50 Small Kitchen Ideas: How to Make Your Tiny Space Work Harder

Having a tiny kitchen can be frustrating for many people, especially as you often need a reasonable amount of space to prepare your family meals and store kitchen equipment and dinnerware. While there’s no denying that it’s frustrating, there are plenty of ways to maximize the space you have.

Don’t look past any of these small kitchen ideas when you’re at your wit’s end with your floorplan. You might be surprised at how functional a small space can become.

Make use of the unused space beneath your cupboards shelves

under shelf storage - 50 Small Kitchen Ideas: How to Make Your Tiny Space Work HarderWhen you lack extra wall space to install more shelving, you might see the value in using the free space underneath your cupboard shelves with these undershelf storage hangers and containers.

This easy-pour food container set with a storage hanger comes with three 1.3L clear plastic containers that you can hang neatly on a rail and secure with 3M tape. The lids are airtight to prevent your food from going stale, and all have easy-pull tabs and pour corners. Having no extra vertical space to work with need never be a problem with this innovative container set. CHECK PRICE

Layer your cutlery

cutlery organizer - 50 Small Kitchen Ideas: How to Make Your Tiny Space Work HarderWhen you frequently welcome guests into your home, dinnerware storage can be a problem. However, you’ll at least solve the problem of cutlery storage with this compact cutlery organizer from Joseph Joseph.

This lovely natural bamboo organizer is designed to layer cutlery seamlessly on top of each other, with individual compartments to set them apart. They suit drawers with a minimum height of 8cm and boast non-slip feet to prevent damage. CHECK PRICE

Use an over-the-sink dish drying rack for storage

over the sink drying rack - 50 Small Kitchen Ideas: How to Make Your Tiny Space Work HarderMost families have a never-ending pile of dishes being washed and dried, meaning they frequently take up a section of your bench. Although, that wouldn’t be the case if you purchased a two-tier adjustable dish rack from OTTOLIVES.

This dish rack adjusts from 33.5 to 39.4 inches and sits neatly over the average kitchen sink. It features high-quality stainless steel to last the distance and comes with a range of accessories for effortless dishes storage. Enjoy a bowl rack, plate rack, cup holder, fruit basket, silverware caddy, utility hooks, and more. CHECK PRICE

Extend your workspace with an over-the-sink cutting board

over the sink cutting board - 50 Small Kitchen Ideas: How to Make Your Tiny Space Work HarderKitchen sinks can be a waste of space when you’re not using them for washing up, but that can become a problem of the past with this 17 x 12.5-inch Kraus Kore cutting board. This heavy-duty over-the-sink cutting board is designed to turn your sink into an extension of your counter.

It features non-porous, natural, and organic bamboo, and it’s resistant to odors and stains. You’re also bound to appreciate being able to wipe food scraps directly from your non-slip chopping board into your garbage disposal. CHECK PRICE

Optimize cabinet space with an expandable under-the-sink organizer

Expandable Undersink Organi - 50 Small Kitchen Ideas: How to Make Your Tiny Space Work HarderTake a look under your sink, and you’ll see how hard it can be to store kitchen essentials around your plumbing. This epoxy-coated steel and polypropylene plastic expandable under-sink organizer is a game-changer. It’s designed to work around your pipes and even expands from side to side.

Change the height of the shelves to suit your needs, remove shelves if you want to, and use the two pull-out bins to retrieve supplies. This organizer expands up to 27.5 inches and has six shelves and two bins. All that’s left to do now is pop it under your sink, with no tools required for assembly. CHECK PRICE

Try stackable kitchenware

nesting bowls - 50 Small Kitchen Ideas: How to Make Your Tiny Space Work HarderKitchenware can take up so much space in your kitchen, but it doesn’t have to. Purchase this Joseph Joseph nesting bowl set, and as many as nine bowls can take up as much space as just one.

In this set, you receive mixing bowls with non-slip bases and wide carry handles, a sieve, colander, and exciting features like imperial and metric measurements and durable materials for longevity. The subtle bleached stone and powdery green color schemes are also bound to appeal. It won’t be long until you’ve freed up much-needed space in your kitchen cupboards and drawers. CHECK PRICE

Create a dining area with a collapsible table that is there when you need it and (almost) gone when you don’t

gateleg table - 50 Small Kitchen Ideas: How to Make Your Tiny Space Work HarderNot every home has enough space for a permanent dining table, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have one. This collapsible drop-leaf table might be the solution to this very problem.

