30 Stylish Coffee Tables With Storage (2022)

Everyone deserves to have furniture that makes a statement and has people saying ‘wow’ when they enter your home. For some, that furniture is a coffee table with something a little bit extra special, such as storage.

When the time comes to invest in something new for your home, why not let it be furniture that functions as a focal point in your living room, such as a coffee table? Any of these options with plenty of storage space may appeal.

SaborntonCoffeeTablewithStorage 1 - 30 Stylish Coffee Tables With Storage (2022) Sabornton Coffee Table with Storage

It’s not always easy finding mid-century-styled coffee tables to suit the rest of your furniture, but this Sabornton coffee table might stand a chance of fitting in. it comes from Wrought Studio™ and boasts a rectangular design, walnut wood finish, and eye-catching brass-tipped legs. You’re also bound to be impressed by the drawer under the table and open shelf for fast and easy storage. This stain and scratch-resistant table means business.  CHECK PRICE

coffee table drawers - 30 Stylish Coffee Tables With Storage (2022) Sauder Manhattan Gate Coffee Table

For the classic home, modern home, or farm-style home, this beautiful Sauder Manhattan Gate coffee table is bound to be the star of the show. It’s a square coffee table with a generous amount of storage, finished in an attractive and striking mystic oak. Enjoy the convenience of two drawers for pillows, blankets, remotes, and other items, and hide clutter out of sight.  CHECK PRICE

Zenvida Brevard Coffee Table With Storage Drawer and Shelf Industrial Metal Rustic 48  Cocktail Table - 30 Stylish Coffee Tables With Storage (2022) Brevard Coffee Table With Storage Drawer and Shelf

This versatile, strong, industrial-style coffee table will fit right into any contemporary or classic abode. It features sturdy metal legs and a robust frame, and these materials partner beautifully with the gorgeous wood grain look. It also has a cubby hole and half drawer for easy storage when you need it. All that’s left to do is pair it with your favourite rug, and you can have a living room setup of which you can be proud.  CHECK PRICE

CoffeeTablewithStorage - 30 Stylish Coffee Tables With Storage (2022) Accent Round Coffee Table with Removable Wood Tray

Very rarely do you come across tables that make spectacular use of colors, which is why this round coffee table with storage is such a standout piece. While your eye can be drawn in by the smooth, wide wood top, it’s the striking blue upholstered base that is truly deserving of your attention. It stands out as a piece of art all on its own but can also be used to show off your favorite sculptures and vases. It may even be practical as a seat, footstool, or ottoman.  CHECK PRICE

91 QCkZ2QSL. AC SL1500  - 30 Stylish Coffee Tables With Storage (2022) Lift-Top Coffee Table with Storage

Some of the most attractive and functional coffee tables for sale are rarely affordable, but this piece bucks the trend. It’s an exceptional chestnut brown lift-top coffee table with so many more features than meets the eye. Enjoy the convenience of the built-in storage compartment and the steel lifting mechanism to make use of the laptop table. It’s also made stable with high-quality wooden frame materials and tapered legs. Add this beautiful piece to your home today.  CHECK PRICE

volume round storage coffee table z - 30 Stylish Coffee Tables With Storage (2022) Volume Round Storage Coffee Table

Add some warmth and nature to your home with this modern, streamlined coffee table with storage. Ash veneer encompasses a solid mahogany wood frame, and the top swivels open and closed for easy access to the storage. This Volume round table also features FSC-certified wood from responsibly managed forests and has been made in Indonesia.  CHECK PRICE

coffee table lift top - 30 Stylish Coffee Tables With Storage (2022) Sauder Nova Loft Coffee Table

Uncomplicated furniture doesn’t have to be boring, and this Sauder Nova loft coffee table is anything but. It has a sleek and stylish black powder-coated metal frame, a Grand Walnut© finish, and an abundance of storage space underneath the lift top for your favorite sculptures, vases, and knick-knacks. This industrial-style coffee table also has a divided shelf and a laptop table for your convenience.  CHECK PRICE

coffee table with lid - 30 Stylish Coffee Tables With Storage (2022) Ailsa Mango Wood and Iron Coffee Table

