Plant killer rehabilitation: 24 self-watering ideas

As much as we tell ourselves that we’re going to be the best plant parents, that doesn’t always happen. Instead, we get our new plants home, put them in a beautiful pot, then forget to water them as frequently as we should. Then what happens? They die. Maybe it’s time to turn to a self-watering plant solution?

51iYglTsI0L. AC SL1024  - Plant killer rehabilitation: 24 self-watering ideasUpside-down hanging plant pot ($13.99). This upside-down hanging plant pot may look complicated, but it’s exceptionally simple. It features polypropylene materials and has a built-in water reservoir to feed the roots. The 7.5-inch pot also comes with a ceiling hook, wire, and a plastic plug. Find it here

self watering plant ideas 1 1 - Plant killer rehabilitation: 24 self-watering ideasSelf-watering animal ($12.99). If you’re looking for a unique plant pot to become a talking point in your home, this self-watering animal will likely be the answer. It functions as a regular pot for your plants but has an additional tray you can fill with water. The animal’s pink tongue then laps up water for your plant to enjoy. Find it here

self watering plant ideas 2 1 - Plant killer rehabilitation: 24 self-watering ideasSet of 3 small self-watering planters ($15.99). Go on holiday with complete peace of mind that your plants will be well cared for. This set of three small self-watering planters will make sure of it. They have enough space for around a week of water and are transparent so you can see how much water is left. Find it here

self watering plant ideas 4 1 - Plant killer rehabilitation: 24 self-watering ideasPack of 3 self-watering planters ($14.99). Even though this pack of three self-watering planters looks like ordinary plant pots, they are anything but. They offer up to seven days or more of watering and feature easy-care polypropylene materials. You can use them for herbs, flowers, ferns, and other plants, and they have a double-layer design. This means water can be stored in the bottom for when it’s needed. Find it here

91PlsDYE5gL. AC SL1500  1 - Plant killer rehabilitation: 24 self-watering ideasWhite Eva Solo Orchid Pot ($79.95). If you’ve never been able to keep high-needs plants alive in the past, this white Eva Solo orchid pot may give you the confidence to try. It’s a Danish-made self-watering pottery and earthenware pot with a water reservoir and nylon wick. Your plants can access water whenever they need it, without you having to remember. Find it here

self watering plant ideas 6 1 - Plant killer rehabilitation: 24 self-watering ideasSet of 2 self-watering plant pots ($29.99). There’s more to this beautiful set of plant pots than meets the eye. They are not only elegant but self-watering, as well. They feature ceramic and glass and tolerate high temperatures. They also have a section in the bottom for your prized plants to access water when they need it. Find it here

self watering plant ideas 7 1 - Plant killer rehabilitation: 24 self-watering ideasEva Solo self-watering orchid pot ($54.99). Many busy people steer away from high-needs plants, knowing they cannot give them the care they need. As complex as orchids can be, this Eva Solo self-watering orchid pot is a little different. It’s a 15cm pot with a self-watering system consisting of nylon wicks. It also has a separate water reservoir. Light absorbs through the plant roots in the glass pot, and the frosted glass lets you see when you need to refill it. Find it here

61E1 TeJ0L. AC SL1200  - Plant killer rehabilitation: 24 self-watering ideasPack of 3 self-watering glass birds ($19.88). The bird lovers in your family are bound to appreciate this pack of three self-watering glass birds. Even though they are a decoration piece on their own, they serve an essential purpose. They can offer a slow release of water to keep your plants in tip-top shape. Find it here

61fTZUjqmAL. AC SL1000  - Plant killer rehabilitation: 24 self-watering ideasPlanter pot with self-watering & drainage system ($21.99). Not everyone likes owning house plants because of how much care they require and how much mess they make. This 12 x 7.5 x 7.3-inch planter pot takes care of both of those problems. It’s a self-watering pot with a drainage system that practically takes care of itself. It has a 1.5L water capacity and absorbs water through the cotton rope while draining water it doesn’t need through drainage grids. It also comes with three metal legs to keep it off the ground. Find it here

71GlkzvV5zL. AC SL1500  - Plant killer rehabilitation: 24 self-watering ideasSelf-watering succulent planter ($15.99). Even some of the lowest maintenance plants like succulents need watering from time to time. Though, you don’t need to be the one to do it. This self-watering succulent planter features high-quality clay and comes with three pieces. It has a glass reservoir, a ceramic pot, and a cotton string to wick water through to your plants. Find it here

81qvmDAq48L. AC SL1500  - Plant killer rehabilitation: 24 self-watering ideasSelf-watering hanging planter ($37.99). Many people don’t like the idea of hanging planters because they can make a mess on the floor below. Though, that’s unlikely to be an issue with this self-watering hanging planter. It has a stunning egg-shaped design, robust polypropylene materials, and a double layer design. Instead of leaking water everywhere, this 7.5-inch planter keeps it in the bottom and uses a cotton rope to keep the soil moist and the plant thriving. Add your plant, fill the reservoir, and hang it with its stainless-steel hook and wires. Find it here