When you don’t need somewhere to eat dinner, this solid rubberwood table with an MDF top is a sleek and slim set of drawers with room for napkins, cutlery, and other dining essentials. When you’re ready to eat, you can lift up the wings to create a table for up to four people. The space-saving design is bound to be a winner for anyone with a small kitchen design. CHECK PRICE

Mount grocery bag/towel holder over a cabinet door

towel bag holder over door - 50 Small Kitchen Ideas: How to Make Your Tiny Space Work HarderClear the clutter in your kitchen or bathroom with this over-the-cabinet-door bag and towel holder. This two-in-one steel space saver is designed to slide over the top of cabinet doors and provide an additional form of storage hidden inside the cabinet door.

The wide opening at the bottom allows for easy towel and bag access, while the padded brackets keep your cabinets well protected. It’s also hard not to be impressed with the competitive price tag and easy-care design. CHECK PRICE

Invest in stackable baskets that offer loads of storage in a small footprint

stackable baskets - 50 Small Kitchen Ideas: How to Make Your Tiny Space Work HarderMany storage solutions you buy take up a lot of space and offer very little in the way of storage, but this three-tier metal wire basket on wheels bucks the trend. It’s a rolling cart on convenient caster wheels with generous containers to store all manner of kitchen goods like fruits and vegetables.

Each basket is of a generous size, yet the entire footprint only takes up as much as one container. While these stackable baskets suit a small kitchen, you can also use them in a galley kitchen, a laundry, bedroom, or anywhere else you require extra storage. CHECK PRICE

Free up counter space with a fruit hammock

fruit hammock - 50 Small Kitchen Ideas: How to Make Your Tiny Space Work HarderMove over fruit bowl; there’s a new sheriff in town. This fruit and veggie hammock is both fun and functional and can be a worthwhile addition to any kitchen to offer the illusion of space.

It boasts a natural beech wood stand and a high-capacity nylon net, and has an 11.8-inch hardwood rod to hold the net in place. Sturdy metal hooks are also included to support each side of the hammock. Make your fruit and vegetables much easier to access without sacrificing your limited kitchen space. CHECK PRICE

Invest in slatted shelves for flexible storage

kitchen shelf - 50 Small Kitchen Ideas: How to Make Your Tiny Space Work HarderSometimes, there’s no other way around it; you have to install shelving in your kitchen. However, you might just find that this kitchen organization shelf from Wallniture Lyon is the answer to your problems.

It’s a versatile and sleek black metal wall shelf for pots and pans that comes with 10 S hooks for hanging utensils and other kitchen essentials. It’s well made, easy to install with mounting hardware included, and you can place it nearly anywhere in your kitchen. Keep those everyday essentials within arm’s reach and make the most of your kitchen’s square footage. CHECK PRICE

Store your mugs on a rack

mug rack - 50 Small Kitchen Ideas: How to Make Your Tiny Space Work HarderWhile extra storage space in your cupboards would be most homeowners’ preference, you sometimes have to think outside the square. And that’s where this Centerburg mug rack comes in.

When you’re not able to add additional cabinetry, you can install a beautiful farmhouse-inspired mug shelf on your kitchen wall, with 16 metal hooks to house all your favourite coffee cups and other essentials like kitchen utensils and tea cups. It comes with everything you need for effortless installation, and its elegant design with fir wood makes it a feature in any kitchen. CHECK PRICE

Hang your vegetables and fruit in a net

net fruit storage - 50 Small Kitchen Ideas: How to Make Your Tiny Space Work HarderDon’t waste precious pantry space when you don’t have to. This BYO classic netted bag with woven carry handles, modern dye technology, and vibrant shades of blue, orange, and white can be a game-changer in the average small kitchen space.

You can hang it from a hook in your kitchen or dining space and enjoy easy access to delicious produce when you feel like a healthy snack. The installation process also doesn’t take a DIY expert since you can simply hang it from a hook. CHECK PRICE

Mount a storage rack to the fridge

over fridge shelf - 50 Small Kitchen Ideas: How to Make Your Tiny Space Work HarderFridges provide ample storage space on the inside, but what if they could offer an abundance of storage space on the outside? Free up space in your kitchen and dining room with a storage rack that mounts to the side of the fridge.

