25 Daybeds With Trundles That Everyone Loves (2023)

When you’re short on space or have infrequent guests to stay, it doesn’t always make much sense to have a permanent guest bed set up. You might spend half your time being annoyed with how much space it takes up and only a tiny fraction of the time actually putting it to use.

Although, that doesn’t mean you can’t accommodate anyone who comes to visit. You simply need to purchase a daybed with a trundle. You might be more than satisfied with any of these daybeds with trundles that buyers love.

Melanie Wood and Cane Twin Daybed With Trundle

rattan daybed trundle - 25 Daybeds With Trundles That Everyone Loves (2023) It’s hard not to be impressed with this show-stopping wood and cane twin daybed with trundle from Hillsdale Furniture. With hints of both coastal and French country design, it commands attention in any space and will impress with its design and functionality.

From the gorgeous frame in an off-white finish to the natural inset cane panels and contoured posts, this daybed has it all. It also features solid wood cane, a two-tone finish, and compatibility with a twin mattress, which isn’t included. Whether you need an extra bed for a guest room or a sofa for yourself to relax with a book, this daybed ticks all the right boxes. All that’s left to do is add some pillows, a mattress, and your choice of bedding, and it’s ready to go. CHECK PRICE

Camaflexi Solid Wood Twin Daybed With Trundle

wood daybed trundle - 25 Daybeds With Trundles That Everyone Loves (2023) It’s not always easy finding high-quality, well-made furniture that’s made to last the distance, but this solid wood twin daybed with trundle might be the solution to your problem. It features 100% solid wood with a protective Castanho layer, a generous 450-pound weight capacity, and a trundle bed that can support up to 250 pounds.

This bed also comes with a center support system, 14 wood slats to hold your mattress in place, and a box spring-free design. Whether you need an extra sleeping space in your home or simply desire a luxurious and well-made daybed, Camaflexi might deliver the goods. CHECK PRICE

Payton Upholstered Daybed With Trundle

velvet daybed trundle - 25 Daybeds With Trundles That Everyone Loves (2023) Have complete control over the furniture-purchasing process by choosing this Payton daybed with trundle. Not only can you choose between a twin or full-size bed, but you can also select a color to suit your unique home décor.

Once you’ve chosen the fabric you prefer, it’s stitched over polyester padding and a solid wood frame for strength and aesthetics. Whether you need a bed in a playroom, a living room, or a bedroom, this customizable bed ticks all the right boxes. CHECK PRICE

Selles Upholstered Orange Daybed With Trundle

orange daybed trundle upholstered  - 25 Daybeds With Trundles That Everyone Loves (2023)

If you need a comfortable bed and a sofa with the ‘wow’ factor to brighten up your living space, you can tick both boxes with this upholstered orange daybed with trundle. Orange is the new beige, and you’re bound to be impressed with everything this sofa has to offer, including the tuxedo arms, nailhead trim, and convenient pull-out trundle bed. It’s also available in five colors: blue, orange, grey, chocolate, and red. While you’ll need to purchase the two eight-inch-thick mattresses separately, you likely won’t mind when you get to enjoy a piece of furniture that can’t help but make a statement. CHECK PRICE

Novogratz White Metal Daybed With Roll-Out Trundle

white metal daybed trundle - 25 Daybeds With Trundles That Everyone Loves (2023) Welcome country charm and function into your home with this beautiful white metal daybed with a roll-out trundle. This stunning modern metal daybed with exquisite detailing is an ideal place to sit with a book or accommodate guests who come to stay.

It boasts a robust metal frame, side rails, heavy-duty steel slats, and compatibility with two twin-size mattresses. It also has a generous 225-pound weight limit, even though it only weighs 76.5 pounds itself.

The steel slats and side rails contribute to its durability, yet the sleek white color scheme ensures it still looks quaint and dainty in any classic home. You can also purchase this daybed with trundle bed in black and turquoise if white isn’t to your tastes. CHECK PRICE

Black Steel Daybed With Pop-up Trundle

black metal daybed popup trundle - 25 Daybeds With Trundles That Everyone Loves (2023) Finding an affordable, practical day bed with a trundle bed seems like an impossible task, but this black steel daybed with a pop-up trundle from Wayfair proves that it’s not. It’s modern with its sleek black curved metal pipe frame and comes with a convenient trundle bed that’s easy to set up.