This gorgeous hand-crafted coffee table by Ailsa is the epitome of excellence in design, with a powder-coated base and mango wood top finished with clear antique coloring. It’s a statement piece in every sense of the word, especially as each table is unique. This coffee table even has a hinged lid for you to store items in the base.  CHECK PRICE

ChristinaFrameCoffeeTablewithStorage - 30 Stylish Coffee Tables With Storage (2022) Christina Frame Coffee Table with Storage

Rustic-style furniture can easily enhance a home, but there’s something quite special about this Christina frame coffee table. It would look right at home in any Houston, TX abode but equally attractive in a New York loft or a standard modern home. It has a stain and scratch-resistant finish, metal brackets for an industrial feel, and a rotating tabletop for versatility in your space. Let’s not forget the storage, either, of which there is plenty for your daily needs. Use this stylish coffee table for family fun, coffee with friends, showing off your decor, or whatever you please.  CHECK PRICE

farmhouse coffee table - 30 Stylish Coffee Tables With Storage (2022) Square Storage Coffee Table with Hinged Lift Top

With trunk table styling and plenty of space for board games for family game night, remotes, magazines, and pillows, it’s hard not to be impressed with this coffee table. It’s a real head-turner with a distressed white finish, two-tone paint scheme, and hinged lift top. You also can’t help but be wowed by the small industrial features like the bracket hardware and plank effect combined seamlessly with the reclaimed look.  CHECK PRICE

storage coffee table  - 30 Stylish Coffee Tables With Storage (2022) La Jolla Storage Coffee Table

When was the last time you saw a vintage grey oak coffee table in someone’s home? They’re rarely seen, which might be why this La Jolla table is an excellent option for anyone who wants their living room to ‘pop’. This crate-inspired table with open shelves and sleek industrial accents is a head-turner while being entirely functional at the same time. It has a drop-down cabinet, a pull-out drawer for movie snacks and magazines, and four caster wheels to make it mobile. What more do you need?  CHECK PRICE

storage coffee table - 30 Stylish Coffee Tables With Storage (2022) La Jolla Round Rattan Storage Coffee Table

Welcome warmth into your home with this honey-brown rattan storage coffee table from La Jolla. The tropical feel of the rattan will have you envisioning trips to far-off islands, while the warm and varied honey tones can warm up even the coldest of homes. This round coffee table even has a removable lid for storage and is easily one of the best coffee tables for those nature-inspired homes to pair with other rattan furniture.  CHECK PRICE

white coffee table - 30 Stylish Coffee Tables With Storage (2022) Extendable Coffee Table with Storage

Have you ever wanted a small coffee table but then required a larger one on the odd occasion? This extendable coffee table might just solve that problem. While it’s small enough for a conservative floorplan, it can be made much larger when you want to enjoy a game night with family and friends. This easy-clean, easy-to-assemble table is also of a contemporary style with a sleek, white finish to enhance any living space.  CHECK PRICE

81BB2TtWXCL. AC SL1500  - 30 Stylish Coffee Tables With Storage (2022) Haylee Coffee Table with Rattan Cane Sliding Doors

Any nature-inspired home can be enhanced with this gorgeous Haylee coffee table boasting rattan cane sliding doors. The walnut brown and natural oak add warmth to any space, while the solid wooden legs give you much-needed peace of mind of its stability. This table even has a leveler for extra stability and separate compartments to store remotes, coffee table books, and personal items.  CHECK PRICE

borgeby coffee table birch veneer  0949801 pe800020 s5 - 30 Stylish Coffee Tables With Storage (2022)BORGEBY Coffee table

Not everyone wants a stock-standard table, and that’s okay. You can have something stylish, elegant, and a little bit unusual, such as this BORGEBY storage table. The birch veneer materials add a sense of calmness in any space, and the rounded shape and smooth surfaces make it even more suitable for homes with a coastal theme. The visual tranquility this table offers makes it stand out from the rest.  CHECK PRICE