This beautiful triple-tiered wooden rack is designed to hold spices, mugs, plants, and other items. It boasts robust acacia wood and iron materials, a generous amount of space at 15 x 4.5 x 21.5 inches, and is easy to install by hooking in place. CHECK PRICE

Use your pantry door for storage

over door kitchen storage - 50 Small Kitchen Ideas: How to Make Your Tiny Space Work HarderIs your pantry crammed full of food, ingredients, and appliances? Clear some of that clutter and enjoy easier access to everyday goods with this over-cabinet-door organizer. This space-saving product easily hangs over the top of most pantry doors and features robust metal with a sleek white metallic finish.

It boasts eight shelves for a range of kitchen goods and even has three stoppers to prevent tall items from falling out when you open the door. This organizer also comes with a mounting kit for fast, easy installation. CHECK PRICE

Increase the usable storage space of your cabinets with slide-out shelves

slide out shelf - 50 Small Kitchen Ideas: How to Make Your Tiny Space Work HarderYou’ll no longer need to reach into the dark depths of your crowded cupboards after purchasing these slide-out shelves featuring solid 9-ply UV-cured polyurethane materials. They’re made to fit full extension rails and suit both chaotic and functional kitchens.

While you might like to outsource the installation to a contractor or DIY expert, you’ll likely be pleased with the result. You can also choose from four wood fronts of poplar, birch, maple, or oak and finish them to suit the look of your kitchen. These slide-out shelves have a weight capacity of 100 pounds and are bound to make accessing your kitchen equipment much more manageable. CHECK PRICE

Store wine glass under your cabinets

wine glass rack under cabinet - 50 Small Kitchen Ideas: How to Make Your Tiny Space Work HarderWine glasses not only take up a lot of space in cabinets, but they can also be easier to damage when they’re tucked away with other kitchen appliances like a toaster or mixer. Fortunately, when you buy this wine glass rack for under your cabinet, you’ll be able to reduce the risk of breakages.

This storage organizer boasts a precision-forged metal iron frame, compatibility with multiple glass types, and space for up to 12 wine glasses. It also fits most wooden cabinets as long as your wine glass of choice has the appropriate clearance. CHECK PRICE

Go multifunctional

multifunctional cutting board - 50 Small Kitchen Ideas: How to Make Your Tiny Space Work HarderWhy should kitchen equipment only do one thing? This nine-in-one multi-functional chopping board is all about saving money and space. Rather than buy nine different items to shred, slice, chop, and perform other tasks, you can purchase this one convenient product with five replaceable blades, a drain basket, chopping board, and two knives.

You can use it to chop fruit, vegetables, and meat, and even put a lid on it to use it as storage. This practical product is also made of easy-clean, BPA-free high-quality PP and TPR materials. When you no longer need it, you can simply collapse it down and store it in a cupboard or on an open shelf. CHECK PRICE

Save space with a collapsible dish drainer

dish drainer - 50 Small Kitchen Ideas: How to Make Your Tiny Space Work HarderWhether you have a small home or need a convenient dish drainer for your next camping adventure, look no further than this dinnerware organizer with a drying storage basket. It features food-grade silicone, eco-friendly PP material, and it’s both dishwasher-safe and BPA-free.

You can use this dish drainer to store and organize dinnerware in four compartments, but also use the built-in utensil drying rack when you need to dry your utensils. When you no longer need it, you can collapse it and file it out of sight and out of mind. CHECK PRICE

Stick adhesive containers onto your cabinet doors

adhesive kitchen container - 50 Small Kitchen Ideas: How to Make Your Tiny Space Work HarderRather than stuffing your cabinets full of items you’ll never be able to find in a hurry, consider investing in these containers you can stick onto the doors with sticky adhesives.

