30 gorgeous coffee tables for small spaces

Furniture shopping for small spaces can sometimes be a stressful occasion. However, when it comes to coffee tables, you may just find you’re spoilt for choice. There’s something for everyone, from small tables and extendable tables to ottomans, dining tables, and tables that take on triple duty as storage. Why not check out some of these gorgeous coffee tables for small spaces below?

61UNJBtg5GL. AC SL1200  - 30 gorgeous coffee tables for small spacesCoffee table with lift-top and storage ($169.99). A conservative floorplan doesn’t have to be a problem with this coffee table featuring a lift top and storage. You can make use of the hidden storage space and shelving and even extend the top to form a work area. The height of this solid wood, metal, and chipboard coffee table is also adjustable. Find it here

coffee table 19 1 - 30 gorgeous coffee tables for small spacesSocorro coffee table with storage ($179.99). Even though this Socorro coffee table looks simple, quaint, and basic, it’s anything but. Instead, it’s a lovely mid-century piece with hidden storage underneath the tabletop. It also boasts a stunning Scandinavian style with solid wood splayed legs. Find it here

coffee table 3 1 1 - 30 gorgeous coffee tables for small spacesSolid wood extendable coffee table ($159.99). A small coffee table may be okay for just you, but what about when guests visit? This solid wood extendable coffee table might be the answer. It has circles on each end that you can extend to create a longer table. These circles also swivel to act as a Lazy Suzan. With a neutral finish and solid rubberwood construction, it will likely tick all the boxes. Find it here

upholstered base storage ottoman large o - 30 gorgeous coffee tables for small spacesUpholstered base storage ottoman ($499 – $649). A coffee table can be more than just a place to put your remote, as this upholstered base storage ottoman will show. It has an engineered wood top for convenient beverage placement, but storage space hidden underneath, encompassed by the fabric of your choosing. Find it here

coffee table 4 1 1 - 30 gorgeous coffee tables for small spacesMirabel lift top coffee table with storage ($215.99). Enjoy storage space and style courtesy of this Mirabel lift-top coffee table with storage. It’s made in the USA with metal and engineered wood in a Dover oak finish. But that’s not even the best part. It features shelving for books and remotes and a lift-top for more hidden storage. Store away that living room clutter with ease. Find it here

coffee table 5 1 1 - 30 gorgeous coffee tables for small spacesSauder Manhattan Gate coffee table ($228). Store blankets, boardgames, and books out of sight with the help of this Sauder Manhattan Gate coffee table. Not only is it stylish with engineered wood and a mystic oak finish, but it features fully-extending drawers on both sides. It’s bound to suit any living space. Find it here

81nxvBEcvbL. AC SL1500  1 - 30 gorgeous coffee tables for small spacesSet of 2 nesting coffee tables ($54.99). Nesting tables are coming back into fashion, and this beautiful pair of solid MDF and bamboo tables is leading the way. They have a weight capacity of 25kg, suit any room in your home, and handle daily wear and tear. Find it here

coffee table 6 1 1 - 30 gorgeous coffee tables for small spacesFarmhouse style coffee table with lift top. Farmhouse styling is growing in popularity by the day, so don’t look past this coffee table with a lift top. It boasts engineered wood, veneer, solid wood with a distressed finish, and beautiful metal brackets with a two-sided hinged lid. It’s bound to stand out in your living room for all the right reasons. Find it here

cecile coffee table o - 30 gorgeous coffee tables for small spacesCecile coffee table ($299.00). If you’re looking to add some glitz and glam to your living room, don’t look past this Cecile coffee table. From the fresh white finish to the warm brass U-shaped metal legs, it means business. Pair it with classic or contemporary furniture to tie the look together. Find it here

coffee table 7 1 1 - 30 gorgeous coffee tables for small spacesMascotte multifunctional coffee table ($1,237.00). Not everyone has space for a dining table and a coffee table – and that’s okay. You can have both with a single product if you purchase this Mascotte multifunctional coffee table. It adjusts to seven heights with the press of a button. You can also choose from various wood finishes to suit your home’s décor. Find it here

coffee table 8 2 1 - 30 gorgeous coffee tables for small spacesTwo white nesting tables ($89.99). Welcome style and space-saving measures into your home with these two white nesting tables. You can store the smaller of the two underneath or use them both individually. Their clean lines, metal frames, and versatility make them a standout furniture set in any home. Find it here

coffee table 20 1 - 30 gorgeous coffee tables for small spacesRotating coffee table ($251.00). Coffee tables don’t have to be boring. They can also be works of art, like this rotating coffee table with a subtle black finish. It has three surfaces, two of which rotate into different positions. You can also have them stacked together as a single circular table. Find it here

coffee table 10 1 1 - 30 gorgeous coffee tables for small spacesMalibu lift top coffee table with storage ($1,599.99). If saving space is important to you, this lift-top coffee table with storage might tick all the boxes. It functions beautifully as a coffee table but then transforms into a stable dining table for up to six people with an assisted closure system and base container. Find it here

coffee table 11 1 1 - 30 gorgeous coffee tables for small spacesWhite round coffee table with hidden storage ($343.79). Lighten and brighten your small space with this stunning white coffee table with hidden storage. While it doesn’t take up much space, it has plenty of room in its pinewood and veneer base to store books, remotes, and more. Find it here

coffee table 12 1 1 - 30 gorgeous coffee tables for small spacesNesting coffee tables ($325.92). Why buy living room tables, side tables, and end tables when you can buy a single set that can function as all these things and more? These nesting coffee tables with solid Sheesham wood and powder-coated steel are the epitome of style and functionality. Each table tucks away neatly underneath, and they take up minimal space in your home. Find it here

coffee table 14 1 - 30 gorgeous coffee tables for small spacesLift-top coffee table with storage ($489.99). Have you ever got tired of having the same old coffee table? That’s unlikely to happen with this lift-top coffee table with storage. This beautiful lacquer and melamine veneer table is as versatile as they come. Enjoy the convenience of hidden compartments, a 360-degree swivel, and flexibility for use as a laptop desk or dining table. Find it here.

