A glass ceiling lets you sleep under the Northern lights in this Icelandic tiny house

Sleeping under the stars doesn’t have to be something you only see in movies. It can also be your reality if you book a stay at the Panorama Glass Lodge in Hvalfjordur, Iceland. This Icelandic tiny house not only offers panoramic views over a beautifully isolated landscape but an opportunity to spot the Northern Lights.

The tiny home is the labour of love of a young family in Reykjavik, who is originally from Germany and Switzerland. They wanted to offer guests the first tiny home in Iceland where you could sleep under a glass ceiling. So, after much planning and designing, Panorama Glass Lodge was born and took its first booking in December 2017.

panorama-glass-lodge-cabin (3)
The lodge is truly something special as it draws inspiration from Scandinavian homes with wood, steel, and glass elements. It’s just 23 square metres and comfortably caters for two people. You can enjoy full privacy thanks to its remote location around half an hour from Reykjavik, and it’s positioned directly by the sea on the west side of the island.

During your stay, you can lounge in the outdoor tub in temperatures of 40°c, and stay warm with full heating indoors. There is also a quaint terrace with two chairs and a small table.

panorama-glass-lodge-cabin (11)The tiny house has a fully-functional kitchen and bathroom, along with heating, open-plan living, and a glass bedroom.

panorama-glass-lodge-cabin (5)After cooking up a storm, you can dine in the tiny home with beautiful views over Hvalfjordur and beyond.

cabin-panorama (1)The custom-made kitchen has two electric stoves, a water heater, a fridge, and a toaster, not to mention a lovely Scandinavian theme.

panorama-glass-lodge-cabin (9)Where better to spend your free time than in a glasshouse bedroom under the stars?

panorama-glass-lodge-cabin (1) Side curtains are available, but the moon or sun is fully visible from the ceiling.

panorama-glass-lodge-cabin (6)Even the bathroom in this tiny home is something special, for it has stunning views, a luxurious shower, and a fully-functional toilet and sink.

panorama-glass-lodge-cabin (7)This home may be tiny, but its shower is not. The bathroom features a 40 x 40cm rain shower, which is bound to tick all the boxes.

panorama-glass-lodge-cabin (4)The best time of year to visit Panorama Glass Lodge to see the northern lights is during winter and the darkest times of the year from late August to late April. While viewing the northern lights is not guaranteed, you can make use of the host’s aurora and cloud cover forecasts to see if you’re in for a treat.

Even if you miss them, you can still enjoy the midnight suns in summer, and views of sunbathing seals and whales in the fjord from the beach. Whatever time of year you arrive, you will not leave disappointed.