It also has additional metal slats for support and easy-fold legs that make it suitable for use in a living room, kids’ room, guest room, or even an office. All that’s left to do is add your mattress, and you’ll be ready for the next time a guest comes to stay. CHECK PRICE

Majesty Light Jade Green Twin Daybed and Trundle

daybed trundle jade green - 25 Daybeds With Trundles That Everyone Loves (2023) If you’re looking for a statement piece of furniture to add the ‘wow’ factor to your home, look no further than this light jade green twin daybed and trundle.

With its mid-century design, diamond-tufted backrest, tapered legs, and wingback arms, it makes a statement before you even learn that it can become a comfortable guest bed. This gorgeous linen sofa has a sturdy wooden frame, a pull-out trundle on caster wheels, and a generous 400-pound capacity for the daybed. The trundle bed is also capable of catering to people weighing 250 pounds.

While it works beautifully as an everyday sofa for comfort while watching TV or reading a book, it can quickly accommodate a twin-size mattress for night-time stays. Give your guests the royal treatment. CHECK PRICE

Dane Traditional Beaded Wood Daybed and Trundle

grey wood daybed trundle - 25 Daybeds With Trundles That Everyone Loves (2023) Just because daybeds are functional and convenient doesn’t mean they can’t also be elegant and traditional. Welcome a sense of elegance and class into your home with this traditional beaded wood daybed and trundle.

It’s available in a gorgeous antique gray color and comes with a range of exciting features, like beaded side panels, a pull-out trundle for a bed or storage, and paneled sides for support. You can also choose between three different colors based on your preferences. Add a mattress, blankets, and cushions, and you can be ready to provide your guests with a luxurious sleeping experience. CHECK PRICE

Beige Upholstered Twin Daybed With Trundle

daybed beige upholstered trundle - 25 Daybeds With Trundles That Everyone Loves (2023) Daybeds and trundles don’t always have to look like daybeds and trundles. Instead, they can look like elegant mid-century sofas that take pride of place in your living room. This elegant beige linen sofa with velvet diamond-tufted details, wood legs, and a soft textile bedhead is the epitome of furniture at its finest.

While it looks like an expensive sofa you might see in a high-end furniture shop, it’s also a practical and functional spare bed for overnight guests.

It fits up to four kids or two adults comfortably, doesn’t require a box spring, and comes with sturdy wooden slats to give you confidence in its strength. It can also hold up to 400 pounds on the daybed and 250 on the trundle bed. CHECK PRICE

Bedford Blue Upholstered Daybed With Trundle

daybed trundle navy blue upholstered - 25 Daybeds With Trundles That Everyone Loves (2023) Simple yet striking is the aim of the game with this daybed with trundle from Crate and Barrel. This sleek daybed features clean lines and can function as a contemporary sofa but quickly becomes a comfortable bed for overnight guests.

Pull out the rail to reveal the trundle bed, then pull it out until it sits in place to form a queen-size bed. You or your guests will also appreciate a decent night’s slumber, courtesy of the high-density and high-resilience foam. CHECK PRICE

Carter Square Grey Daybed and Trundle

grey daybed trundle - 25 Daybeds With Trundles That Everyone Loves (2023) Don’t settle for less than the best urban daybed when you can have this grey daybed and trundle from Pottery Barn. From the wraparound back for luxury to the deep seat and roll-out trundle, what more do you need?

This well-made, masterfully crafted daybed with kiln-dried solid pine, a black-lined mattress area, and full upholstery is eye-catching in every sense of the word. It has plenty of space for your twin-size mattress, and the trundle area even has storage space for clothes, toys, and more when you don’t have a mattress. The twin bed also boasts a 500-pound weight capacity for peace of mind. CHECK PRICE

Tarver Twin Iron Daybed With Trundle

TarverTwinIronDaybedwithTrundle - 25 Daybeds With Trundles That Everyone Loves (2023) Whether you’re looking for contemporary furniture or something with an eye-catching farmhouse style, you’ll quickly notice that this twin iron daybed with trundle has attributes of both.

This unique daybed with a powder-coated iron frame boasts a gorgeous openwork design, slender spindle accents, and a style that makes it ideal for various color palettes and aesthetics.

