30 Gorgeous Coffee Tables for Small Spaces (2023)

Furniture shopping for small spaces can sometimes be a stressful occasion. However, when it comes to coffee tables, you may just find you’re spoilt for choice. There’s something for everyone, from small tables and extendable tables to ottomans, dining tables, and tables that take on triple duty as storage. Why not check out some of these gorgeous coffee tables for small spaces below?

Coffee Table With Lift-Top and Storage

61UNJBtg5GL. AC SL1200  - 30 Gorgeous Coffee Tables for Small Spaces (2023) A conservative floorplan doesn’t have to be a problem with this coffee table featuring a lift top and storage. You can make use of the hidden storage space and shelving and even extend the top to form a work area. The height of this solid wood, metal, and chipboard coffee table is also adjustable.  CHECK PRICE

Jesse Wicker Storage Coffee Table

rattan coffee table storage - 30 Gorgeous Coffee Tables for Small Spaces (2023) Soften your home’s interior with this wicker storage coffee table that features Kubu rattan, a cotton-lined interior, and a removable lid to store throw blankets, pillows, and more. It can function as a coffee table at 28.5 x 28.5 x 17 inches, but it’s also more than suitable for use in bedrooms and other parts of your home. CHECK PRICE

Storage Table With Reversible and Removable Top

OakWoodVeneerStorageTableWithReversibleAndRemovableTop - 30 Gorgeous Coffee Tables for Small Spaces (2023) Tiny coffee tables don’t tend to stand out all that much, but that’s certainly not the case with this mid-century design oak table with a reversible and removable top. Even though it’s small, it packs a punch with its storage capabilities and style. It suits any home architecture and design and has a lid that you can remove to store remotes, magazines, and other items. The base features solid wood, it has tapered legs for style, and it comes partially assembled for your convenience.  CHECK PRICE

White Round Coffee Table With Storage

Villar3LegswithStorage - 30 Gorgeous Coffee Tables for Small Spaces (2023) A coffee table plus storage is a recipe for success, which is perhaps why this white round coffee table is winning hearts. It looks like a contemporary and elegant coffee table for any small space, but there is generous storage space for magazines, remotes, and more beneath the table lid. It’s also easy to put together and features high-quality materials like pine wood.  CHECK PRICE

Henton Drum Coffee Table With Storage

drum coffee table storage - 30 Gorgeous Coffee Tables for Small Spaces (2023) This Henton drum coffee table with storage is everything you could need in a table for your home. It boasts a gorgeous hammered metal base that stands out from the crowd, stunning textures the entire way around, and a removable solid wood top to seal the deal. Store your drinks on the top or remove the lid for pillow and blanket storage.  CHECK PRICE

Mid-Century Hairpin Coffee Table

coffee table - 30 Gorgeous Coffee Tables for Small Spaces (2023) With hairpin legs, a gorgeous guitar pick shape, and a simplistic design, it’s not hard to see why this mid-century coffee table is winning the hearts of all who view it. It’s lightweight and compact yet functions perfectly well as a coffee table in a small space. The best part is, it’s reminiscent of furniture from days gone by, adding to its appeal.  CHECK PRICE

Nesting Tables

Carbon Loft Two Tone Nesting Table Set - 30 Gorgeous Coffee Tables for Small Spaces (2023) This two-tone nesting table set in dark walnut and English oak is industrial styling at its finest. Whether your home is modern, industrial, or has New York vibes, you’ll undoubtedly be attracted to this nesting set of tables. They feature striking black powder-coated steel frames, contrasting wood tabletops, and curves to work in contrast with the sharp lines of your home.  CHECK PRICE

Coffee Table With Storage

CoffeeTableWithStorage - 30 Gorgeous Coffee Tables for Small Spaces (2023) Wayfair has really pulled one out of the bag with this metal and wood-tiered coffee table with storage. Whether your home is of a modern or industrial style, this table with a rustic grey finish will fit right in. It boasts riveted sheet metal corners, two tiers that rotate 360 degrees, and an abundance of storage space you possibly weren’t expecting. It’s everything you could need in a coffee table and more.  CHECK PRICE

Corso Coffee Table With Storage

CorsoCoffeeTablewithStorage - 30 Gorgeous Coffee Tables for Small Spaces (2023) This wood and steel coffee table is a crowd-pleaser. Not only does it boast different colors in the grand walnut finished woodgrain and black metal frame, but it suits large and small homes alike. Use it in your living room, dining room, bedroom; the options are endless. This table has a lift-top featuring an abundance of storage down one side for pillows, blankets, and board games. The other side features open storage where you can display your favorite books and plants. CHECK PRICE