coffee table 1 - 30 gorgeous coffee tables for small spacesDeeley coffee table with 4 nested stools ($1,019.99). If space is lacking in your home, this 5-in-1 coffee table with four nested stools might be the answer. You can use it as a coffee table, but also make it a seating area with leather-covered sectionals. It features beautiful pine wood and metal and has many uses throughout the average home. Find it here

71vDf8BZQ4L. AC SL1024  - 30 gorgeous coffee tables for small spacesYellow coffee table ($148.03). Bold and beautiful is the aim of the game with this quaint yellow coffee table. It features tapered solid wood legs, a vibrant yellow colour scheme, and easy-care materials. Allow it to become the feature of your living space. Find it here

coffee table 16 1 - 30 gorgeous coffee tables for small spacesSolid wood pedestal coffee table ($212.99). Not everyone needs a large coffee table, but they do need somewhere to place their drink, book, or remote. This solid wood pedestal coffee table meets the mark. It has an open base to allow for easy movement and looks stunning with its amber finish and sustainable bamboo materials. Find it here

coffee table 17 - 30 gorgeous coffee tables for small spacesStrick & Bolton Nir storage ottoman ($160.07). Make your living room feel warm and welcoming with this Strick & Bolton Nir storage ottoman. The upholstered linen makes it look cosy and warm, while the distressed white finish offers lovely farmhouse styling. You can also flip the top to reveal tray tops for coffee, snacks, and more. Find it here

91x9PEBeJ0L. AC SL1500  - 30 gorgeous coffee tables for small spacesLiving nesting coffee table ($202.48). If you’re going for mid-century styling in your home, then this nesting coffee table can help. It’s a set of two with beautiful mid-century styling, courtesy of the tapered legs and stunning curved top. Use them together or separately – the choice is yours. Find it here

911UCgWxLTL. AC SL1500  - 30 gorgeous coffee tables for small spacesMid-Century modern coffee table ($199.99). With a two-tone finish, walnut legs, and stylish gold crossbar, this coffee table is the epitome of mid-century styling. It looks beautiful in classic and contemporary homes and offers a clean, white finish along with 28 inches of top storage space. Find it here

AlysiaFrameCoffeeTable - 30 gorgeous coffee tables for small spacesAlysia frame coffee table ($136.99). Welcome mid-century modern styling to your home with this Alysia frame coffee table. It features a lovely black iron base, wood top, and generous dimensions for coffee cups, remotes, and more. The open centre also creates an illusion of space. Find it here

BremenCrossLegsCoffeeTable - 30 gorgeous coffee tables for small spacesBremen cross legs coffee table ($229.99). Retro meets modern with this stunning Bremen cross leg coffee table. It has three legs, an engineered wood top, and robust black iron tripod legs. Its unique tear-drop shape also adds some flair and style to your space. Find it here

GeibCoffeeTable - 30 gorgeous coffee tables for small spacesGeib coffee table ($144.99). Any homeowner looking for rustic charm and mid-century styling will enjoy both with this Geib coffee table. It’s of a conservative size for small spaces but acts as a feature in any room. This lovely mango wood coffee table also has a circular top, lipped edges, and a stylish tri-leg base. Find it here

gualoev storage table black  0836232 PE631871 S5 - 30 gorgeous coffee tables for small spacesGUALÖV storage table ($49.99). This GUALÖV storage table is a head-turner in any home. You can leave the metal table empty to offer the illusion of space or fill it with throw blankets, pillows, magazines, and more. The tabletop also lifts off easily to provide access to the storage space below. Find it here

coffee table 13 1 - 30 gorgeous coffee tables for small spacesRivet Axel lift-up table ($224.00). This lovely walnut and black metal side end table is a head-turner. Its clean lines and metal legs give it contemporary charm, while its lift-top with storage makes it entirely functional. It also suits any part of your home. Find it here

coffee table 21 - 30 gorgeous coffee tables for small spacesClemintine Coffee table ($149.99). If you’re looking to welcome a 1950s-60s vibe to your home, then start with this lovely Clemintine coffee table. With an oval shape, tapered wood legs, and brass ferrule accents, it’s as retro as they come. It also offers plenty of space in your living or dining room for beverages, books, and more. Find it here

GUEST e34322d5 5e17 4222 bd4c 2393764019a3 - 30 gorgeous coffee tables for small spacesDayton industrial coffee table ($104.29). Make your coffee table a standout feature in your home by purchasing this Dayton industrial coffee table. It features a grey metal frame, pinewood top, and unique industrial legs that work on all surfaces. It even comes with floor protectors. Find it here

AaliyahCoffeeTable - 30 gorgeous coffee tables for small spacesAaliyah coffee table ($134.99). Lighten up your apartment or home with this coffee table from Aaliyah. It’s sleek, elegant, and entirely functional for any living or dining room. Enjoy the strength of the manufactured rubberwood, along with the style of the white finish and natural oak hues. Find it here

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