The wheels make it mobile for placement in any room in your home, and it can function as a sofa, bed, or both. It also supports twin-size mattresses, which will likely be more than suitable for most overnight guests. CHECK PRICE

Expandable Black Twin Daybed With Trundle

black extendable daybed trundle - 25 Daybeds With Trundles That Everyone Loves (2023) Cater to more guests than ever before by purchasing this expandable black twin daybed with trundle. This daybed and trundle package features gorgeous espresso pine wood and can be made as a twin-sized daybed or double twin platform with trundle.

Its practical design means it can suit any space, such as a living room or bedroom, and its conservative dimensions mean it can also be an excellent addition to any study or teen bedroom. There might be an additional cost to purchase the mattresses, but you likely won’t mind when you see how many uses this daybed can have for your unique home setup. CHECK PRICE

Toveli Rattan Daybed and Trundle

rattan daybed trundle 2 - 25 Daybeds With Trundles That Everyone Loves (2023) When you want to warm your home up with quality furniture that’s as functional as it is stylish, set your sights on this rattan daybed and trundle. The ash walnut brown finish can warm up any space, while the woven synthetic rattan can add a coastal or tropical vibe that most other furniture can’t.

This full size daybed also features gorgeous spade feet, solid rubberwood material, and vintage French inspiration that’s both unique and beautiful. Any guests would love to spend the night on this Malaysian-made daybed and trundle. CHECK PRICE

Merax Silver Twin Daybed With Pop-up Trundle

metal daybed popup trundle - 25 Daybeds With Trundles That Everyone Loves (2023) Accommodate your children’s friends or give your guests somewhere to comfortable sleep by investing in this affordable twin daybed with a pop-up trundle from Amazon. This attractive silver bed comes with braces to help the trundle bed sit flush with the daybed, and it also features heavy-duty metal for peace of mind.

The guard rails and solid frame make it safe for children, and you can move it around your home with ease, courtesy of the four caster wheels. While this daybed doesn’t come with mattresses, it’s suitable for twin-sized six-inch-thick mattresses, which are cost-effective to buy. CHECK PRICE

Willow Black Metal Daybed With Trundle

black metal daybed trundle - 25 Daybeds With Trundles That Everyone Loves (2023) Add some attitude to your teen’s bedroom with this black metal daybed with trundle. It features cool vintage industrial styling, unique shapes for texture and fun, and compatibility with two standard twin mattresses. You don’t even need to purchase any box springs or different foundations.

This metal bed frame is also easy-clean and compact to suit most small spaces. Whether you need a spare bed in a bedroom, office, or sunroom, this lovely twin-size trundle bed might just fit the bill. CHECK PRICE

Grayson Twin Daybed With Trundle

upholstered grey daybed trundle 500x500 - 25 Daybeds With Trundles That Everyone Loves (2023) When practicality and elegance meet, they create this Grayson twin daybed with trundle that you can purchase from Walmart. This gorgeous grey linen daybed and trundle is designed to be both functional in a family home and comfortable as a bed for guests.

It comes with easy-clean linen upholstery, antique nailhead trim for beauty, and caster wheels to make it easy to move into place. Once set up, it can provide two twin-sized sleeping places, each of which has wooden slats for comfort, strength, and ventilation.

You don’t need to buy a box spring for this daybed, but two twin-size mattresses are required. You can also choose from grey or oatmeal linen. CHECK PRICE

White Twin Daybed With Trundle

white daaybed trundle storage - 25 Daybeds With Trundles That Everyone Loves (2023) When you need an extra bed in your child’s bedroom, look no further than this twin daybed with trundle from Wayfair. It can be a permanent solution to your sleeping and storage woes since it’s a twin bed and trundle with storage drawers underneath.

This sleek white bed features a solid pine wood bed and trundle frame for durability and comes with a mattress to save you the hassle of having to buy one yourself. Your child is bound to be impressed when you install this in their bedroom. CHECK PRICE

Hill Wren Gold Metal Daybed With Trundle

gold daybed metal trundle - 25 Daybeds With Trundles That Everyone Loves (2023) Welcome some class and elegance into your home with this lovely gold metal daybed with trundle. With beautifully curved scrollwork, a gold metal frame, and an included trundle bed tucked away underneath, it’s the perfect piece of furniture for a spare room or child’s bedroom.

