25 Gorgeous Desks for Your Small Space (2022)

Don’t deny yourself the opportunity to own a gorgeous desk just because you have limited spare space in your home. Everyone deserves to have somewhere comfortable for work or study, regardless of their space restrictions. Fortunately, there are plenty of options at your disposal, including any of these fabulous desks for small spaces below.

Callana Rustic Ladder Desk

Furniture of America Callana Rustic 2 Open shelves Ladder Desk - 25 Gorgeous Desks for Your Small Space (2022)Whether you have a spare wall in your living room or an entire home office to work with, this rustic ladder desk with an abundance of storage will likely suit your needs perfectly. It boasts wood grain shelves, a sleek metal frame, and different color options like vintage grey oak, reclaimed oak, and light hickory. You can use this unique desk as a writing desk with books or studying with plenty of space for a laptop. Its beautiful combination of colors means it will also suit both classic and contemporary homes.  CHECK PRICE

Dianie Floating Desk

DianieFloatingDesk - 25 Gorgeous Desks for Your Small Space (2022)When you only have space for a small desk, but you require more storage than a small desk can give you, this floating desk can be the answer. This gorgeous sleek, white floating desk boasts plenty of storage space yet takes up no floor space since you can install it on your wall. It has a convenient two-piece cleat mounting system, two large storage compartments, and a generous space for a laptop or books when you need to work hard.  CHECK PRICE

Suri Corner Desk

SuriCornerDesk - 25 Gorgeous Desks for Your Small Space (2022)Some small-space dwellers only have space for a compact desk, so this corner desk is bound to suit many people’s needs. It’s of a conservative size, has a convenient soft-close drawer for office supplies, and the pine is painted in a gorgeous blue shade to suit classic and modern homes. It also boasts a lower shelf tucked away in the back for pens, stationery, cords, and any other clutter you want to keep out of sight. Whether you have a small apartment or a large office, you can’t help but love the charm of this gorgeous desk.  CHECK PRICE

Wall-mounted Desk with Storage Cubbies

71fYriGML9L. AC SL1500  - 25 Gorgeous Desks for Your Small Space (2022)If you have very little free space, but don’t like the idea of a folding desk, consider the value of a wall-mounted desk from Amazon instead. This sleek, white desk with storage cubbies suits young and old in bedrooms, studios, living rooms, offices, and more. It has enough room for books and stationery and easily installs on your wall. You’re also bound to be impressed with the generous desk space for a laptop, lamp, and even art supplies. Best of all, its footprint is minimal since it makes use of unused wall space.  CHECK PRICE

LAX Wall-mounted Desk

desk lax - 25 Gorgeous Desks for Your Small Space (2022)One of the best desks to install in your home is the floating variety that can serve several purposes. This LAX wall-mounted desk can function as a table for your home decor or can be a beautiful work or study space. It features gorgeous walnut coloring, storage nooks for paperwork, and a generous amount of desk space. When you’re on the hunt for small space desks, this functional desk ticks all the boxes while still having plenty of room for your office essentials.  CHECK PRICE

Floating Shelf with Drawers

81 GvIaeQL. AC SL1500  - 25 Gorgeous Desks for Your Small Space (2022)Having an office setup is entirely possible in your home, even if you don’t actually have a dedicated office. All you might need is this floating shelf with drawers, and you can be working, studying, or getting creative with arts and crafts to your heart’s content. This high-quality wood desk features two sliding drawers, a generous workbench, and a floating design with easy installation instructions. It also has plenty of space for a laptop, a small printer, and any other work supplies you might need to use.  CHECK PRICE

Amos Secretary Desk

AmosSecretaryDesk - 25 Gorgeous Desks for Your Small Space (2022)When you’re on the hunt for an elegant desk that suits the classic styling of your home, consider purchasing this secretary desk from Amos. It bucks the trend with its two X-shaped legs and has a gorgeous neutral color scheme. This desk also comes with a small drawer for writing utensils, with extra storage space on top for home décor and an office plant. Even though there isn’t a lot of space for computer work, this desk is more than suitable for writing, drawing, and even art projects.  CHECK PRICE

Faulkner Desk

desk shelves - 25 Gorgeous Desks for Your Small Space (2022)Any modern home can be transformed with the addition of this beautiful metal and glass Faulkner desk. It has a glass top, striking black metal framing, and an abundance of storage for books, plants, photo frames, and more. Due to its height, it can offer you plenty of storage space while maintaining a conservative footprint. This is a desirable feature for any homeowner looking to add a workspace to their home without having it take over. It’s easy-care due to the easy-wipe metal framing, and you can use a simple glass cleaner product on the top. It’s also easy to move from one position to another until you find the best spot to put it.  CHECK PRICE