Willen White Lift-Top Side Table

Furniture of America Willen White 22 inch 1 shelf Lift top Side Table - 30 Gorgeous Coffee Tables for Small Spaces (2023) It can sometimes seem like coffee tables look and function all the same, and the shopping experience can become tiresome. However, boring is certainly not a word you’d use to describe this white lift-top side table. The tabletop can lift up to reveal hidden storage space underneath, and you can use both features at the same time. There is also a lower shelf for even more storage. The white and wood color scheme is also bound to be a feature that captures your attention, along with the mid-century modern design.  CHECK PRICE

Coral Cape Coffee Table

GUEST 5cf02313 fbec 430e 897f 157084edd651 - 30 Gorgeous Coffee Tables for Small Spaces (2023) Not everyone wants traditional coffee tables, and that’s okay. This one-of-a-kind table is a good option for modern and classic homes. It boasts three safety-tempered glass shelves, a satin gold powder-coated metal frame, and gorgeous detailing in the form of patterns on each glass shelf. No matter where you put this table in your home, it’s bound to stand out. CHECK PRICE

Julia Coffee Table

GUEST b57bbda1 6d0e 409c 918a 038d42b15cc7 - 30 Gorgeous Coffee Tables for Small Spaces (2023) Affordable, stylish coffee tables for a studio, home, or business can be hard to come by but not entirely impossible. This Julia coffee table suits any small space, stands out for all the right reasons, and doesn’t break the bank. It boasts honey-colored tapered legs, tipped feet, and color schemes of white, mint, grey, and black. Pair it with accent chairs or a lounge suite, or even position it by your bed.  CHECK PRICE

Grey Wood and Black Iron Table

GUEST ba7b2d0d 4ccf 4778 ac93 c5bf44c85218 - 30 Gorgeous Coffee Tables for Small Spaces (2023) Any classic or contemporary home can be taken to the next level with this grey wood and black iron end table. The striking frame links delicately to the tabletop, and the three legs link up underneath for complete stability. The sharp lines and contours also work in harmony with other contemporary elements in your home. CHECK PRICE

Havsta Nesting Tables – Set of 2

havsta nest of tables set of 2 white  0724444 pe734407 s5 - 30 Gorgeous Coffee Tables for Small Spaces (2023) Lighten and brighten your living space with a set of two nesting tables. From the sustainably-sourced solid pine wood construction to the Scandinavian styling, high edges for convenience, and clean, simple lines, this table set means business. You can also use them together or apart in your living room, dining room, or even a bedroom.  CHECK PRICE

Round Coffee Table With Storage

coffee table 19 1 - 30 Gorgeous Coffee Tables for Small Spaces (2023) White and wood furniture are all the rage right now, so remain on-trend with the purchase of this white round coffee table with storage. With an eclectic mix of Scandinavian and mid-century design, it’s the perfect piece for any house-proud homeowner who wants their coffee table to stand out. This table boasts solid wood splayed legs, a removable top for storage, and a gorgeous, clean color scheme.  CHECK PRICE

Upholstered Storage Ottoman

upholstered base storage ottoman large o - 30 Gorgeous Coffee Tables for Small Spaces (2023) If you’re lacking space, then you’re likely also lacking storage. Solve both problems with this upholstered base storage ottoman. This great coffee table features a plush base, a gorgeous wood top, and an abundance of storage space underneath. This modern coffee table can’t help but stand out from the crowd and is bound to shoot to the top of your wish list.  CHECK PRICE

Lövbacken Side Table

loevbacken side table medium brown  0731793 pe738455 s5 - 30 Gorgeous Coffee Tables for Small Spaces (2023) This side table is simplicity at its finest. It takes the best features from furniture from days gone by and combines it with modern elements to create a stunning coffee table that looks good in any home. Enjoy the gorgeous grain pattern courtesy of the poplar materials, and be relieved by how easy-care it is courtesy of the stain-resistant top. This table also boasts three unique tapered legs with plastic feet to protect flooring.  CHECK PRICE

Sauder Manhattan Gate Coffee Table

coffee table 5 1 1 - 30 Gorgeous Coffee Tables for Small Spaces (2023) Any small living room or family room could benefit from this functional coffee table. At first glance, it looks like a boxy piece of furniture with a mystic oak finish, but it’s so much more. It has fully-extending drawers on both sides and is a rustic coffee table to suit homes of any style and size. It also has a generous tabletop for board games, books, remotes, and additional items.  CHECK PRICE

Mascotte Multifunctional Coffee Table

coffee table 7 1 1 - 30 Gorgeous Coffee Tables for Small Spaces (2023) Two-in-one furniture is growing in popularity by the day, which is why this multifunctional coffee table is such a popular piece. It’s a dining table and coffee table all in one, with seven height options to suit your preferences at the touch of a button. It’s no ordinary wooden table, either, since you can also choose a wood finish to suit your home’s interior design.  CHECK PRICE

Two White Nesting Tables

coffee table 8 2 1 - 30 Gorgeous Coffee Tables for Small Spaces (2023) Two white nesting tables are always better than one, so add this versatile coffee table set to your wish list. These two round tables feature metal frames, a vibrant white color scheme, and a flexible nesting design for any occasion. Add them to your living room, dining room, or even a bedroom.  CHECK PRICE