CorriganStudio®StudioBinyaminMid CenturyModernNaturalBrownFinishedWood1 DrawerCoffeeTable - 30 Stylish Coffee Tables With Storage (2022)Binyamin 1-Drawer Coffee Table

A number of tables are now available on the market with storage, but there’s something quite unique about this coffee table from Binyamin. First of all, its gorgeous mid-century styling makes it stand out, especially as it’s finished in natural wood. It also has an easy-slide drawer with a cut-out handle and an adjacent open shelf to make use of. The tapered legs are the icing on the cake from both a style and stability perspective.  CHECK PRICE

CraddockCoffeeTablewithStorage - 30 Stylish Coffee Tables With Storage (2022) Craddock Coffee Table with Storage

You’ve seen one coffee table; you’ve seen them all. Right? Perhaps not in the case of this Craddock coffee table with storage. It’s almost like the designer went into full ‘out of the box’ mode and came up with something akin to a piece of art. This coffee table is built from solid wood, which is undoubtedly a standout benefit, but the advantages don’t end there. The solid wood has been paired with a striking matte black top, with the complete look tied together with gold metal-capped feet.  CHECK PRICE

parkview 26 storage bunching table o - 30 Stylish Coffee Tables With Storage (2022) Parkview Storage Table

Do your part for the environment and have furniture you can be proud of by purchasing this storage table from Parkview. This table with lift-lid storage forms part of the Parkview reclaimed wood collection and has been creatively crafted with recycled lumber. It also boasts a lovely hand-stained fruitwood finish. Each of these tables is different, with unique imperfections that add to their charm, such as knots, oil stains, and hairline cracks. It’s bound to be the talking point with all your guests.  CHECK PRICE

farm storage coffee table 2 - 30 Stylish Coffee Tables With Storage (2022) Farmhouse-style coffee table

Every home deserves to have furniture that makes a statement, and that’s exactly what this farmhouse-style coffee table does. This table has everything you could want or need, from the antiqued galvanized metal finish to the rustic qualities, metal base, and split-hinged lift top for storage. Its conservative dimensions also make it suitable for small houses, yet it looks right at home in any modern mansion.  CHECK PRICE

JosephLiftTopCoffeeTablewithStorage 1 - 30 Stylish Coffee Tables With Storage (2022) Joseph Lift Top Coffee Table with Storage

Multi-functional furniture is growing in popularity by the day, so it makes sense why this Joseph lift-top coffee table with storage would be in hot demand. While it’s an attractive piece of furniture within the Willow Place collection, it’s also much more than just a coffee table. It has a lift top for you to use as a laptop table and features storage and lightweight one-inch panels for easy adjustability. The pacific maple suits any sofa type and living room style, and the tapered feet offer a touch of mid-century charm. No matter your home’s design, this coffee table is bound to fit right in.  CHECK PRICE

Homylin Industrial Wooden and Metal Coffee Table with Storage - 30 Stylish Coffee Tables With Storage (2022) Industrial Wooden and Metal Coffee Table with Storage

When you’re looking for a coffee table that’s just a little bit out of the ordinary, check out this wooden and metal table with storage. It has been finished with white powder coating and has one large locker for storage, accessible from both sides with hard-wearing metal handles. It also has an open lower shelf for those items you want to access quickly. The white of the metal contrasts beautifully against the lovely warm wood top, making this table a true standout piece.  CHECK PRICE

extendable storage coffee table - 30 Stylish Coffee Tables With Storage (2022) Adele Coffee Table with Lift-top

Most coffee tables are functional to some degree, but this coffee table with a lift-up top from Adele is up there with some of the best. This lovely white lacquer and walnut table is multi-functional in every sense of the word. It has hidden storage for use as a dining table or laptop desk, and the outer top swivels on a ball wheel mechanism a full 360 degrees. Whether you live in a small home or want versatile furniture, this table with a competitive price point may tick all the boxes.  CHECK PRICE