Glenn Wall-mounted Desk

Holly Martin Haeloen Wall Mount Desk 1d651d1b 83e5 45cd 81b9 c98a659b4716 1000 - 25 Gorgeous Desks for Your Small Space (2022)Everyone deserves eye-catching furniture in their home that they can be proud of, so consider treating yourself to this wall-mounted desk. It stands tall and proud with a convenient space-saving design and striking black and dark tobacco coloring. It’s hard not to be lured in by the three burnt oak shelves, the gunmetal grey frame, and the spacious workbench with plenty of space for all your tools of the trade. Whether you have a small office or a spare space in another part of your home, this desk can fit right in. You can even use it as a display shelving unit for your favorite plants and photos.  CHECK PRICE

Vista Wall-mounted Wood Desk

Kate and Laurel Vista Wall Mounted Wooden Desk Shelf - 25 Gorgeous Desks for Your Small Space (2022)Kate and Laurel really pulled one out of the bag when they created this simple yet elegant wall-mounted wooden desk. It comes with two metal anchors, a 38 x 14-inch work surface, and a 20-pound weight limit for peace of mind. This desk would suit any home or office and look the part in a tiny house or dorm room.  CHECK PRICE

Raeburne Fold-out Desk

desk 7 - 25 Gorgeous Desks for Your Small Space (2022)If you don’t have space for a big, sturdy, solid desk in your home or office, you may be more interested in this fold-out desk. Once it’s installed on your wall, it looks like a thin cabinet in a modern grey color scheme. However, you can have a fully functioning desk with storage nooks for pens, paper, and general office supplies with one pull. As thin and compact as this desk is, it’s robust and sound for work or play. You’re also bound to appreciate the convenience of being able to fold it back up when it’s no longer needed.  CHECK PRICE

Regal Laptop Desk

RegalLaptopDesk - 25 Gorgeous Desks for Your Small Space (2022)If you’re on the hunt for a work desk with a difference, this laptop desk could tick that box. It’s basic in its design with no keyboard tray or storage, but it’s of the perfect design for a laptop. You can set it in front of the couch or even put it beside your bed. It’s also made to stand out with gorgeous mid-century styling, a vibrant blue finish, and a metal framework to help it last the distance. This desk’s workbench also has plenty of space for all your work accessories. When you no longer need it, you can lift it up and store it out of the way.  CHECK PRICE

Folding Study Desk

desk 8 1 - 25 Gorgeous Desks for Your Small Space (2022)Trying to study in a small house is never easy, especially when you share it with someone else and need to move at a moment’s notice. That’s why this folding study desk is proving to be a hot seller. It has all the functionality of a permanent desk without needing to be pulled apart with tools when you no longer need to use it. Instead, this thin folding desk can be folded up like a camping chair and stored behind furniture, in a closet, or even under your bed. Yet, when it’s up, its sleek black color scheme makes it look like any other permanent piece of contemporary furniture.  CHECK PRICE

Harvey Park Wall Desk

wall desk 2 - 25 Gorgeous Desks for Your Small Space (2022)If you like the idea of a grand traditional desk, but you don’t have the space to have such a large piece in your home, check out this wall desk. It has a stunning walnut finish to look like secretary desks from days gone by, but it has a very modern space-saving design. You can install this desk on your wall and take advantage of the lower door that flips down to form a desk. There is also a storage cabinet for all your stationery and office supplies above it and a helpful cord management system. Any student or busy professional would be proud to own this desk.  CHECK PRICE

Wall-mounted Workbench

ipiccy image 4 - 25 Gorgeous Desks for Your Small Space (2022)Not everyone can have a workbench, a dining table, and a place to store home décor. Some people need something that does it all, and this wall-mounted workbench does. It’s a lovely rubberwood wall-mounted work desk with a striking black steel frame that contrasts beautifully against the lightness of the wood. When you’re not using it, it can take up no space on your wall in an office, studio, or living space but quickly folds down to become a functional desk for work, study, or play.  CHECK PRICE

Pamella 2-Shelf Leaning Desk

Safavieh Pamella 2 Shelf Leaning Desk - 25 Gorgeous Desks for Your Small Space (2022)Whether you’re writing a letter, doing arts and crafts, or browsing the internet, you need a desk that can help with those tasks, and this two-shelf leaning desk can. It’s a frame-style desk with wooden materials featuring lovely black legs that stands out from the crowd. Rather than supporting itself on four legs like most traditional desks, this one leans against your wall. It has plenty of shelves for house plants and knick-knacks and even boasts a cubby for paperwork. It also suits any house style seamlessly.  CHECK PRICE

Xlibris Wall Desk

desk 2 - 25 Gorgeous Desks for Your Small Space (2022)A lot of time and effort has gone into crafting this Xlibris wall desk that looks more like a work of art than a functional desk for study or work. Danish artist Kasper Eistruip teamed up with Sibast Furniture to develop this gorgeous piece to suit any home. It has a concealed cable outlet for cable management, beautiful angles that help it stand out, and a brass emblem with a four-leaf clover to seal the deal. When installed in a living room, office, bedroom, or anywhere else, it will be the star of the show.  CHECK PRICE

