30 Best Shoe Storage Ideas (2023)

It can sometimes feel like you’re continually tripping over shoes scattered throughout your entryway, mudroom, and entire home. Even just a few pairs are enough to become a trip hazard and make a space feel cluttered. Fortunately, it’s easy enough to address your shoe storage problem. Take a look at these organizing ideas below, and you may have a trip hazard-free home once more.

il 794xN - 30 Best Shoe Storage Ideas (2023) Wall-mounted Shoe Rack

Not everyone has space for shoe storage benches, which is what makes these hanging shoe racks for various areas of your home so desirable. It’s a space-saving shoe storage solution with solid stainless steel or brass rods. They sit flat on your wall or door and comfortably house shoes of nearly any type. Their ability to hold shoes in place also makes them suitable for use in trailers, RVs, and more.  CHECK PRICE

16PairShoeRack 1 - 30 Best Shoe Storage Ideas (2023) 16 Pair Revolving Shoe Rack

As you rifle through the pile of shoes on your closet floor, you’re likely thinking about how much easier life would be if you had a rotating shoe rack. Well, this 16-pair shoe rack is ready to provide you with that very solution. This attractive white shoe rack has space for up to 16 pairs of shoes positioned on four shelves within a compact little unit. While it’s more than suitable for use in an entryway or mudroom, it can also be the star of the show in a closet, walk-in wardrobe, or bedroom. Whenever you need to access a specific pair of shoes, you can simply spin the unit and find them ready and waiting to be worn. It doesn’t get more practical than that.  CHECK PRICE

SH 17 elfa Shoe Organizer V1 R071717 - 30 Best Shoe Storage Ideas (2023) Elfa Décor Shoe Wall

Why hide away your favorite footwear in a closed-in shoe cabinet when you can store shoes of different sizes in a gorgeous shoe wall? This Elfa Décor white shoe wall is designed to suit a 27-inch space to hold up to 52 pairs of sneakers, boots, heels, kids’ shoes, and more in a narrow space. It has a horizontal top track for you to mount to the wall, and it boasts robust epoxy-bonded steel for strength partnered with an attractive birchwood frame. This shoe storage system even has gliding shoe racks, shoe shelves, and integrated wheels with built-in stops.  CHECK PRICE

shoe cabinet 2 - 30 Best Shoe Storage Ideas (2023) Gillian Shoe Storage Cabinet

Shoe cabinets don’t even have to look like shoe cabinets if this Gillian shoe storage cabinet is anything to go by. It’s a beautiful maple and ply cabinet with an easy-wipe surface and two drawers with four tiers. Keep this cabinet in your entryway or mudroom, and enjoy being able to keep heels, sandals, and even chunkier shoes out of sight and out of mind.  CHECK PRICE

10083773 Umbra Clear Shoe VEN8 - 30 Best Shoe Storage Ideas (2023) Umbra Terrace Clear Stacking Shoe Rack – Set of 2

This Umbra terrace-style shoe rack set is made of durable clear plastic and comes with two racks that each hold one pair of shoes. Set them down in a single row, or stack them up in a terrace design. The choice is yours. This stylish shoe solution is versatile, flexible, and easy-care.  CHECK PRICE

shoe bench 2 1 - 30 Best Shoe Storage Ideas (2023) Mabelle Shoe Rack

Urban Outfitters has really pulled one out of the bag with this exclusive Mabelle collection shoe rack. It’s a beautiful combination of boho and modern, boasting a metal frame, arching side handles, and an attractive plastic woven shelf in a beautiful rattan style. There’ll be no need to traipse up the stairs to put on your favorite shoes when you can proudly display this rack at the front door. Best of all, these shoe racks are made to order.  CHECK PRICE

shoe cabinet - 30 Best Shoe Storage Ideas (2023) Mabel 3-Drawer Shoe Cabinet

Clear the clutter in your home with this space-saving three-drawer shoe cabinet. It’s an elegant, clean, and functional cabinet featuring metal that has space for up to eight pairs of shoes. It has an easy-wipe surface, contemporary design, and doesn’t even require assembly. You can also purchase it with three or four drawers.  CHECK PRICE