These self-adhesive shatter-resistant plastic containers are 3.5 x 11 x 6.5 inches and hold up to six pounds each. They are easily installed on the inside of most cupboards and suit a range of items like food storage bags, parchment paper, aluminum foil, and more. But why only have them in the kitchen? These containers will also suit bathrooms, laundry, and almost any other space with cabinets and cupboards. CHECK PRICE

Store your cans vertically

can organizer - 50 Small Kitchen Ideas: How to Make Your Tiny Space Work HarderCan storage can be complicated. You likely want to stack them up in your pantry, but cupboard heights can pose problems. That’s not going to be a problem with this mDesign plastic kitchen storage organizer. It comes as a two-pack of clear shatter-resistant plastic containers that can hold seven standard soda or beer cans. You can also use it for canned goods like soup, sauce, and broth.

It takes up little room at just 10.98 x 8.41 x 5.44 inches, offers the illusion of a larger space, and provides easy access to food and beverages. CHECK PRICE

Go compact

compact storage utensils - 50 Small Kitchen Ideas: How to Make Your Tiny Space Work HarderClean up your chaotic utensil drawer by purchasing a nesting tool set from Joseph Joseph. This five-piece multi-colored set of essential kitchen tools has a nesting, self-supporting design and comes with a range of helpful everyday utensils like a slotted spoon, solid spoon, slotted spatula, and spaghetti server. They also hold themselves in place with magnets and take up minimal counter space. CHECK PRICE

Make the most of your countertop with a tiered corner shelf

corner shelving kitchen - 50 Small Kitchen Ideas: How to Make Your Tiny Space Work HarderThe corner section of the average kitchen bench is usually wasted space. But with this tiered corner shelf, you can put it to good use. This three-tier stainless-steel shelf set is ideal for storing all manner of kitchen goods like pots, pans, serving trays, and more. Its durable powder-coated steel construction means it can hold up to 110 pounds per shelf and requires no installation, thanks to its freestanding design.

You simply need to put it together with the included screws and wrench, and it’s ready to put to good use. CHECK PRICE

Improve access and visibility to your cupboards with a 3-tier shelf organizer

cupboard organizer - 50 Small Kitchen Ideas: How to Make Your Tiny Space Work HarderSmall items can be hard to store, especially when you have limited cabinetry space and large items that overshadow the smaller ones. Solve that problem with a three-tier shelf organizer from Joseph Joseph.

This sophisticated grey shelf organizer with a drawer is designed as a storage solution for small items you need easy access to. You can put jars on the back and spices and small jars in the drawer, and everything will be within easy reach. This organizer is also suitable for conservative-sized cabinets with shelves of a minimum of 10.25 inches. CHECK PRICE

Free up the workspace with a wall-mounted dish drainer

dish drainer wall - 50 Small Kitchen Ideas: How to Make Your Tiny Space Work HarderDish drainers take up an incredible amount of space, which could be put to better use during meal preparation. Get rid of your bulky, cumbersome dish rack and replace it with this wall-mounted version from HULTARP.

This sleek, black drainer adds contemporary elegance to any kitchen while also giving back your all-important counter space. It comes with a removable tray to collect water, a loose insert for draining, and optional matching accessories. You’ll also be pleased to know that you can hang it up or place it on your countertop if you prefer. CHECK PRICE

Optimize cabinet space with an expandable pan and lid rack

expandable pan lid rack - 50 Small Kitchen Ideas: How to Make Your Tiny Space Work HarderOrganizing your kitchen cupboards can be hard work, especially when you have so many items you use on a regular basis. However, this adjustable pot lid organizer might just make a difference.

This rack with ten steel wire dividers holds pans, lids, baking trays, and more in an upright position for easy viewing and access. The base is non-slip to protect your cabinet surfaces, and all dividers are adjustable to suit the sizes of your pans and lids. The icing on the cake is the expandable feature that allows you to lengthen it from 12.5 inches to 22 inches. CHECK PRICE


Use tiered shelving on your countertop

kitchen corner shelving - 50 Small Kitchen Ideas: How to Make Your Tiny Space Work HarderOne of the best small-kitchen design ideas you’ll see in the average home is the use of tiered shelves. Take that idea one step further by investing in a kitchen countertop corner shelf with three tiers.

This versatile bamboo shelving unit with stainless-steel legs, non-slip feet, and hooks boasts a multi-functional configuration and can tuck away neatly in the corner of your kitchen. You can store items underneath the shelving, on top, and on multiple shelves and hooks. Depending on your preferences, you can also form a rectangular or triangular shelf. CHECK PRICE

Maximize cabinet space with an expandable shelf organizer

kitchen organizer - 50 Small Kitchen Ideas: How to Make Your Tiny Space Work HarderWhen you’re tired of your kitchen cabinets being an unorganized and hectic mess, you can turn to this NEX kitchen shelf organizer for help. This stackable and expandable dark silver metal shelf is designed to stack upward and outward for convenient storage of your everyday kitchen essentials.