Ferm Living Sector Desk

view add05 cc521738 b303 41eb 89d2 34d5906f5183 800x800.progressive - 25 Gorgeous Desks for Your Small Space (2022)It’s never easy finding a desk for your home that can blend in the rest of your furniture, but this Ferm Living Sector desk will try its best. It’s available in natural oak or black stained ash color schemes and has polished or blackened brass brackets to add extra elegance and charm. There are also plenty of subtle features, such as a short border for notes and an astonishing amount of workspace to compensate for the lack of storage. Installed in your home or office, you’ll likely be impressed by how practical, functional, and aesthetically pleasing this desk is.  CHECK PRICE

Mid-century Mini Secretary Desk

desk 1 2 - 25 Gorgeous Desks for Your Small Space (2022)This mid-century mini secretary desk is inspired by furniture of the 1950s and 60s, and it’s going to be a breath of fresh air in any home. This desk has everything you could want or need, from the solid eucalyptus wood that gives it its strength to the stunning acorn finish to suit any classic or contemporary home. It also boasts four tapered legs to tie in with the retro theme and a flip-down wall for storage. You can close this up to hide any clutter out of sight. The icing on the cake is the use of metal hardware with an antique bronze finish. Whether you were fond of the 50s and 60s styling or not, you can’t help but love how cute this small secretary desk looks compared to larger secretary desks.  CHECK PRICE

Brantley Floating Desk

ipiccy image 6 - 25 Gorgeous Desks for Your Small Space (2022)This Brantley floating desk from Wayfair is a show stopper. If it’s not the two-tone white and oak finish that grabs your attention, it will surely be the space-saving design that allows you to install it on your wall like a cabinet and then use it as a desk. This rectangular desk has a hinged face with a leather handle and an open upper ledge shelf. You can use the fold-down face for your computer work and store your plants and knick-knacks on the top. It’s bound to suit any dorm room or bedroom.  CHECK PRICE

Rotating Reversible Desk

rotating desk 1 - 25 Gorgeous Desks for Your Small Space (2022)Whether you need a standing desk, a sitting desk, or both, you’ll get what you’re looking for when you purchase this L-shaped free-rotating standing desk. Sit, stand, move around; the choice is yours. This rustic brown desk with pipe metal legs has many different elements to suit your preferences. The 360-degree rotating design allows you to store it in a corner or extend it to turn it into a dual workstation for two people. This desk also has a two-tier storage shelf, two open shelves, and a generous amount of space for folders, paperwork, and general office supplies.  CHECK PRICE

Meridien Wood Wall-Mounted Desk

Kate and Laurel Meridien Wood Wall Mounted Desk 1 - 25 Gorgeous Desks for Your Small Space (2022)It’s hard not to have a cluttered home if it’s small with limited space for things you use every day. However, if you replace your large, cumbersome desk with this Kate and Laurel Meridien wall-mounted one, you may have far more space to work with. This rustic brown wood wall-mounted desk features 100% solid wood and comes with a 20-pound weight capacity. It has space for a laptop or computer monitor and storage space for folders, paperwork, and more. It also comes with metal wall brackets for easy installation.  CHECK PRICE

Grenada Secretary Desk

fold out desk - 25 Gorgeous Desks for Your Small Space (2022)Secretary desks can be cumbersome, but they’re not always, and this Grenada desk is proof of that. While it takes on the same shape and style as a secretary desk, it’s much smaller and more compact. This desk features kiln-dried hardwood, a gorgeous matte walnut finish, and a textured front that you can flip down to uncover your study space. It’s also easy to keep clean and allows you to hide clutter out of sight. Add it to your bedroom, living room, office, or even your hallway. It’s bound to suit any part of your house.  CHECK PRICE

NORDEN Gateleg Table

norden gateleg table birch  0745748 ph153248 s5 - 25 Gorgeous Desks for Your Small Space (2022)Even though this desk can be the same size as a standard desk, that doesn’t mean it won’t suit a small home. Its versatility and adjustability make it ideal for any small or large property. The Scandinavian style of this NORDEN Gateleg table from IKEA will lure you in for a closer look, but then you get to see the many storage options, such as the three deep drawers, and it’s hard not to be intrigued. This desk also has drop leaves, which means it can suit two to four people for dinner when you add seats. Once dinner is over, you can fold it back down for work and hobbies.  CHECK PRICE

Adeptus 7-Drawer Gateleg Desk

folding desk - 25 Gorgeous Desks for Your Small Space (2022)When you’re on the hunt for modern furniture, it’s not always easy to find a suitable desk. Although, you may have just found it if you like the look of this Adeptus Gateleg Desk. At first glance, it looks like a standard set of drawers with seven deep drawers, but its many wonderful features soon reveal themselves. It also has a gateleg extension with a desk surface, which means you can use it for clothing storage or office supplies and work right next to it. This desk also features four caster wheels, solid pine wood, and a striking black color scheme that makes it stand out from the crowd.  CHECK PRICE

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