81QMnapljyL - 30 Best Shoe Storage Ideas (2023) J-me Horizontal Shoe Rack

Finding a modern shoe storage solution can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. This J-me horizontal shoe rack is simplistic, contemporary, and memorable for all the right reasons. It consists of 28-inch metal wall mounts that are easy to install on any wall in rows or individually. Each stainless steel, black, or white wall storage shelf can hold up to four pairs of shoes and comes with all required installation hardware.  CHECK PRICE

81CKvt9ElyL - 30 Best Shoe Storage Ideas (2023) Deluxe 12-Pair Hanging Boot Storage

Boots are notoriously tricky to store, with the average stackable bamboo shoe rack unable to offer the height they need to be stored safely. That’s where this deluxe 12-pair hanging boot storage differs. It’s explicitly designed for boots, which means it stores, organizes and protects your boots as well as you would yourself. This masterpiece storage system requires minimal hanging space in your closet and has a dual-layer system with 12 patented boot hangers included. You can also use this storage system for ankle boots, midi boots, knee-high boots, and over-the-knee boots. Hangers are made to suit all boot styles, and the entire storage unit can hold up to 100 pounds of footwear, accessories, and more.  CHECK PRICE

71oae4MvHL - 30 Best Shoe Storage Ideas (2023) Yamazaki Tall Shoe Rack

This tall, black, ladder-style shoe rack from Yamazaki is not only practical but stylish, as well. It’s designed for conservative floorplans where you need a storage solution, but you don’t have space for something large and cumbersome. It’s 30.5 inches tall, features steel for strength, and is designed to house any shoe style – from boots to sandals and everything in between. It’s also easy to assemble and can be grabbed from the top and turned around, almost like a rotating shoe rack. It’s hard not to be impressed by Yamazaki’s creation.  CHECK PRICE

61ceW3m5O8L - 30 Best Shoe Storage Ideas (2023) We Do Wood Shoe Rack

This We Do Wood shoe rack may also put you on the path to a clutter-free space. It’s designed to be a statement piece in any home, helping you to show off your most beautiful shoes. You can adjust the rack to suit nearly any shoe style, and it’s easy to install on most walls. It’s also hard not to admire the materials, with striking Moso bamboo and brass or black steel completing the look.  CHECK PRICE

shoe storage 18 - 30 Best Shoe Storage Ideas (2023) White Narrow Shoe Organizer

When you need a simple, stylish, and effective form of shoe organization in your home, garage, or any other space, this narrow shoe organizer might be the solution. It’s a four-tier rack with three metal mesh shelves and room for up to 16 pairs of shoes. It also boasts a stunning wooden shelf on the top that you can use for décor like plants, knick-knacks, and photos. As it’s a narrow shelf, it takes up minimal space in any home to avoid blocking entrances while still helping you with your clutter and storage problems. CHECK PRICE

MatapouriShoeStorage12PairStackableShoeStorageCabinet 1 - 30 Best Shoe Storage Ideas (2023) Matapouri Shoe Storage Cabinet

Keep your home’s entry free of shoes and other clutter by purchasing this Matapouri shoe storage cabinet. Not only is it a gorgeous locker-style piece of furniture that makes a statement all on its own, but it’s also available in both bright and neutral finishes to suit your taste. Three doors reveal shelf space for up to 12 pairs of shoes on the inside, and the look is completed with square handles and slatted accents on the front. This robust iron cabinet can make a statement in any home, so why not yours?  CHECK PRICE

shoe storage 26 - 30 Best Shoe Storage Ideas (2023) X-Large Drop-Front Shoe Box Case – Set of 6

When you’ve got a shoe collection you adore, having dedicated storage cubes for each pair can be necessary. This set of six extra-large drop-front shoe box cases may be what you’re looking for. Their large size makes them suitable for a wide range of shoe styles, and their sealed design means footwear remains dust and dirt-free. Whether you’ve got a sneaker collection or designer heels you want to keep safe, this simple cubby system with plastic boxes may tick all the boxes.  CHECK PRICE

The Gray Barn 48 inch Sliding Barn Door Bench 1 - 30 Best Shoe Storage Ideas (2023) The Gray Barn Shoe Bench