It’s designed to suit cabinets, countertops, and even desks and is entirely versatile for your storage requirements. You’ll even be impressed by how easy it is to assemble, with the job finished just by twisting the screw. CHECK PRICE

A kitchen rack with s-hooks offers low-cost and easy-reach storage

kitchen rack storage - 50 Small Kitchen Ideas: How to Make Your Tiny Space Work HarderEven island kitchens with plenty of storage space can still lack somewhere appropriate for utensils, pots, and pans. If you’re struggling with that very predicament, consider the benefits of this wall-mounted kitchen utensil holder from Wallniture Lyon.

It arrives as a set of two multi-functional organizers with 10 S hooks on a 32-inch bar to store pots, pans, and much more. While you can mount them on a kitchen wall, you can also install them under kitchen cabinets to utilize wasted space. CHECK PRICE

Reduce countertop clutter with a tension organizer

kitchen storage 1 - 50 Small Kitchen Ideas: How to Make Your Tiny Space Work HarderGive yourself a larger meal preparation space by storing your everyday essentials on this tool-free and non­-damaging telescoping kitchen tension system. This multi-use organizer comes with an adjustable caddy, 12 hooks, and two hanging trays for conveniently storing utensils, towels, and other household goods.

Best of all, only the two poles take up usable space, leaving the rest of your kitchen counters free. Adjust it to the width and height you need, then enjoy damage-free installation courtesy of soft-grip pads. All that’s left to do now is choose from three sizes and install it. CHECK PRICE

Make the most of awkward corners with a 2-Shelf lazy Susan

lay susan corner storage - 50 Small Kitchen Ideas: How to Make Your Tiny Space Work HarderA Lazy Susan has always been a convenient kitchen addition, but you’ve yet to see the brilliance of this two-shelf Lazy Susan from Kitchen Inventions. It’s a large storage solution with two shelves, two poles, and a soft-close mechanism for convenience. All non-slip melamine shelves are height-adjustable every two inches and have an incredible 55-pound weight capacity each. What’s more, these trays extend with a door opening to 85 degrees to avoid colliding with adjacent cabinets, and they can provide an incredible amount of extra-functional space. CHECK PRICE

Reclaim cabinet space with an over-the-door lid holder

lid holder over door - 50 Small Kitchen Ideas: How to Make Your Tiny Space Work HarderPot and pan handles can be frustrating to store, but you’ll be smiling at your new storage solution when you purchase this over-the-door lid holder. It’s a high-quality steel holder that hangs over cabinet doors with rubber feet to prevent rattling when opening.

It has enough space for up to four lids with handles or knobs and requires no tools for installation. Whether you live in a small home, RV, or conservative apartment, this lid holder is bound to grab your attention. CHECK PRICE

Turn your fridge door into a spice rack

magnetic spice organizers - 50 Small Kitchen Ideas: How to Make Your Tiny Space Work HarderHerbs and spices make mealtime exciting, but there never seems to be an ideal space to put them all. Fortunately, you’ll be able to declutter your kitchen cupboards and free up much-needed space when you purchase these 24 magnetic jars to attach to your fridge.

All two dozen jars come pre-filled with traditional organic spices, but they are also reusable and refillable to use as you please. Each jar is 2 x 1.75 inches and is designed to hold up to almost ¼-cup of spices. You also have the option to install a metal backsplash for easy access rather than using your fridge. CHECK PRICE

Mount a magnetic knife holder on the wall

magnetic wood kitchen rack - 50 Small Kitchen Ideas: How to Make Your Tiny Space Work HarderKitchen knives in drawers can take up a lot of space but, worst of all, they can be a cut risk. Take care of risk by investing in this MIAOHUI eco-friendly wood magnetic knife strip.