Malibu Lift-Top Coffee Table With Storage

coffee table 10 1 1 - 30 Gorgeous Coffee Tables for Small Spaces (2023) This Malibu lift-top coffee table with storage is on trend for those with limited space, and you’re about to find out why. It functions as a gorgeous wood and white small coffee table before transforming into a functional dining table that you can shift to your dining room, patio, or anywhere else you’d like to dine. It can accommodate up to six guests and has an assisted closure system and base container.  CHECK PRICE

Deeley Coffee Table With 4 Nested Stools

coffee table 1 - 30 Gorgeous Coffee Tables for Small Spaces (2023) Finding a coffee table that caters to every member of your family is challenging, but you’ll surely be adding this beautiful piece to your shopping cart. It’s a coffee table with four nested stools that takes up very little space in your home. The leather-covered stools tuck away under the table, and the pinewood and metal are the embodiment of home designing done right. This coffee table with stools has many uses.  CHECK PRICE

Solid Wood Pedestal Coffee Table

coffee table 16 1 - 30 Gorgeous Coffee Tables for Small Spaces (2023) If you don’t have decorative objects that would see the need for a large coffee table, then check out this pedestal coffee table. It boasts beautiful solid wood, an amber finish, sustainable bamboo materials and has a small surface area for use by your sofa. Use it to store a drink, a book, or a remote, then keep it out of the way when you don’t need it. CHECK PRICE

Strick & Bolton Nir Storage Ottoman

coffee table 17 - 30 Gorgeous Coffee Tables for Small Spaces (2023) Soft furnishings always make a home look and feel comfortable, but who knew your coffee table could achieve the same result? This storage ottoman can be a functional coffee table, a warming piece of home décor, and a storage ottoman all in one. Underneath the upholstered lid is a tray for drinks, books, remotes, and more. You can then replace it to hide any clutter out of sight. With a distressed finish and contemporary fabric, this coffee table would suit homes of any style. CHECK PRICE

Bremen Cross Legs Coffee Table

BremenCrossLegsCoffeeTable - 30 Gorgeous Coffee Tables for Small Spaces (2023) Everyone deserves to have elegant furniture that doesn’t break the bank. This cross-leg coffee table boasts a white wood top that looks like marble material set upon black iron tripod legs. With a teardrop-shaped top and asymmetrical styling, it’s an attractive piece for any home and takes up minimal space.  CHECK PRICE

Geib Coffee Table

GeibCoffeeTable - 30 Gorgeous Coffee Tables for Small Spaces (2023) Add rustic charm to your home and tie your entire living room look together with this coffee table. It features a stylish tri-leg base, a circular top with lipped edges, and mango wood you can’t help but love. While it’s manufactured and easy to put together, it looks like one of those handmade pieces that cost a fortune.  CHECK PRICE

Gualöv Storage Table

gualoev storage table black  0836232 PE631871 S5 - 30 Gorgeous Coffee Tables for Small Spaces (2023) Many people struggle with the idea of purchasing coffee tables when all they do is hold hot beverages and take up space. However, there’s much more to this table from IKEA than meets the eye. Sure, it has a metal tabletop for easy drink storage, but you can also remove the lid to reveal the storage space below. Fill it with throw blankets, a cushion, or anything you please.  CHECK PRICE

Clemintine Coffee Table

coffee table 21 - 30 Gorgeous Coffee Tables for Small Spaces (2023) Some of the best modern coffee tables are those that highlight some of the most aesthetically pleasing furniture features of the past. This coffee table may be new, but it gains inspiration from the 1950s and 60s with its tapered wood legs, brass ferrule accents, and oval shape. This coffee table’s dimensions are also generous, which means there’s plenty of space for books, drinks, and remotes. CHECK PRICE

Dayton Industrial Coffee Table

GUEST e34322d5 5e17 4222 bd4c 2393764019a3 - 30 Gorgeous Coffee Tables for Small Spaces (2023) Every home deserves a statement piece, and that piece in your home could be this industrial coffee table. It boasts a grey metal frame for rigidity and strength, a pinewood top for warmth, and industrial-style legs that make it stand out from the crowd. This coffee table would look right at home in any home, business, or even home bar.  CHECK PRICE

Lift-Top Coffee Table With Storage

coffee table 14 1 - 30 Gorgeous Coffee Tables for Small Spaces (2023) You’ve seen one coffee table; you’ve seen them all. Or, have you? This lift-top coffee table with storage is a head-turner, and you’ll struggle not to add it to your shopping cart. While it functions as a standard modular table, it also pulls apart so that you can enjoy its functionality in different ways. It swivels 360 degrees, has a lift-out table for use as a laptop desk, and even has hidden compartments for storage. The combination of woodgrain and lacquer is also bound to grab your attention.  CHECK PRICE

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