Rather than crowding your front door with shoes, hats, bags, and other essentials, store them all neatly in this Gray Barn shoe bench. It’s a high-quality wood piece of furniture with metal hardware that’s designed to suit both classic and contemporary homes. Its white paint scheme partnered with the natural wood-colored top offers farm-style vibes, while the stable-style pattern on the front enhances that look. This shoe bench also has a 48-inch sliding door and four cubby holes for shoes and other essentials.  CHECK PRICE

shoe storage 32 - 30 Best Shoe Storage Ideas (2023) GREJIG Shoe rack

Make use of your closet’s space or a small cubby in your home by installing this sleek, black GREJIG shoe rack. It’s a cost-effective IKEA metal rack that can hold up to three pairs of shoes. You can even buy more than one and stack them on top of each other.  CHECK PRICE

shoe storage 38 - 30 Best Shoe Storage Ideas (2023) Umbra Charcoal Slant Shoe & Accessory Organiser

Everyone deserves to have furniture and accessories of which they can be proud, so consider purchasing this lovely shoe and accessory organizer from Umbra. From the striking charcoal color scheme to the unique shape and design, it means business. You can use it for larger-sized shoes, high heels, and accessories such as handbags. This organizer even features steel wire and mesh shelves for strength and aesthetics. Store up to 12 pairs of women’s shoes or nine pairs of men’s, and enjoy a stylish yet functional way to store your shoes.  CHECK PRICE

shoe storage 41 - 30 Best Shoe Storage Ideas (2023) Porch & Den Parkwood Round Ottoman with Shoe Holder Insert

Do you have special pairs of shoes that you like to keep safe and secure at all times? Well, set your sights on this stylish ottoman. Sure, it’s an attractive and vibrant teal ottoman for seating and style, but it’s also a functional form of shoe storage, courtesy of its shoe holder insert. The button tufting and foam padding add a sense of luxury and elegance, while the grey or teal color scheme makes it ideal for most home styles. All that’s left to do is store your favorite pairs of shoes safely inside.  CHECK PRICE

shoe cabinet 1 - 30 Best Shoe Storage Ideas (2023) 18 Pair Shoe Storage Cabinet

If your industrial-style home is missing that special statement piece, then check out this shoe storage cabinet. It’s capable of holding up to 18 pairs of shoes and even comes with three compartments, comfortable handles, and internal dividers to keep all your footwear separate. Unlike many other forms of shoe storage, this one also has a top shelf and an open shelf that you can use to store photos, plants, and home décor. Keep your shoes hidden out of sight and benefit from a stunning piece of furniture at the same time.  CHECK PRICE

shoe storage 3 - 30 Best Shoe Storage Ideas (2023) 18 Pair Over-the-door Shoe Organiser

These door shoe organizers can be the solution when you want easy access to your shoes, but you don’t want them out on display cluttering up your home. It has enough space for up to 18 pairs of shoes and installs easily over a closet door. Keep them hidden out of sight and out of mind but within reach at a moment’s notice. This lightweight and contemporary shoe storage solution may tick all the boxes for your needs.  CHECK PRICE

shoe bench - 30 Best Shoe Storage Ideas (2023) Lotus Bamboo Storage Bench

With a similar design to other storage solutions, this bamboo storage bench is bound to fit right into your home. It’s made with natural materials, features a foam coating on the top with upholstery and cushioning, and it has four compartments on the inside for shoes, scarves, leashes, and other essential accessories. The seat on the top supports up to 225 pounds of weight, and the interior is plastic-lined for easy cleaning. You’re also bound to appreciate the small ventilation holes courtesy of the beautiful bamboo frontage. This storage bench would suit any entryway or mudroom well.  CHECK PRICE

extendable shoe storage - 30 Best Shoe Storage Ideas (2023) YAMAZAKI Expandable 3-Tiered Shoe Rack

If you’ve got limited space in your home, dorm room, mudroom, or entryway, you’ll likely see the value in this expandable three-tiered shoe rack from Yamazaki. While it can be shortened to house just a few pairs of shoes, you can also expand it to provide storage for over a dozen. This shoe rack removes the need for a boot tray in your home since you can store tall footwear on the top shelf. The icing on the cake is the use of steel, wood, and modern colors to help it blend in with most home décor.  CHECK PRICE

shoe storage 12 - 30 Best Shoe Storage Ideas (2023) 18 Pair Wall-mounted Shoe and Boots Organizer