While it’s lightweight at just 75.5 pounds, the daybed can hold up to 400 pounds of weight. It’s also easy to clean with just a dry cloth. At just 80 inches long, you can tuck it away in nearly any corner and pull out the trundle as you need it. CHECK PRICE

Sophia Grey Upholstered Queen Daybed and Full Trundle

uoholstered daybed trundle - 25 Daybeds With Trundles That Everyone Loves (2023) Some daybeds and trundle beds can look temporary, almost as if they don’t match the rest of your furniture or belong in a bedroom. But you won’t be saying that about this elegant-looking dark grey linen queen daybed and full trundle.

Whether you place it in a guest bedroom, living room, or home office, you’re bound to appreciate how well it blends in with other permanent furniture. It has gorgeous sleighed armrests, tufted linen upholstery, wooden scroll legs, and a robust bentwood slat system that does away with the need for a foundation or box spring.

As it has no back, you can also place it against a wall or have it function as a room divider. The icing on the cake is the caster wheels that allow you to move it to where you need it to be. Add your queen-size mattress to the top and full-size mattress to the trundle bed, and you’ll be well set up to cater to your next overnight guest. CHECK PRICE

Expandable White Twin Daybed With Trundle

white extendable daybed trundle - 25 Daybeds With Trundles That Everyone Loves (2023) If you only have limited space but need a daybed for overnight guests in a spare room, kid’s room, or another part of your home, check out this expandable white twin daybed with trundle.

It boasts solid pine wood, pine legs, a strong frame, and supportive wooden slats for strength and breathability. You can also use this versatile piece of furniture as a sofa or bed, with the trundle bed pulling out from underneath to sit level against the daybed. As a result, it can be expanded from a twin-size bed to a king-size one.

With a gorgeous white color scheme and generous weight capacity, you can’t help but give this daybed a second thought. CHECK PRICE

Brandi Metal Twin Daybed With Trundle

bronze daybed metal trundle - 25 Daybeds With Trundles That Everyone Loves (2023) With an oiled bronze finish, striking tubular steel construction, and elegant design to suit any room in your house, it’s hard not to be impressed with this twin daybed with trundle. While it’s described as a no-frills daybed with a metal bed frame, it’s both charming and practical to suit nearly all homes.

You can use it as a daybed, pull out the trundle on wheels, and enjoy having extra space for an overnight guest. This daybed is easy to set up and only requires two twin mattresses. CHECK PRICE

White Metal Twin Daybed With Pop-up Trundle

white metal daybed pop up bundle - 25 Daybeds With Trundles That Everyone Loves (2023) With a timeless style, easy assembly, and a sturdy metal frame, it’s hard not to be impressed with this twin daybed with a pop-up trundle.

It’s available in white and black, depending on your preferences, and can be suitable for girls rooms or boys rooms alike. You can use it as the perfect daybed without the pull-down bed, or you can pull down the trundle bed and double the day bed’s area to form a second bed for your home.

Alongside the functionality, its quality might also grab your attention. The quality steel frame features powder-coating for longevity, and it only requires minor assembly for strength. For the competitive purchase price, you sure get bang for your buck with this type of sofa. CHECK PRICE

Mid-Century Wood Daybed and Trundle

mid century kids daybed o - 25 Daybeds With Trundles That Everyone Loves (2023) This mid-century wood daybed and trundle feature kiln-dried solid eucalyptus wood, a kiln-dried solid wood frame and legs, and a gorgeous ash wood veneer that will likely suit classic and contemporary homes.

This daybed/couch also comes with solid pine support slats, rolling casters on the trundle bed for mobility, and compatibility with your twin mattresses. The extra deep seat is bound to be appreciated for a nap or book-reading session, but it’s equally as desirable as a spare bed for your child’s bedroom. CHECK PRICE

Barrett Twin Metal and Wood Daybed With Trundle

wood metal daybed trundle - 25 Daybeds With Trundles That Everyone Loves (2023) Whether you need more sleeping and relaxing room in your dorm room or you’re after a spare bed for your teenager’s room, check out the offerings from Wayfair. This twin metal and wood daybed comes with a trundle and is an attractive addition to any dorm room, bedroom, office, or spare bedroom.

It has an open frame, black finish, brown wood accents, and steel for strength and support. The manufacturer even offers a five-year warranty for peace of mind. CHECK PRICE

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