Pearl Brown Rectangle Coffee Table fa797382 0828 43d8 9c0a 60805aed7105 1000 - 30 Stylish Coffee Tables With Storage (2022)Woven Rattan Storage Coffee Table

There is no such thing as the perfect coffee table, but many people may describe this woven rattan table as being reasonably close. It oozes charm with its textured rattan material but is also incredibly functional with a hinged lid revealing internal storage. Its classic design means it also suits any traditional home with ease. Consider this table for your living room, dining room, or even a bedroom.  CHECK PRICE

91aTzIIiCWL. AC SL1500  - 30 Stylish Coffee Tables With Storage (2022) Edison Metal and Wood Square Coffee Table

If executive-style furniture normally grabs your attention, then this Edison metal and wood square coffee table in a grey wash finish will undoubtedly lure you in for a closer look. Make use of the double-decker shelving, with the top and bottom shelf suitable for a wide range of knick-knacks and goods. You may also appreciate the urban-chic styling and calming color scheme for any contemporary or classic home. There are even hints of industrialism with the asymmetrical steel frame.  CHECK PRICE

white coffee table 1 - 30 Stylish Coffee Tables With Storage (2022) Zoe Round Coffee Table with Storage

When you’re looking for a clean-lined, sleek, and elegant coffee table to position in your living room, this Zoe table with storage may answer the call. It features a simple and clean design, a generous amount of storage space under the lid, and gorgeous solid wood splayed legs for a Scandinavian and mid-century vibe. Whether you’re after a classic or contemporary look, this coffee table somehow manages to achieve both effortlessly.  CHECK PRICE

91gxossIPuL. AC SL1500  - 30 Stylish Coffee Tables With Storage (2022) Hammered Drum Table with Wood Top

If you want a coffee table that stands out from the crowd but doesn’t take up much space, set your sights on this drum table. It has a gorgeous wood top, brass finish, and hammered metal base boasting a striking artisanal effect. Simply take off the top to enjoy ample storage space for throw blankets, remotes, magazines, and more. It’s the perfect piece for any home or office.  CHECK PRICE

coffee table drawer - 30 Stylish Coffee Tables With Storage (2022) Coral Cape Coffee Table

Any charming or classic home would become as pretty as a picture with the addition of this Coral Cape coffee table. It’s a coastal-inspired table with a one-inch thick top, striking herringbone pattern, and stacks of space hidden in places you’d least expect it. Unbeknownst to many, this table also has a large drawer for spare blankets, books, and other items you want to hide away. Pair it with a rug, and you’re halfway to a gorgeous living space.  CHECK PRICE

Terri Rustic Reclaimed Oak Finish Coffee Table - 30 Stylish Coffee Tables With Storage (2022) Terri Rustic 4-shelf Coffee Table

Reclaimed-style furniture is taking the market by storm, and it’s easy to see why pieces such as this four-shelf coffee table are being snapped up worldwide. This Terri reclaimed oak table is of the perfect size for social gatherings, game nights, and holding your morning beverages. It also has an abundance of storage on all sides styled in what looks like old, repurposed crates. If you don’t like the initial positioning of this table, the four caster wheels let you move it somewhere else. The icing on the cake is the unusual yet attractive marble-like bowl in the center. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a table as unique and beautiful as this one.  CHECK PRICE

Carson Carrington Bridge Leg Wood Coffee Table - 30 Stylish Coffee Tables With Storage (2022) Carrington Coffee Table

Carson Carrington has pulled one out of the bag with this Scandinavian-inspired coffee table. If the combination of white and caramel isn’t enough to win you over, then the solid pine construction with tapered legs, an open shelf, and a drawer with a cut-out handle will. Simply pop the drawer open to store your cables and magazines, and use the top for your vases, coffee mugs, and more. It’s bound to be a welcome addition to your home.  CHECK PRICE

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