Whether you’re a shop owner trying to display your wares in the most attractive way or a shoe lover without a storage solution, set your sights on this wall-mounted shoe and boot organizer. It’s ideal for entryways, closets, mudrooms, garages, and stores and has enough space for up to 15 pairs of shoes in five rows. This shoe organizer comes with 30 wire loop-style hooks and extra hooks at the bottom to hold three pairs of boots. It’s attractive, functional, and competitively priced.  CHECK PRICE

shoe storage 24 - 30 Best Shoe Storage Ideas (2023) Under-the-bed Drawer

If you have spare space under your bed for storage, then it might be time to invest in this under-the-bed drawer. While you can use these drawers for toys, blankets, linen, and out-of-season clothing, they are also perfect for footwear you don’t need to wear every day. These plastic easy-care drawers have drawer glides for easy opening and closing, and you can also put cedar drawer liners in them to repel moths and other insects. They are also transparent so you can see exactly what you’ve put in each drawer.  CHECK PRICE

murvel shoe organizer gray  0940001 pe794763 s5 1 - 30 Best Shoe Storage Ideas (2023) MURVEL Shoe organiser

Cost-effective shoe storage solutions can seem impossible to find, but you need only look to IKEA for the answer. Store your shoes easily and in pairs with these individual shoe organizers. Many recommendations have been made about these simple organizers, and you can see why. They are easy to store in closets and cabinets and prevent that age-old problem of trying to find a matching pair of shoes in your home.  CHECK PRICE

91HMe0TZuL. AC SL1500  - 30 Best Shoe Storage Ideas (2023) Simple Houseware Hanging Shoe Organizer

Installing new furniture for shoe storage requires you to have a larger space than you possibly have, which is why this grey closet organizer is so desirable. Rather than take up space in your home, you can hang a fabric shelf system with 24 extra-large shelves in your closet. The entire storage system features three standard coat hooks, and you can hang them on a closet rail. This gem also has an open design, which means all shoes are easy to access in their individual pockets.  CHECK PRICE

shoe bench 1 - 30 Best Shoe Storage Ideas (2023) VASAGLE Shoe Bench with Cupboard and 9 Open Compartments

Shoe storage can be made to look like it was always part of your home décor, and this Vasagle shoe bench is proof of that. It’s a gorgeous form of shoe storage with a cupboard and nine open compartments for your entire family’s shoes. The charming wood bench supports up to 440 pounds of weight, and all cubbies are ideal for shoes up to US size 10. You can also remove or adjust all dividers to three heights.  CHECK PRICE

shoe ottoman - 30 Best Shoe Storage Ideas (2023) The Sole Secret Shoe Storage Bench

If you have spare space at the foot of your bed, use it to your advantage with this beige button-tufted shoe storage bench from The Sole Secret. While it functions as a form of shoe storage with a lot of space, it’s also a subtle piece of furniture that can tie a bedroom’s look together. It has a partitioned interior to keep shoes apart, a strong wooden frame, a hinged lid, and padding so that it can be used as occasional seating. This elegant piece can easily be considered one of the best overall shoe organizers.  CHECK PRICE

black shoe rack - 30 Best Shoe Storage Ideas (2023) Black Steel Entryway Rack

Even if your home lacks space, there’s no reason why you can’t squeeze in a functional shoe rack to make life easier. This black steel entryway rack has a myriad of different uses, including being a practical place to put your footwear. Each of the three shelves has a generous 22-pound weight capacity, yet the entire unit only weighs a little over 28 pounds. If you’re not happy with where you initially placed it, you can also pick it up by the curved frame at the top and move it somewhere else. There’s more to this rack than meets the eye.  CHECK PRICE

3PairWallMountedShoeRack 1 - 30 Best Shoe Storage Ideas (2023) 3-Pair Wall Mounted Shoe Rack

When floor space is lacking, reach for this three-pair wall-mounted shoe rack instead. This rustic, elegant shoe rack is designed for homes and retail businesses to safely store shoes without the risk of them being trodden on, on the floor. Each rack can hold up to three pairs of shoes and can suit most styles like sneakers, sandals, and even high heels. Install this rack in your entryway, mudroom, business, garage, or anywhere with free wall space.  CHECK PRICE

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