This 13-inch piece of solid wood installs easily on a kitchen wall with mounting accessories included, and you can add as many knives as you please. This knife holder is also suitable for other utensils and tools you use every day. CHECK PRICE

Add a shelf to your outlet

outlet shelf - 50 Small Kitchen Ideas: How to Make Your Tiny Space Work HarderCharging devices in the kitchen can be a nightmare, especially when there’s no clear surface to store them on. Invest in a WALI outlet shelf wall holder, and you can avoid that very frustration.

This shelf is designed to work in harmony with your power outlet and support a device or item weighing up to 10 pounds or 4.5kg. It’s easy to install with the included mounting hardware kit, suitable for any room in your house, and is designed for effortless charging of phones, power tools, and many other items. CHECK PRICE

Go for a wall-mounted folding table

wall fold down table - 50 Small Kitchen Ideas: How to Make Your Tiny Space Work HarderNot everyone’s kitchen or dining room has enough space for a permanent desk, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have one. This sleek, white TUHOME Vatta floating desk mounts onto your wall and folds down for whenever you need it.

You can eat at it with two stools, work at it, or even use it for entertainment. It even has storage space, courtesy of the seven shelves, while a locking mechanism keeps it firmly in place when not in use. CHECK PRICE

Make use of the space above your microwave

over miccrowave shelving - 50 Small Kitchen Ideas: How to Make Your Tiny Space Work HarderWhat’s above your microwave? Dust? Turn it into functional storage space with this Pusdon extendable microwave oven rack. With two tiers, three hooks, and a 66-pound weight capacity, it’s the crème de la crème of storage solutions for an area that would typically remain storage-free.

This sleek, black storage solution suits most contemporary and classic homes, and it has plenty of room for condiments, kitchen utensils, and even small appliances. You can adjust the size to suit your needs and enjoy peace of mind knowing that its durable and thick carbon steel with ecological black paint helps it last the distance. CHECK PRICE

Turn your walls into easy-reach storage with a pegboard

pegboard kitchen storage - 50 Small Kitchen Ideas: How to Make Your Tiny Space Work Harder

When your kitchen layout doesn’t allow for extra cabinetry, a bar cart, or even breakfast bars, you might see the value in a sleek, elegant pegboard for your compact kitchen. This wall-mounted metal pegboard features two panels that form over seven square feet of usable space. This USA-made pegboard also comes with 18 assorted white hooks to get you started with organizing cups, pots, pans, utensils, and anything you feel like hanging up. Before long, everything you need to cook up a storm will be within arm’s reach. CHECK PRICE

Stack your plates neatly and create extra cupboard space with a corner shelf organizer

plate organizer - 50 Small Kitchen Ideas: How to Make Your Tiny Space Work HarderReach your dinnerware quickly and easily with a corner shelf organizer. This elegant iron organizer with a chrome finish is designed to tuck away in the corner of your dinnerware cupboard and takes up minimal space at just 9.8 x 9.8 x 7.5 inches.

It has a generous gap between each shelf to fit as many plates as possible, and you can use it for plates, pans, cups, bowls, and even your fine China. CHECK PRICE

Make recycling easy with a pull-out recycling bin and trash can

pull out trash bin - 50 Small Kitchen Ideas: How to Make Your Tiny Space Work HarderRather than take up valuable floor space with cumbersome trash and recycling bins, purchase pull-out bins that you can seamlessly integrate into your home’s design. These 35L dual compartment bins from superhuman are space-efficient and easy to install on commercial-grade ball-bearing tracks inside your cabinets.

They are easy to pull out to dispose of your waste and tuck away neatly without any issues. Keep those clean lines in your home by storing waste out of sight. CHECK PRICE

Place your small fridge on a storage cart

rolling cart storage - 50 Small Kitchen Ideas: How to Make Your Tiny Space Work HarderWhether you lack space in your dorm room, office, or another part of your home, you’ll likely see the value in this platinum Elfa mesh rolling cart with drawers for instant fridge storage. Rather than storing your small fridge on a bench or on the ground, it can be at the perfect height on this cart, which boasts extra storage.

It has three smooth-glide mesh drawers and is made with high-quality epoxy-bonded steel for peace of mind regarding its longevity. You’re also bound to appreciate the caster wheels, making this storage cart mobile. CHECK PRICE

Squeeze some extra storage in with a slim utility cart

slim rolling cart - 50 Small Kitchen Ideas: How to Make Your Tiny Space Work HarderMake use of all that wasted space next to appliances and counters with a Yamazaki slim storage cart. These functional, narrow, multi-level carts on caster wheels are designed to tuck into the smallest of gaps in your kitchen while providing space for all your bulky bottles, spices, and other kitchen goods.

