in need of wall shelves.  CHECK PRICE

Maegan55.51Hx14.57WCornerBookcase - 22 Brilliant Bookcases for Small Spaces (2023) Maegan Corner Bookcase

This corner bookcase is small and compact yet has six shelves to house up to 13 pounds of items like books and plants. The shelves boast moisture and stain-resistant coating for peace of mind. Even the style is something unique, with two tones, including a white wall at the back to add some contemporary elegance. When you need corner shelves to avoid taking up too much space in your home, this bookcase may just tick that box.  CHECK PRICE

ponte wide wall mounted bookcase - 22 Brilliant Bookcases for Small Spaces (2023) Ponte wide wall-mounted bookcase

Even if you don’t have any free floor space for a bookcase, that doesn’t mean you won’t have something to enhance your interior décor or store your favorite books. This wall-mounted bookcase doesn’t even need to touch the ground. Its black hammered iron rods with four smoked tempered glass shelves can be installed on your wall and it can function as a bookcase, a nightstand, or even just a display case. It’s as versatile as they come.  CHECK PRICE

TyreseSolidWoodLeaning LadderDesk - 22 Brilliant Bookcases for Small Spaces (2023) Tyrese Solid Wood Leaning Ladder Desk

Every homeowner deserves to have a show-stopper piece of furniture, and this solid wood leaning ladder desk might be yours. The solid mango wood gives it attitude, while the black metal frame contrasts beautifully against the light wood in a subtle Scandinavian style. It also has an abundance of storage on two open shelves and a simple desktop for a laptop or books. It’s practical, fun, and stylish.  CHECK PRICE

unfinished red oak invisidoor hidden doors idbc32ro 44 1000 - 22 Brilliant Bookcases for Small Spaces (2023) 4-Shelf Interior Bookcase Door

Many book lovers have dreamed about having a secret room hidden behind a bookcase, and now they can. These bookcases function as doors or partitions into any room in your house while also being a fun place to store your books and home décor. They come unfinished, assembled, and ready to install on a pivot hinge, and you can paint and stain them to suit your home décor. They have a 300-pound working load, an universal handle and can be installed to swing inwards or outwards.  CHECK PRICE

Pinero60.922Hx2922WMetalStandardBookcase - 22 Brilliant Bookcases for Small Spaces (2023) Pinero Bookcase

With elegant matte black lines, an industrial-style grid design, and striking rustic brown shelves, this Pinero bookcase ticks all the boxes. It has plenty of space for your favorite novels, clutter, artwork, and photos on four shelves, and it even comes with four S-shaped hooks to hang small items. Make use of the anti-tip kit for your kid’s bedroom, the living room, or your office, and enjoy the simplistic beauty of this bookcase.  CHECK PRICE

nathan james - 22 Brilliant Bookcases for Small Spaces (2023) Nathan James Theo 6-Shelf Tall Bookcase

When you don’t have the space for a large, cumbersome bookcase, or even a corner bookcase, you may like to set your sights on this six-shelf tall bookcase from Nathan James. This unique modern bookcase mounts on the wall and suits any classic or contemporary abode with its beautiful mix of wood and metal materials. The open shelves make everything accessible, and there’s potential to line up more than one, should you have the space. This bookcase is bound to ‘pop’ in any office, entryway, living room, or another part of your home.  CHECK PRICE

mara - 22 Brilliant Bookcases for Small Spaces (2023) Mara Corner Bookshelf

Make use of those impractical and unused corners in your home with this corner bookshelf. It functions like any other standard book storage but has contours to suit the corners of most classic or contemporary homes. Enjoy the warming look courtesy of the mango wood with a natural finish, and revel in the convenience of having four shelving tiers with rounded edges for your book collection. You can even use it for your décor, photo frames, and more with a little creativity.  CHECK PRICE

Malarie4ShelfEtagereBookcase - 22 Brilliant Bookcases for Small Spaces (2023) 4 Shelf Etagere Bookcase

There is an abundance of wood bookshelves on the market, but that doesn’t mean you can’t buck the trend. This four-shelf bookcase has metal shelves, two of which are removable. Whether you have larger or smaller books, you’re bound to enjoy knowing that they’re safe and sound on each sturdy shelf. The bookcase is also on locking wheels, which means you can move it around your home with ease.  CHECK PRICE

KindellMetalEtagereBookcase  - 22 Brilliant Bookcases for Small Spaces (2023) Kindell Bookcase

When you’re looking for statement furniture for your home that can suit a smaller space and be functional for storage, look in the direction of this Kindell bookcase. It’s the perfect piece for book lovers, with five shelves for books, knick-knacks, and more. It boasts an elegant and clean look for modern or classic homes and also boasts an eclectic mix of solid wood, iron, and brass materials.  CHECK PRICE

GUEST 04019131 5e03 4ff7 86f5 716669375574 - 22 Brilliant Bookcases for Small Spaces (2023) Amherst Mid-century Style 5-shelf Bookcase

Why buy a dull set of shelves for your entryway, office, or living space when you can have this gorgeous mid-century five-shelf bookcase instead? This stunning piece features warming wood with tapered legs, a generous amount of book space, and convenient, open shelves. While it’s completely functional, it’s also stylish at the same time.  CHECK PRICE

GarzaGeometricBookcase - 22 Brilliant Bookcases for Small Spaces (2023) Garza Bookcase

When you’re looking for bold furniture for your décor pieces or something that makes a statement in studio apartments and traditional homes, this bookcase may be worth a closer look. It’s available in a distressed grey and white oak finish and uniquely cradles books on four shelves. The four shelving nooks are also balanced carefully on tapered legs that offer stability and style.  CHECK PRICE

HollingsworthLadderBookcase - 22 Brilliant Bookcases for Small Spaces (2023) Hollingsworth Ladder Bookcase

Ladder bookcases are becoming more popular by the day, and it’s not hard to see why this Hollingsworth piece stands out from the crowd. It leans against any wall with a steel frame and light natural wood shelves and features unique metal tubes as support. The open design makes it easy to water plants and take books, and its unique style allows it to suit any home style. This bookcase is bound to make a statement.  CHECK PRICE

Ava Lei74.882727Hx33.072727WMetalEtagereBookcase - 22 Brilliant Bookcases for Small Spaces (2023) Metal and Walnut Bookcase

Welcome style, storage, and space into your home with this mid-century-inspired metal and walnut bookcase. The industrial-style metal frame gives it much-needed strength, while the walnut wood undoubtedly adds warmth and heart. As an added bonus, the four shelves are complemented by a cubby hole with a sliding door. There’s not even any need to worry about stability since this bookcase relies on the strength of your wall.  CHECK PRICE

BetteEtagereBookcase 1 - 22 Brilliant Bookcases for Small Spaces (2023) Bette Bookcase

Modern bookcases with clean lines aren’t for everyone. If you’d prefer something more detailed, elegant, and charming, this bookcase might suit your needs. It has deeper shelves than standard for your favorite new and old books, and it also has four shelves to use to your advantage. This exquisitely designed bookcase can be a feature in any living room or office.  CHECK PRICE

6 Cubby Kid Storage Cabinet Bookcase - 22 Brilliant Bookcases for Small Spaces (2023) 6 Cubby Bookcase Bench

Many children love to read books as much as adults do, so why not purchase a bookcase just for them? This six-cubby bookcase has plenty of space for toys, books, and much more. Layer all your children’s items neatly away in each white cubby, then let them utilize the top upholstered seat as a comfortable and convenient reading nook. This multi-functional furniture is bound to suit any child’s bedroom. CHECK PRICE

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