49688 1 640px - Plant killer rehabilitation: 24 self-watering ideasSelf-watering herb pot ($40.00). There are few things as frustrating as reaching for herbs while cooking, only to find they’ve withered away to nothing because you forgot to water them. With this self-watering herb pot, that wouldn’t be a problem. It’s a ceramic and glass planter with a blue glass reservoir that gives as much water as the plants need. All you have to do is fill the reservoir from time to time and let it do all the work. Find it here

self watering water globe - Plant killer rehabilitation: 24 self-watering ideasSelf-watering can ($16.99). If you’ve decided to head out of town for a long weekend, you don’t have to stress about how your plants will cope without you. All you need to do is invest in this self-watering can, pop it in your plant, and let it work its magic. It will supply a consistent flow of water when you’re not there to do it. Find it here

60014388 010 b - Plant killer rehabilitation: 24 self-watering ideasPlant Watering IV Bag ($15.00). If you thought IV bags were only for sick people in hospitals, you’d be wrong. Plants that require constant care can also benefit. This plant watering IV bag offers gradual hydration for your favourite plants. It comes with an IV, drip, tubes, a peg and is easy to maintain. It may even be an ideal option if you’re going on vacation. Find it here

60750262 100 b - Plant killer rehabilitation: 24 self-watering ideasSelf-watering plant globe ($17.00). Rather than just surviving, your beautiful ferns can be thriving – and all thanks to this crystal-shaped self-watering plant globe. It consists of glass and cork and disperses water over three or four days. It’s easy to set up and is an ideal plant care solution if you’re going on a short vacation. Find it here

AmeenaSelf WateringPotPlanter - Plant killer rehabilitation: 24 self-watering ideasAmeena self-watering planter ($56.99). As aesthetically pleasing as this Ameena self-watering planter is, it also has one more ace to play – its self-watering system. You can use this beautiful ceramic and glass planter to keep small plants and herbs alive without much effort. Simply fill up the water reservoir and let the nylon wicks in the bottom provide a fresh supply of water. Find it here

FarleyEleplanterSelf WateringStonewarePotPlanter - Plant killer rehabilitation: 24 self-watering ideasEleplanter self-watering stoneware pot planter ($65.99). Grow your favourite herbs with ease, courtesy of this Elephanter self-watering stoneware pot planter. It comes with a water reservoir that, once filled, provides a consistent supply of water to your favourite herbs. It doesn’t even make a mess on your window sill, courtesy of the funnel-like trunk. Find it here

images - Plant killer rehabilitation: 24 self-watering ideasSelf-watering wet pots ($34-74). As ordinary as these pots look, they are anything but. They are self-watering Swedish wet pots that take over the care of your plants. Each set comes with three terracotta planters inside a hand-blown glass reservoir. Fill the reservoir and use them in your indoor or outdoor plants. Your plants will look at their best in no time. Find it here

self watering plant ideas 3 1 - Plant killer rehabilitation: 24 self-watering ideasSet of 3 self-watering cat globes ($16.98). Add some character and style to your plants with this set of three self-watering cat globes. Not only do they look cute, but they water your plants when you’re not available. The cats feature hand-blown glass that provides full visibility as to how much water is inside. You can even use them in a variety of pot plant types, such as house plants, hanging plants, and potted plants. Find it here

Martha Square Wicker Smart Self Watering Planter in Sandy Brown f10da570 8848 4e67 984c e5726936260b 1000 - Plant killer rehabilitation: 24 self-watering ideasSquare wicker self-watering planter ($47.49). Imagine having a plant that you only had to pay attention to once every 10-30 days? That could be the reality if you purchased this square wicker self-watering planter. Simply fill the reservoir and let it use its osmotic mechanism to supply your plants with as much water as they need. There is even a smart water level indicator, so you know when you need to refill it. Find it here

NoellaSelf WateringPlasticWallPlanter - Plant killer rehabilitation: 24 self-watering ideasNoella self-watering wall planter ($439.99). Who says that walls are only good for art? This Noella self-watering wall planter is proof that plants, too, can take pride of place on your feature wall. It doesn’t require electricity or a water connection, but it keeps your favourite kitchen herbs and plants alive and well. This wall planter also features recyclable materials and comes with an installation guide, hardware, and water storage capacity. Find it here

Self WateringPotPlanter - Plant killer rehabilitation: 24 self-watering ideasSelf-watering ceramic planter ($32.99). This self-watering pot planter is not only a head-turner with its contemporary design, but with its convenience, as well. It’s a self-watering herb pot that comes with self-regulating wicks. These ensure your plants get just the right amount of water. They are ceramic, easy-care, and suitable for a variety of small herbs and plants. Find it here

ikea ps fejoe self watering plant pot white  0900202 PE588608 S5 1 - Plant killer rehabilitation: 24 self-watering ideasPS FEJÖ self-watering plant pot ($19.99). When you lead a busy lifestyle, it’s easy to forget to water your plants. Now you don’t even have to try and remember. This self-watering 12.5-inch plant pot takes care of that job for you. It has a self-watering insert that keeps the soil moist for the plant to thrive. All you have to do is remember to fill the water reservoir from time to time. What’s more, you can move it around your property thanks to the caster wheels on the pot bottom. Find it here

54362744 010 b - Plant killer rehabilitation: 24 self-watering ideasDewplanter ($59.00). If your schedule is so demanding that you don’t even have time to fill a self-watering reservoir, then you’re in luck. The Dewplanter doesn’t even require you to provide a water base. Instead, it uses modern technology to condense moisture it finds in the atmosphere. Keep your plants alive with zero effort. The best part is, every time you purchase a Dewplanter, one tree gets planted. Find it here

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