These steel carts come with four wheels, two of which are rigid, and they have barriers to stop anything from toppling out. Best of all, they are multi-purpose, which means you can use them in bathrooms, kitchens, laundries, and any other part of your home where storage is lacking. CHECK PRICE

Maximize storage with a tiered lazy Susan

tiered lazy susan - 50 Small Kitchen Ideas: How to Make Your Tiny Space Work HarderTake kitchen organization to a new level with this mDesign two-tier Lazy Susan turntable. With a clear and chrome finish, it suits any kitchen design, and it’s the ideal addition to a small kitchen layout due to its conservative footprint.

Rather than storing your goods in a single layer, you can stack them up and place them in a corner. Whenever you need to access something at the back, your nine-inch round Lazy Susan simply swivels around. This storage solution features chlorine-free and BPA-free shatter-resistant plastic with stainless-steel ball bearings and an easy-clean design. CHECK PRICE

Create extra storage with an under-shelf basket

under shelf basket - 50 Small Kitchen Ideas: How to Make Your Tiny Space Work HarderWhen you simply can’t fit any more items into your cramped kitchen cupboards, consider investing in under-shelf baskets from iDesign York. These beautiful bronze steel baskets are designed to slide seamlessly underneath a shelf or cabinet to house all manner of supplies you need to access daily.

Each basket measures 12.5 x 10 x 6 inches and suits shelves up to one inch thick. They also boast non-absorbent foam pads to protect your cabinets. They are the ideal addition to any kitchen with a small space feel, but you can also use them in bathrooms, offices, and other spaces. CHECK PRICE

Organize foil, plastic wrap, and wax paper under a shelf

under shelf storage 2 - 50 Small Kitchen Ideas: How to Make Your Tiny Space Work HarderIf you regularly prepare lunches, you’re probably familiar with the battle of trying to find foil, wax paper, plastic wrap, and sandwich bags in your overcrowded cupboards. If you purchase this under-cabinet organizer, everything will be within arm’s reach.

This contemporary grey organizer installs easily with 3M tape underneath a shelf in your cupboard and has enough space for all manner of packaging products. There are two open-ended compartments for rolls, and these are of a generous size for at least four products. You can also use this organizer for most kitchen units over 10 1/4-inch thick. CHECK PRICE

Hang utensils on the wall

utensil holder - 50 Small Kitchen Ideas: How to Make Your Tiny Space Work HarderNot everyone wants to invest in big, bulky storage solutions for their kitchens, and this Aosome under-cabinet utensil holder ensures you don’t have to. While it solves the problem of overcrowded utensil drawers, it does so without being a cumbersome and bulky unit.

It consists of two black and white plastic hangers with six claws on each and six sticky patches to adhere to your smooth, flat kitchen wall. No matter your kitchen’s color palette, these hanger hooks are bound to fit right in. CHECK PRICE

Let your utensil holder do double duty

utensil tablet holder - 50 Small Kitchen Ideas: How to Make Your Tiny Space Work HarderMany people now follow recipes they find online, but trying to follow a recipe from a tablet can be challenging. Make that a problem of the past with a 7.11 x 8.5-inch utensil holder that does double duty as a tablet stand.

While this funky and functional ceramic utensil holder will suit several kitchen utensils, it has a slot in the front for the upright storage of your tablet. The next time you need to prepare the family meal from a recipe on your device, you’ll have no problems at all. CHECK PRICE


Use hanging baskets for bread, fruit, plants, etc.

hanging baskets - 50 Small Kitchen Ideas: How to Make Your Tiny Space Work HarderKitchen cabinetry, countertops, and open shelving house all your everyday essentials like bread, fruit, and herbs. However, finding enough space for everything you use daily is not always easy. Solve that problem with hanging baskets that utilize space that might have otherwise gone to waste.

These wood and cotton netted hanging baskets have three tiers and are ideal for displaying fruit, plants, and even daily essentials like mail and car keys. They are easy to spot clean, straightforward to install, and ensure any conservative space feels much larger than it is. CHECK PRICE

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